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Our Team Captain


Emily Sullivan

Location: Anchorage, AK

Instagram: @emelex

Emily Sullivan is a photographer and writer focused on outdoor recreation, environmental wellness, and relationships between humans and landscapes.

An obsessive backcountry skier, she lives for winter, logging big vert on light skis, and traversing wild landscapes. Her current objectives include ski mountaineering in the Alaska Range, Wrangell Mountains, and Arctic Refuge.

Emily is both an athlete and a community organizer for land issues in Alaska’s Arctic. She sits on the board of directors for the Alaska Avalanche School and serves as a Denali Rescue Volunteer. She lives, works, and skis on Dena’ina Ełnena, now known as Southcentral Alaska.

Our Ambassadors

Aaron Diamond

Location: Jackson, WY

Instagram: @aarondiamond13

Aaron Diamond is an AMGA Certified Splitboard Guide and avalanche educator based in Jackson, Wyoming. He guides year round for Exum Mountain Guides and has guided technical ski and snowboard descents on various Teton summits including the Grand Teton, Middle, Teton, Nez Perce, and Mt Moran. In the summer months Aaron works as an alpine climbing guide on Denali and throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He is alway psyched to share his backyard with experienced and new backcountry travelers

In his free time Aaron enjoys spending time in the splitboarding in the Tetons, or exploring the lesser known areas of the Alaska Range with his friends. He has first descents in the Tetons, Andes, and Alaska Range, including unrepeated splitboard descents of the Ramen Route on Mt Hunter (14,573ft), Mt Foraker’s Sultana Ridge (17,400ft), The Fat Calf Couloir on Pico Polaco (5995m) and the SE Face of the Gilkey Tower (12,320ft).


Ann Driggers

Location: Carbondale, CO

Skis: V8 176cm

Instagram: @anndriggers

A Jill of all trades and a master at none, Ann is a weekend warrior and backcountry bon vivant who lives to hike, run, ride, paddle but mostly ski in the mountains of western Colorado. 

Ann lives in Carbondale, Colorado, from which she aims to explore as much of the wild and beautiful places of her local geography as possible. She loves to begin her day with a backcountry dawn patrol, watching the sunrise from a local summit and then sliding into work wiping the powder from her grinning face. The weekends are spent skiing deep into the Elk Mountains, where devising new routes and truly connecting with nature, returning with memories, pictures and words with which to inspire others, are what makes her tick. 


Ben Zavora

Location: Cooke City, MT

Ben Zavora is an AMGA Certified Ski Guide and owner of Beartooth Powder Guides in Cooke City. Ben has been extensively exploring the backcountry of Montana, Idaho and California for the last 24 years and his enthusiasm for Powder skiing and Ski Mountaineering just seems to grow stronger each year. The goal of Ben and his guides at Beartooth Powder Guides in Cooke City, Montana is to “Create a socially significant business that encourages people to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the mountains, while sharing our enthusiasm and love for the wild places of Montana."


Brett "Kowboy" Kobernik

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Brett Kobernik has been with the Utah Avalanche Center since the 2004-2005 winter season. More affectionately known "Kowboy," Brett worked as a helicopter skiing guide in Valdez, Alaska during mid 90s, a backcountry ski and snowboard guide for Utah Mountain Adventures and has been a product tester and designer for Voile Equipment for more than 20 years. Brett single-handedly invented the splitboard and still does most of his UAC field work with one but also is well versed on skis, snowmobiles, and snowbikes as well. (Click here for a cool video profile of Brett.) Brett is also responsible for much of the technical "behind the scenes" work on the UAC's website and programing for the American Avalanche Association. 

Brooke Jackson

Location: Seattle, WA

Brooke Jackson is a writer and photographer based in Seattle, WA, and founder of Wandering Trails Media. Her background specializes in climbing, kayaking, and, of course, skiing! As an instructor for REI, Brooke finds joy in educating others on how best to get outside and get after it in a responsible and sustainable way.


Cindi Grant

Location: Park City, UT

Instagram: @cindilougrant

Cindi is a professional splitboarder, mountain guide, writer, yoga teacher, and Wasatch native with a feverish passion for connecting with nature. As a young girl, Cindi Lou met her life partner Zach and dedicated her life to living fully through snowboarding. With a couple decades of backcountry experience and various guiding certifications her passion is to inspire others to experience a reconnection with the natural world. She resides in a ride in/out backcountry cabin, she and her husband Zach built. It is a simple shed roof home that is completely snowbound, has world class touring from the doorstep, a yoga studio, mountain spring water system, and is filled with natural light. When she is not at home, she loves splitboard expeditions and exploring remote mountain ranges.


