Voile V8 Skis

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Voile V8 Skis
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ATTENTION: Voile V8 Skis mounted with quiver killers are not covered under Voile factory warranty.


All Mountain & Powder
Intuitive / Surf-like

Brawny, yet agile. Obese, yet svelte. Floatable, yet carvable. A list of ridiculous ironies and superlatives could go on and on, but one thing is for certain: The Voilé V8 is the ultimate fun hog.

We’re not just blowing our own horn here. That’s what the testers from Backcountry, Powder and Freeskier Magazines all said, too.

The V8’s ultra-wide shovel, tapered tail and perfect amount of sidecut all add up to an incredibly stable ride in deep powder, without sacrificing the maneuverability needed for skiing in tight places. And, of course, our signature Voilé Hybrid Rocker shines in the mix, as well.

Sounds great, but you may be thinking that a ski this burly must also weigh in like an Abrams Tank. Not so, think again. The V8’s lightweight Poplar core and carbon-fiber construction keep its weight to a minimum. (The actual amount even surprises us.)

Deep in the backcountry or deep in powder at the resort, the V8 gives skiers an amazing platform to conquer almost any terrain and condition.


Shape / Profile

Voile Hybrid Rocker

Tip: Hybrid rocker tip and wide shovel provide unmatched float in powder.
Tail: Tapered hybrid rocker tail for smooth maneuverability in variable conditions.
Waist: Shorter running length. Engineered for agility. Cambered underfoot for stability.

Voile V8 Skis Camber Profile



Poplar / Single Carbon

Durable and damp poplar construction with triaxial fiberglass for uncompromising performance inbounds or off-piste.

Voile Poplar Single Carbon Layup Recipe



* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 165
Tip Width (mm) 134
Waist (mm) 107
Tail Width (mm) 117
Radius (m) 16.6
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 1oz / 2.75kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)110-150 50-68
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 171
Tip Width (mm) 138
Waist (mm) 110
Tail Width (mm) 120
Radius (m) 17.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 15oz / 3.15kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-150 54-68
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 176
Tip Width (mm) 141
Waist (mm) 112
Tail Width (mm) 123
Radius (m) 17.3
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 5oz / 3.31kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-190 54-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 181
Tip Width (mm) 143
Waist (mm) 114
Tail Width (mm) 124
Radius (m) 18.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 12oz / 3.52kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-190 59-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 186
Tip Width (mm) 146
Waist (mm) 115
Tail Width (mm) 126
Radius (m) 18.4
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 8lbs / 3.63kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)140+ 64+
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 193
Tip Width (mm) 150
Waist (mm) 119
Tail Width (mm) 130
Radius (m) 20.4
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 8lbs 12oz / 3.97kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+

