Voile X7 Skis

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Voile X7 Skis


The new Voilé X7 is essentially an X9 on a low-carb diet.

For those who cannot completely relinquish their maniacal tendencies on the snow or in the halfpipe, the X7 performs with the equal vigor of an X9, but its slightly-slimmer dimensions make it lighter and more practical for long days of backcountry touring.

Like its fatter brother, the X7 is still not, by definition, a full-fledged “twin-tip” ski. The X7 has 8mm of taper and, like the X9, features an enhanced version of our own Voilé Hybrid Rocker in the tail.

Many skiers will also enjoy the way the X7’s slimmer dimensions make it very responsive for turning and edging on hardpack.


Lightweight Aspen Wood Core
Carbon Fiberglass Layer
Triaxial Fiberglass Layer
Durable Polyamide Topsheet
2mm, Full-Perimeter Steel Edges
Voilé Hybrid Rocker



Length (cm): 170
Tip Widest Point Width (mm) 127.1
Tip Contact Point Width (mm) 119
Waist (mm) 102
Tail Contact Point Width (mm) 109
Tail Widest Point Width (mm) 117.4
Radius (m) 18.8
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 2oz/2.785kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-190 54-86
Length (cm): 180
Tip Widest Point Width (mm) 131.2
Tip Contact Point Width (mm) 123.8
Waist (mm) 105
Tail Contact Point Width (mm) 113.2
Tail Widest Point Width (mm) 121.1
Radius (m) 20.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 6oz/3.35kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)140+ 64+
Length (cm): 190
Tip Widest Point Width (mm) 135.2
Tip Contact Point Width (mm) 128.6
Waist (mm) 108
Tail Contact Point Width (mm) 117.3
Tail Widest Point Width (mm) 124.8
Radius (m) 22.1
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 8lbs 3oz/3.71kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+


170cm: Part No: 5825-170-1516 UPC: 759948909844
180cm: Part No: 5825-180-1516 UPC: 759948909851
190cm: Part No: 5825-190-1516 UPC: 759948909868