Evan Green

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Instagram: @thegreenevan

Evan Green (he/him) is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up in Texas, he was first introduced to the snow world while working as a liftie at a small resort in Ohio during college. His first ever splitboard setup was a homemade board with the Voile DIY Kit. 

Since then, Evan has spent the past 6 years exploring and documenting the adventures in the mountains of Colorado via splitboard and hardboots. When not out chasing the fresh snow he enjoys mountain biking, climbing, and working to increase diversity within the outdoor industry. 



Graham Zimmerman

Location: Bend, OR

Instagram: @grahamzimmerman

Facebook Business Page: Graham Zimmerman Climber

Born in New Zealand raised in the Northwest.

After being exposed to alpine terrain in the Cascades he moved back to NZ where he cut his teeth in the Southern Alps and became a strong part of the Kiwi climbing community. Then, after graduating from university in 2007 he moved back to the states and has been focused on climbing as it applies to alpinism ever since. This has taken him on expeditions from Alaska to Patagonia to Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and all over the lower 48 and Canada where he has established dozens of significant new routes on rock, ice and snow.

He specializes in complex logistics having run over 30 expeditions and assignments to many parts of the world including Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, Argentina, Eritrea, and Kenya. For his climbing exploits, Graham won the 2010 New Zealand Alpinist of the Year and was a finalist for the 2014 Piolet d’Or (alpine climbing’s equivalent to an Olympic gold medal) and won the 2017 Cutting Edge Award from the American Alpine Club.

As a skier, Graham has skied steeps from Alaska to the Cascades to New Zealand. In the past, this has primarily been focused on training for alpine climbing but in recent years, he has started refining his skiing into a discipline of its own, resulting in immense joy and lots of excitement.


Howie Garber

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Howie Garber is a widely published nature photographer who's imagery and books have been used to support environmental causes and to protect backcountry ski terrain. His images have been exhibited in the Museum of Natural History in London, England and in the Smithsonian Museum, and have won awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest four times. His first book Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge won a Ben Franklin Silver Medal from Independent book publishers. His second book Adventures in Fine Art Photography won Grand prize as the best Fine Art and Photography Book of 2015 from Blurb publishing.   His clients have included Audubon, National Geographic, Nikon, and National Wildlife Magazine.

Howie has used Voile skis for over 35 years.

Jen Girardi

Location: Whistler, BC

Instagram: @mrsjengirardi

Jen grew up in the shadows of the Coast Mountain Range in Vancouver, Canada, and fell in love with exploring in the backyard mountains at an early age. It wasn’t long before she was found herself traveling in the mountains on a splitboard. Now based in Whistler, B.C. Jen can be found discovering new lines or sharing her passion for the mountains as a coach. In the summer months, Jen can be found hanging out in the mountains rock climbing or flying south, chasing snow and adventures in Chile and Argentina.


John Van Hook

Location: Fayston, VT

Instagram: @jvh_ski

A native of New Jersey, when John was five years old his father taught him to ski on the hill next to the house. By the time he was eight he was introduced to Mad River Glen in Vermont. Since that time his winters have been devoted to skiing, with Vermont always being the home base. 

A long-time patroller at Mad River (widely accepted as the Mecca of telemark skiing in the U.S.A.), John splits his time between telemark and alpine skiing and spends his weekends touring the Vermont backcountry. He also chips in and helps patrol at Cochran’s Ski Area (a tiny nearby hill that has possibly produced more world cup skiers than any other mountain) in Richmond, Vermont and has worked as a backcountry guide. When he’s not skiing, he’s fly fishing. 

Passionate about his family and friends, skiing, fly fishing, and the environment, he is a self-employed geologist/environmental consultant specializing in the remediation of petroleum in soil and groundwater. The self-employed part allows him to plan his work around his skiing and fishing. 


Kordell Black

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Splitboard: Revelator 165cm

Instagram: @kordellblack

Kordell was born in the shadow of Utah's iconic Cottonwood canyons. He was on skis by age three, though his dad's old crampons took a bit more time to grow into.  Kordell truly unjoys the freedom that splitboarding provides, feeding his passion for exploration. He loves to travel, seeking out unfamiliar descents in destinations including Svalbard, Fjord Norway, Iceland, Chamonix, the Dolomites, the Georgian Caucasus, Poland, Slovakia, the Andes, and most recently: Siberia. He can often be heard extolling the virtues of solo travel as an opportunity to make unique friends and gain insight into different cultures around the world. 
In the "off" season Kordell spends his time heading south to chase snow, skateboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, and photographing all-of-the-above for various magazines.
Side note: be careful. If you mention you want to shred with him then he might end up on your couch!!