Product Reviews

Remarkable pow skis!
I bought Voile Mantis a couple seasons ago and have been using them as my daily driver, they’ve been awesome. However deep ventures in Little Cottonwood last year convinced me that I needed a wider ski, I shopped around a little, demoed a ski. And eventually just decided to get V8s. I ordered 171s and mounted them up with ATK raider 12s, I’m a muscular 165lbs, and about 5’6”. So far they are awesome, in powder super fun and surprisingly nimble, they rock in tight trees! Occasionally in a wide open bowl I feel I could have sized up, but appreciate how easy the 171 handles exits with tight terrain and less optimal snow, not to mention steeper terrain too! Not a lot of bad things to say about these skis, definitely glad I went Voile again.
Verified Buyer
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Voile V8 ski
The ski is better than I thought it would be ! Being a back country ski guide here in Japan I bought the V8 skis not as total touring ski but to Guide off piste as well here with clients . It totally crushes it with a great float in the powder (Japow) whips through tight trees and then can just rip its way through the chop after a long day with clients . After buying this season 2023 its definately my go to ski for guiding Ninjapowder clients day in day out on all sorts of terrain and conditions great stuff Volie !
Patrick OKeeffe
Verified Buyer
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Unbelievable!! Surprisingly Nimble!!
If you're looking for a Wide Ski, this is IT!! The V8s are everything these Reviews say they are and MORE!! I own the V6 BC Skis and skied them last season in Deep, East Coast Powder (24"+) to Windfirm, to Soft-Buttery Spring Powder...the V6s are amazing (see my review), and they are the reason I bought the V8s (I wanted a Nimble Ski for Deep Conditions). Skiing the V8s this season (2022) on new 7"powder, knee-deep powder with firm layer on top, the V8s cut & shape kept me on top, skimming the top layer. But I can't get over how Nimble they are, allowing me to weave through tight trees, and dimpled snow surface contours. And the mass of the ski will get you through chopped snow, crud, and hold an edge when needed as my friend also found out. This friend bought V8s after our trip into the Backcountry (2 weeks ago) and remarked about how nimble he found them. You cannot tell you have Wide Planks, they ski like the V6s with added float! See them in action (https://youtu.be/jmAfPJrW8c0).
Douglas Ofiara
Verified Buyer
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Powsitively Amazing
Voile....continually crushes it with their backcountry oriented skis. The V8 can slay powder in the morning and cut up chunder on the exit in the afternoon. It can even hold an edge in those rare Wasatch moments you need to set one. Put a pair of lightweight tech bindings on these sticks and you'll be set for Hokaiddo Nirvana. Just make sure you bring your energy and your stoke. You can spend a lot more money for another Wasatch front ski (did someone say DPS?) that gets a lot of press....or you can save some coin for travel and enjoy a few extra face shots in the process. No question....the V8 will be in my quiver for many years to come. (Me 5'10", 145 #, 176cm perfect length)
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Awesome Underfoot up and down
V8’s wide shovel rides high in powder, rips zipper crust with ease, and surfs creamy corners in all the snow conditions that the Washington Cascades and BC coast ranges serve up. Top to bottom these affordable light-weight boards are a great all around ski for charging the corduroy, riding the side country, and hauling deep into the backcountry. I’m not exaggerating, these wide boards are a great all-around ski for those who can really afford merely one pair of skis.
Pierre LaBarge
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Pow slayers
I came late to the party but have 2 shortened Telemark seasons on these wonderboards. They provide the float and bounce to stay top on everything from Utah champagne to Mammoth wind buff, on a platform that provides the control needed for narrow chutes on alpine ice and dropping cornices into mixed conditions. Sure afoot and ready for anything.
Marc C
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great ski for pow and variable snow
Hey all, I've had my V8s for many years (from before there was such a variety of skis to chose from). I've been an avid ski mountaineer for a long time. The V8 is a great ski, I bought it for powder but it works in variable snow just as well. Typical for Voile, the gear holds up for a long time :) take care, have fun, stay safe out there!
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Ski any Voile ski on anything
OMG I only have a few hours to submit this for Voiles contest. I've had the joy of skiing Voiles for over 20 years of my 62 years of skiing. If you want to smear and slay deep pow the V8 is god like; but so is the V6 , you'll just be a bit deeper. In the pow, but have a big approach? The Objective will do it for ya, yup you'll be a bit deeper but the face shot will be superb. In a couloir, in a no fall zone, need edging power? Any of these will do the trick and deliver a stable confident edge. Chucking a bomb and got to move away fast, Charger BC will give you the scramble. Summary? Don't over analyze or over think it just get on a set of Voiles
Tim McParlan
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Easy to ski in backcountry
Super fun skis. Easy to turn in variable snow, crust, etc. Would definitely buy again.
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Amazing on the skin track, amazing in powder
