Voile CamLock 2 Carbon Ski Poles

Voile CamLock 2 Carbon Ski Poles
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Tired of twisting gizmos? Or planting a heavy, clunky pole? Our lightweight carbon fiber 2-section ski poles make for a very ergonomic pole swing. And their length can be fine-tuned anywhere between 100 and 135mm. This adjustment is made easily, thanks to each pole's overbuilt, all-metal cam lock. The Voilé Topsheet Scraper rids your skis of excess snow weight and allows easy access to climbing elevators.

One pair of poles. One pole installed with snow scraper. Adjustment range 100cm to 135cm.



Color : Orange/Black
Part Number1152
Weight(lbs/kg)1 lb 4 oz/564g per pair
Extended Range100cm to 135cm
MaterialLightweight Carbon Fiber
Benefits/UsesSnow scraper cam lock system

Product Reviews

All hail the scraper
I have used this scraper countless times to get globbed ice and snow off of my skins and ski bases and friends' and it is so clutch. Recently I also used it to scrape a car windshield when the driver was unprepared. This is a simple touring pole that is lightweight and adjustable with the great feature of extended grip for choking up when the situation calls for it. And it has a scraper. I don't think I'll ever go with a different pole!
Garry Schlag
Verified Buyer
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My Go To Touring Poles
These poles are awesome, with all of the features you want and none of the ones you don't, in a lightweight package. The scraper is great for getting sticky snow off your bases, as well as flipping the heel risers on your touring bindings. I prefer my poles a bit shorter on the ascent and a bit longer on the way down, and I need something reliable that's not going to collapse when I put weight on it during a hop turn in a no fall zone. These are super reliable and durable. I put heavy use on them in the Tetons and Alaska Range this past season and look forward to using them again this season. Highly recommend.
Iain Kuo
Verified Buyer
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You won't know how much you need the scraper until you have it. You will never go back...
Ty Guarino
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Awesome poles
I really like these poles. They are sturdy. Lightweight. The ice scraper is terrific.
James Pilkington
Verified Buyer
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Terrific poles by all measures
Wow-light, secure lock, nice feel, smooth motion, multi-functional, beautiful, very handy for bindings and as a scraper. Best poles I have owned over decades, and way cheaper than many. Homerun purchase.
Carl Sullivan
Verified Buyer
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Very light. Scraper is great. A little short for Nordic.
Verified Buyer
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Well functioning / great design
Love the poles. Love the scraper. I use it for flipping my risers and find the scraper to be comfortable on the pole end. The powder baskets are made so that the poles can snap inside them. Only find that to be unwarranted in-bounds, as they tend to stick together on the lift and pulling them apart is risky business for the person sitting on the chair with me. Would recommend!
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No Question, best pole out there
Extremely lightweight and versatile, I barely notice these poles except when I need them. The scraper is ingenious for knocking off ice from ski edges or snow clumped on skins. Additionally I find it is a great little hook for flipping my heels up a level.
Ann D
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Buy these poles.
After years of my old twist poles sliding with one being shorter than the other, I purchased Voile CamLock Poles. Love them. They stay were they are locked, the foam grips for short downhills and the scraper. After passing my pole with scraper around to my climbing friends to use I had to buy another set for my son and skinning buddy. Buy these poles.
Gary Wolfgang
Verified Buyer
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Simple and Solid
Love these poles! The ice scraper is super useful for cleaning snow off the top sheets and works really well for flicking up heal risers while on the uphill. The camlocks also make it easy to adjust length on the fly and I've never had them slip like other models on the market. Would highly recommend these!
Ben Kelley
Verified Buyer
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Perfect pole
These poles are light and durable. The foam grips are amazing. Neve know that would make such a difference... what a joy to hold on all terrain with the foam wrap around below the grip. At first I thought the scraper would be cheesey... planed on taking it off because it is indeed removable. But I use it every day and love it! Not only to clean my skis but my friends and clients skis too! Great ideas in a well built pole. Worth it!
Blake Votilla
Verified Buyer
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CamLock 2 poles
I like these poles a lot. The extended grip is appreciated for sidehills. The snow scrapper is a life changer for getting snow off your top sheets to get that weight off when touring. The snow scrapper works super well for putting heel risers up and down too.
Nick D'Alessio
Verified Buyer
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I Love These Poles!
I love these poles! I had been through a myriad of different poles in the backcountry before finding these beauties. From the extended grips, to the scraper, to the quick and easy length adjustment system, these are really the perfect BC pole. They are also super light weight, making those all-day treks easy on your arms.
John Van Hook
Verified Buyer
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The best touring/scraper poles in the game!
Why have a plain old ski pole when you can have a seriously multi-functional tool in your hand at all times. Scrape your bases, scrape your skins, scrape your topsheets, scrape your friend's topsheets, scrape your windshield, manipulate your bindings, toggle climbing elevators, or scratch behind your ear all while crushing vert on the skin track. As a guide, this is my most borrowed and requested piece of gear by clients at every skin transition. Carrying around snow on topsheets is a thing of the past. The CamLock2 also has a great swing weight and more long grips that allow for comfortable sidehilling. I have hundreds of days on my pair.
Nate Rowland
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