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The Family That Skis Together

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The Tele Mike V-Team Vlog This VLOG is dedicated to the families that ski together and the heartfelt familial connections that are forged in snow and ice. I always thought that I would be a fantastic father for a daughter to raise in the mountains in addition to my son who is quickly outpacing my ability to keep up with …

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Project Ski Africa

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Project Ski Africa: Chicken Jousting in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco Location: ZAWIYA AHANSAL Village, Morocco  Big Mountain Objective 1: JBEL AZOURKI, 12,070 feet Equipment: Voile V8s (Telemark) and SuperChargers (AT) Project Ski Africa Cafe, sparkling water, and heat are the essential staples as we drive to our first ski destination of Jbel AZOURKI. Jbel means Mount and AZOURKI is the …

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BIPOC Mountain Collective: Diversity in Backcountry Skiing & Riding

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Backcountry brothers and sisters. Welcome to the Tele Mike V-Team Vlog. Today we’ll chop it up with the BIPOC Mountain Collective, Vibe Tribe, and Hip Hop artist MC Ric Riggler who pulled together their collective efforts to collaborate on a film project about backcountry skiing and riding in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. One may ponder, “Well …

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Human Powered

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You crush mountains before breakfast. You know better than most that any worthy goal requires dedication. The same is true for making the gear that will take you there… and bring you back safely. That’s why we are dedicated to our Utah facility, that’s why we are thankful for the skilled hands and sharp minds that have kept us going …

Cowboy Splitboards Voile!

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In 1991 Brett “Cowboy” Kobernik met the owner of Voile, Mark “Wally” Wariakois and Cowboy and Wally started the splitboard revolution. Seen here in Powderwhore’s new movie Breaking Trail, Cowboy talks about his career as a Utah Avalanche Forecaster and the early days at Voile prototyping the first Voile splitboard. Not to mention making some sweet turns on the original …

Splitboarding in new PowderWhore movie: Breaking Trail!

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New splitboarding segment in this season’s Powderwhore movie: Breaking Trail, including a commentary on the humble beginnings of splitboarding by Brett “Cowboy” Kobernik. Cowboy is the guy who worked with Voile in the early days to develop the current Voile splitboard hardware system. Look forward to seeing the movie! For more info check out