I am a small female - 110lbs, 5'5" - and I LOVE my V8s in 165cm. They are light on the skin track and amazing in powder. Not bad in corn either! They are not the greatest in variable snow or hardpack, but ideally you won't be skiing that too much in the backcountry anyways. Stoked on them, and would definitely recommend them to women as well as men!
Verified Buyer
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You will wish you had more pairs in reserve
Ok I have to say I love V8’s. So much that my wife and I have currently 4 pairs between us, I love the feel of floating but having total control. Big open bowl let em rip. Meadow skipping open up all the way. Nice big open trees and you can thread the needle every time. I like the V8 better than the Hyper V8 because it feels slightly damper and not really that much heavier. Reason we each have two pair is we worried that Voile would discontinue the standard B8 and I couldn’t imagine a better ski for skiing the Teton region where powder skiing is the main event for so much of the winter.
Nearly normal
Verified Buyer
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Fat telemark -- great choice
Last season I mounted pair of V8 in 176cm with 22D Lynx on the line. Good float and easy-to-drive but not the playful, surfy feel I was hoping for. I noticed some of the reviewers here said mount back 1.5 inch. Over the summer i moved back one set of binding holes (which is 1.5") and tested the new mount in the backcountry near Wolf Creek yesterday. Wow-- big difference, and I totally love these skis now. I think I'd probably go 181cm if buying again, but the 176cm float and turn like a dream. For reference I'm 5'8" 160lbs, size 28.0 Tx boot.
Mo Pow
Verified Buyer
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Floaty, Carvey, Surfy Heaven
I'm 5'5 female, muscular 160#, ski primarily in UT deeper powder. Telemarker husband bought a skis too short so I inherited 181's from him mounted Marker bindings for alpine skiing. I ski primarily mens skis because I'm bigger, but ski weight can be a fatigue issue. The V8s are a dream come true for me. They're surprisingly agile and responsive in trees and OMG they surf the deep. I've never rocketed through turns like this in my life. I finally have enough ski underfoot to know heaven.
Emma Hunter
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Floaty, turny, predictable, fun!
Me: 5' 10" @ 175 lbs. Northern Vermont hardwoods touring. I chose the 176 length and am happy I did. I've got these skis mounted with Dynafit FT12's and in anything deeper than an inch, they're a blast. Super predictable, plenty turny, and the profile is magic. I'm not a huge fan of these on groomers. Some say they do it all, and yeah, I guess they do, but let's be honest, a skinnier ski will rail a groomer better. But, these aren't made for groomers so that's not what I'm going to talk about! When you take them to their native environment (anything that's soft underfoot) they absolutely come alive. For me, in Northern Vermont, the shorter length + the generous width is an ideal combo for our terrain. I'd buy these again in a heartbeat.
Quinn Keating
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Just plain fun
They're light (for their massive size). They're floaty. They're surfy. And hot damn are they fun! I ski the 186cm with G3 Ions and absolutely love the setup. With a bigger boot like the Scarpa Maestralle RS, you can ski these about as hard as you'd like. They are absolutely in their element in dry and deep powder, but I'll use them anytime I'm looking for a more playful experience. If you're even thinking about getting these, do it. You won't be disappointed. Did I mention how much fun they are???
Sam Linnet
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Light enough for the Hardcore Henry's, Stout enough for the Easy Eric's
As I see it there are two ends to the spectrum of backcountry skiers, the Hardcore Henry's and the Easy Eric's. Whereas the Hardcore Henry's are typically objective-oriented, skiing on skis that favor the uphill and probably riding their fat bikes with skis in tow for miles just to get to the start of the climb, the Easy Eric's are just the opposite. Eric's dream of ripping pow with minimal effort (did you say sled skiing??) and when choosing a ski, ski weight is of minimal concern. As you can imagine the quiver of ski's a Henry is in possession of looks very different from that of an Eric with all but one exception, the Voile V8. It satisfies the weight restrictions a Henry, with all the ripability an Eric lives for. Most days of the week I would fall towards being and Eric more so than a Henery. Although I don't mind a long walk, I am out there for the downhill. I wouldn't even consider purchasing a ski that weighed less than 1900 grams a ski until my buddy Eric "The Tourist" Choi convinced me to buy a pair of V8's. For reference, I am 5 feet 10 inches tall (178cm) and weigh a buck 80 (80kg), kind of a think boi. I opted for the V8 in the 186 cm length as I figured it would float and charge (remember every turn is a sign of fear-CW) a bit harder than the 181 cm. However, I thought I might sacrifice maneuverability when the trees get tight, but thanks to the 18.4 m turning radius this was not the case. 12 out of 10 people would agree that the V8 is their favorite powder ski, but what really impressed me is how well the V8's ski on less than blower pow. Dust on crust, check; cripsy groomers, check; crud, busted...you get the point. If I were to have a one ski quiver it would be the V8. If I were to change one thing about the V8, it would be the top sheet graphics (hence the 4-star rating). No offense to the artist, but I am not a fan of the space bacon-inspired top sheets on the current model V8 (although they may look pretty cool on psychedelics?). What happened to the surf-inspired graphics? Looks aside, it's what's on the inside that matters after all and the shape and layup of the V8 are spot on. Bottom line, if you can get past the space bacon top sheets of the V8's you will not find a better ski for its weight and versatility and skiability.