Mario Srnik

Location: Alberta, Canada

Instagram: @majocalgary

Mario "Majo" Srnik made his home in the Canadian Rockies a couple of decades ago. Originally from Slovakia, he's found a great appreciation for Canada's long approaches, steep terrain, and sometimes "sketchy" snowpack: a combination that makes climbing a mountain and then skiing down it even more interesting and adventurous. As a former competitive UltraRunning athlete, he loves incorporating movement on skis into big endurance goals. His direction of focus changed after a broken ankle injury a couple of years ago, and he's since realized that there are amazing places that a pair of skis can take you: places that "other people can only dream of."


Mark LeBlanc

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Instagram: @markcleblanc

Mark is a Cajun flatlander turned mountain athlete who was born and raised in south Louisiana. The high point on his calendar year after year was his annual trip out west to the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and of course, Utah. His passion for mountain sports is rivaled only by his love of adventure, travel and photography. His motto is “Always say yes” meaning he rarely turns down an invitation and that frequently puts him in challenging situations where he feels most alive. “If there isn’t some uncertainty in the outcome, it’s not an adventure."

His athletic background goes back to his earliest opportunities as a young child in team sports, but it was his success as a competitive cyclist and endurance athlete that has most influenced his ability to suffer in pursuit of his goals. As soon as his engineering career presented the opportunity, he and his wife moved to Salt Lake City where they could have daily access to mountain life. Mark spends his summers cycling, trail running and rock climbing. His summer activities are largely focused on sharpening skills and building fitness for the winter where ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing take focus. In true form as a professional photographer and film maker, he never leaves home without his camera and he approaches photography as an athletic pursuit. His passion for photography is in capturing the determination of humans in beautiful and challenging environments. 


Matt Zia

Location: Bozeman, MT on Apsaalooké, Salish Kootenai, and Cheyenne land

Matt traded the icy White Mountains of New Hampshire for Rockies cold smoke after high school and eventually landed in Bozeman, MT. A loaned pair of used telemark skis and boots during college got him out of the lift line and into the backcountry. Matt is a guide and educator, and the Program Director for the Montana Mountaineering Association, a non-profit dedicated to building an inclusive, knowledgeable, and safety-oriented mountain community. As a person of biracial descent, he knows the importance of identifiable mentors in all aspects of life, both in the mountains and the valleys. 

Matt’s passion for backcountry skiing lies in long adventures far from the road, and he counts bear spray as an essential part of his spring skiing kit. He can usually be found exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with skis on his feet or ice tools in hand, and sometimes both. In addition to his work with the Montana Mountaineering Association, he has taught high school math and science, teaches for the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, owns and operates a small outdoor gear repair business, and is working through the AMGA Mountain Guide program.


Micheli Oliver

Location: Coast Salish, Lummi and Nooksack peoples’ current and original territories


Micheli (mik-kay-lee) is a photographer and mountain athlete. She was born and raised on Cheyenne, Ute and Arapaho lands, also known as Colorado. She grew up cultivating a deep love and compassion for alpine environments and her first love was skiing. As a kid, her parents took her up to resort ski as much as they could afford and in her giant pink goggles and too big ski suit, she learned to ski and began to love going fast. After getting into park skiing and sustaining significant shoulder and heel injuries, Micheli took a long break from skiing and decided to pursue lacrosse collegiately. That, of course, only led her back to Colorado, the mountains and to skiing. She began to backcountry ski in her third year of college after quitting lacrosse and immediately fell in love with the silent, sometimes sufferfest, of earning your turns. She is currently living on the Coast Salish, Lummi, and Nooksack people’s current and original homelands, also known as Bellingham, Washington. 