Count Vakula
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Fat and Fun
Love these skis, float great in the pow due to width, yet light enough for longer days touring.
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Ultra Rad Backcountry Pow Stick
Extremely fun ski that does it all. From inbounds powder day charging to epic, all day touring in the Wasatch, to summertime glacier and corn cruising, this ski knows no limits. Not too heavy, not too light, not too stiff, and not too soft, it really is the jack of all trades. I am 5'10" and 150lbs and I ride the 181 with Dynafit Rotation ST 10's. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably mount -2cm from boot center.
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My new best friends
After years of suffering on heavy skis on the skin track I finally replaced them with the V8 165. I was a little worried as a telemark skier to go longer as I am only barely over 5ft, but they are perfect. I've been pretty lucky and mostly have being skiing powder but I did get one day on the hill last week and took them through bumps, chop, sun-crust, and variable snow. They are not as stable as my older heavier skies but I am happy to sacrifice that for their lightness and maneuverability . They are quick turners despite the length and were actually pretty responsive in the bumps. After reading tons of forums we decided mounted the skis 1.5cm back and I think we nailed it. The tails are soft so I did not want to lose too much length there, however, I tend to go over the handlebars when I fall, so mounting them back was super helpful. I am loving skiing again thanks to the V8's!
Patas Heladas
Verified Buyer
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I‘ve caught the V-8 grin!!!
Bought my V8s at the beginning of this season and mounted them for Tele with 22D Lynx bindings and Scarpa TX pro boots. In my 35 years of skiing I‘ve never had a dream set-up even close to this, and the V8s are key to the versatility and the outright transcendent performance. The wide shovel and dialed-in rocker provide the most amazing float in any amount of soft snow. Versatile too, as they carve tight squiggles in the trees. The exceptionally lightweight construction and camber makes for easy jump turns when it gets technical and you need to pop out of the mank. Light enough you hardly feel them on your back when booting, or your feet when skinning. I have about 25 backcountry and 5 resort days on them so far this year and simply can‘t get enough! They power through/over anything that comes my way- even taming the infamous death crust I so often seem to encounter. Not the 1st choice for icy tracked-out moguls at the ski area, but they‘ll pick their way down through them if needed. Just a Note: I would mount Tele bindings 1.5“ aft (boot center 1.5“ aft of ski center) so tails don’t wash out in hard snow conditions when t-turnin’. By far the best $$$ I‘ve ever spent on a ski! If your V-8 grin lasts more than four hours, don‘t worry about seeing a doctor- just keep skiing and grinning!!
Jason Wooden
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One ski to rule them all!
If I could only have 1 ski, this would be it. They float great in powder, but also have remarkable edge hold on ice. The contradiction continues in that they are really pretty darn light (especially for the size!) so they tour great but yet they don't ski like a light, flimsy ski. These skis smash through crud and chopped snow as if they were solid maple... simply remarkable! Well done Voile! If you are on the fence, get some!
Calef Letorney
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Best Ski's ever
This is my second pair of V8's and I can't imagine a better ski, light but substantial, especially in powder. I tried the Hyper V-8's, which are also great ski's, but not quite as smooth turning.
Verified Buyer
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Taos Pow Slayer
I have this ski in the 186, and weigh about 170 lbs with my pack. My understanding is that the design of this ski has been unchanged for a number of years. If you take it into the mountains, you will understand why. It is a timeless classic. Weighing 8 lbs in the 186cm length, it is light, strong, with excellent flotation, and even in the longer lengths it is surprisingly nimble. Although powder is where it shines--with its ample shovel and generous waist--it is no slouch in less than ideal conditions. This ski permits long distance travel, is wonderful to skin with, and inspires confidence on the descent. The V8 has been my go-to climbing partner for the past five years, and is the heart of my quiver. It was mounted in the past with a Voile Hardwire X2 binding, currently has Axls on it, and I have plans to put a Lynx on it. For Telemark, I prefer this ski mounted 2-3 cm behind recommended boot center. My patrol director, who has been skiing the backcountry for 35 years, from the Alps to the Rockies, has this ski in the 193cm length, mounted with Outlaws.
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A gutless replacement for the Buster