Her love for the mountains and for skiing, however, comes from ancestral respect for sacred lands. Micheli is a descendent of the Blackfoot and Shawnee peoples of what is today known as Montana and Missouri. In both cultures her ancestors had and her people still have a deep reciprocity with flora and fauna relatives alike. Her Dad taught her to respect the land and her Mom taught her to see the land for more than just meets the eye. Her parents’ ceremony on the land is to camp, hunt, and fish with their family. Growing up Micheli camped, fished, and even hunted some, learning how to be on the land with minimal impact and creating relationships with all more-than-human relatives. She later decided that her ceremony is to ski, climb, and mountaineer. She began to push herself in all three during college and then fell in love with the art of skiing and climbing photography. Micheli found that in order to take pictures of incredible athletes, you have to keep up with them. It is her passion to combine her love of athletics in the outdoors, her love for art, and her camera, as well as the respect and reciprocity her ancestors and her culture has taught her. Access to ancestral homelands and the ability to enjoy these sacred spaces is a privilege that she hopes to pass on to the Indigenous youth. She is a caretaker of sacred land and advocate for Indigenous sovereignty first, and a skier second.

Nate Rowland

Location: Aspen, CO

Instagram: @aspenate

Nate grew up in Washington State near iconic Mt. Rainier and learned to ski on the slopes of the state’s volcanoes. Trading a deep coastal snowpack for the light continental crapshoot of Colorado, Nate has called the Elk Mountains near Aspen home for the last couple of decades.

As a year round guide with Aspen Alpine Guides, he spends the snowy months ferreting out high alpine powder, ski mountaineering and linking up backcountry huts between Crested Butte and Vail. Over the years Nate has been fortunate enough to take his skis for walks in many exotic locations from Kyrgyzstan to the Aleutians.


Nick D'Alessio

Location: Girdwook, AK

Facebook Business Page: Remarkable Adventures

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Nick began climbing and skiing mountains as soon as he could walk. His drive for wild places brought him to Alaska in 2007 and he never left. As an AMGA Certified Ski Guide, Nick teaches avalanche courses, guides backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering trips all over Alaska's great mountain ranges. His career has become his lifestyle and he wouldn't have it any other way. When not working, Nick is taking his enthusiasm deeper into the hills and rivers on personal trips. Nick loves to share his knowledge about safe mountain travel and looks forward to sharing his passion for the mountains with you.


Shaun Raskin

Location: Park City, UT

Facebook Business Page:  Inspired Summit Adventures

Living each moment to it’s fullest has lead Shaun on this wild journey. From NY to Colorado to now Utah, she has spent over a decade chasing her dreams. Shaun’s passion for skiing is what has been the engine behind her actions. First as a big mountain competitive skier, then sponsored pro, to now avalanche educator, guide, and business owner. It is even how she and her husband, Weston D met. Now living in Park City with their two dogs and daughter, Shaun continues to pursue her dreams whether as a big mountain skier, web series co-creator, AIARE avalanche instructor, backcountry and cat ski guide or owner of a wellness guiding company, Inspired Summit Adventures. She began this journey with nothing more than a dream of becoming a professional skier not sure where it would lead, but today finds herself humbly sitting amongst many of her heroes living the dream. 

Ty Guarino

Location: Bozeman, MT

Instagram: @ty.guarino

Ty is a career Outdoor Educator, Mountain Guide, and Ski Patroller currently working for Montana Alpine Guides, the Colorado Outward Bound School, and Bigsky ski resort. Originally from southern New Hampshire, Ty developed his passion for Backcountry skiing on the eastern flanks of Mt Washington in New Hampshire’s Presidential range. Currently Residing in Bozeman Montana, Ty skis as much as possible in and around the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Although Bridger Bowl is his home mountain, Ty likes to explore other skiing venues including Alaska, South America, New Zealand, and New England.


Weston Deutschlander

Location: Park City, UT

Facebook Business Page: Inspired Summit Adventures

Weston is one of the smarter New Yorker's and fled the state as soon as he could. After arriving in Utah, the snow addiction took a firm hold. Once he learned the freedom of a beacon, probe, shovel, skins and a good partner, he started venturing further and further off the beaten path. Today Weston spends his summers and winters guiding all while trying to play as much as possible on the side. 



Zach Grant

Location: Park City, UT

Zach Grant has dedicated his life to splitboarding and his family. As proven by his longtime relationship, backcountry cabin in Utah’s Wasatch mountains, daily touring, and months spent on splitboard expeditions. He grew up in the Northern Wasatch Range of Utah and met his wife Cindi while snowboarding at age 15. Passion driven, hard working, and determined- he has built his dreams from humble beginnings. In the winter he is a professional snowboarder by day and a snow-cat operator by night. In the summer he runs adult tonka toys for the US Forest service. When he is not charging big mountains he enjoys gardening, woodworking, fishing, biking, backpacking, and living in his snowbound dream cabin.