Several years ago I got a set of Voile Busters. With 2 carbon sheets and a big sidecut, those skis ripped!! At least, they ripped until a Dynafit toepiece ripped out of them. Since I'd loved those skis, I didn't hesitate to replace them with a set of V8's. From the first turn, they were kind of disappointing. The softer construction (only 1 carbon layer) meant that the shovels folded over at any hint of forward pressure. High speeds or manky snow meant I had to keep my speed waaaaaay down. To be fair, I'll bet the pushback from the shovels makes these great for tele skiers. Weight the shovel, and it won't sink....ever. But it also won't charge.....ever. So for backcountry skiers on pintech bindings, avoid these unless you also avoid speed. A final note (and big part of the 2 star rating)-my Busters failed because the soft wood cores on Voile skis don't hold up to hard skiing-and entire toepiece ripped out of a ski with 50ish days on it. Now Voile won't honor warranty if you put threaded inserts in!? The combination of low density wood and inadequate fiberglass matting in the binding mounting zone are a recipe for binding screws to rip out. And now you can't do the one thing that might prevent that without voiding your warranty.
Thanks for the review. We have seen threaded inserts (quiver killers) fail which is why are don't warranty them. Our ski mounting patches have since been reinforced with additional fiberglass, and will hold up to hundreds of days of skiing if they're properly mounted, maintained, and used in appropriate conditions. Based on the review, it sounds like the SuperCharger has skiing characteristics that would better match your pursuit of speed and performance in mank.
Maciej Pike-Biegunski
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Only skis you will ever need!!!
I have been riding the V8 176 for the last four years. I am not a one brand guy but after shredding on these I am sold! I would call myself an intermediate skier as I got a bit of a late start, but these skis have allowed me to hang with all my expert buddies anytime and any where! With the light weight of around 7lbs they have allowed me the freedom to tour the back country or with the smooth tip width of 141 and a tail width of 123 I find myself able to carve down any terrain needed. Of course they are the ultimate powder ski as they help me float and stay above the deep stuff, but I really believe they are so versatile that if you are going to purchase one set of skis, these are "THE ONLY ONES" you will ever need!
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Too difficult to choose a title...maybe just 3 letters letters ...WOW
I'd never imagine when I bought these skis how amazing they are. I read few good reviews of the V8 and wanted a ski that I wouldn't see often at the feet of others skiers in south of France but they exceeded my expectations. I won't explain in details why they are so good, Blake has done that very well, I just say that I own the 186 and I use them for everything, every snow conditions from powder to ice, everywhere...powder, resort, on piste, backcountry, touring...they ride like a 120+ underfoot in powder and a 100 in hard pack. Voile, NEVER stop the V8, please.
Jean-Philippe Finocchiaro
Verified Buyer
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Surf. The. Powder
The shape, size, flex and profile of the v8 is a timeless masterpiece.
Tyler Guarino
Verified Buyer
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My Favorite Ski 5+ stars!
I have owned this ski in 176, 181, 186, and currently 193. Ive been skiing on various versions of this ski for at least 5 seasons. I am 6'2" and have to say my favorite size is 181 or 186. These sizes work for everything: tight trees no problem, steep and technical they are plenty predictable for that, and when the snow isnt perfect they make you look like a master in breakable curst. The narrow and slightly softer tails are really forgiving if you get thrown back seat. These mid range sizes are super nimble and fun to flick around in tight trees. I upped to the 193 last year, and they do work great for the deepest powder days and super fun at the resort. The problem is most of my touring boots have trouble pushing it around. I have to say I have never had a problem riding the 193's in the deepest of Teton powder days, resort or backcountry. There is not a ski I would recommend more, as a one ski quiver in a powder prone area, or as part of your collection. This ski is absolutely legendary and I plan to have at least one pair ready to ride at all times!
Blake Votilla
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I've used the V8 for four years now and they are my favorite skis I've ever been on. They are light enough not to wear you down too much on the way up yet you can charge them as hard as you can. I have a pair of these for laps at the resort and powder days in the backcountry.
Nick D'Alessio
Verified Buyer
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The One
I have been skiing this ski for the last 4 years, and it is my all time favorite ski (ever). Early rise and tail taper make for easy turn releases and predictability in the most variable conditions. The camber under foot is perfect, allows for energy exiting the turn while also making the ski incredibly versatile. I know they arn't meant for it, but the thing can rail turns on the hard pack in between powder stashes. It is also a great tourer, while the HyperVersion is even lighter the OG V8 strikes a nice balance on weight but can still plow through some crud. Versatile, predictable and , IMHO, all time.
Weston D
Verified Buyer
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165cm: Part No: 5603-165-1920 UPC: 759948915395
171cm: Part No: 5603-171-1920 UPC: 759948915401
176cm: Part No: 5603-176-1920 UPC: 759948915418
181cm: Part No: 5603-181-1920 UPC: 759948915425
186cm: Part No: 5603-186-1920 UPC: 759948915432
193cm: Part No: 5603-193-1920 UPC: 759948915449