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Exploring the Wind Rivers via Splitboard

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Exploring the Wind Rivers via Splitboard photos by Zach and Cindi Grant. It was like we were on a different planet- we didn’t see another soul. Well, other than the local Chickadees, Roberts Nutcrackers, and some Grey Squirrels. It was refreshing to get away from it all. Away from all the comforts and distractions of modern-day life. The time consumers; …

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Ski Mountaineering Need-To-Knows

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Feature photo from the Inspired Summit Adventures Ski Mountaineering Clinic. Ah springtime! A fabulous time in the mountains when snowpacks have stabilized and trailheads are quieting down as many folks flock to the desert. Spring can be a great time for exploring new zones or getting up close and personal with those lines you’ve been eyeing from afar.  We tagged …

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Sharing Our Story of Climate Change

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In the dark early morning hours, I am lost in shifting hues as the sun nears the horizon. Color starts to emerge in the world as the day starts and the mountains around me become visible. The rhythm of my skis sliding uphill provides me a space for meditation. I am pondering my story of climate change and its relationship …

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Guests of Honor to the “Cloud Splitter”

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Before this past October, I had never actually skied with Beau Fredlund. There were many times we would say hi and agree to find time to get out together. Unfortunately, the timing never seemed to work out. The closest we had come to making turns together was teaching an avalanche awareness course. But alas, one ski-run on the ungroomed blue …

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Low Tide Adventure in Argentina

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Skiers and snowboarders are part of a nomadic tribe that can be found dreaming about the next turn, sometimes traveling to great lengths in search of pow. This summer, as the days were getting longer and temperatures higher, I found myself longing to get away from the scorching heat in Whistler, BC. Perhaps an adventure in Argentina? Traveling to the …

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Photo Gallery: A Remarkable Season Guiding in Alaska

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I spent the 2017/18 season in Alaska, guiding folks from all over the world across its incredible landscape. One of my best days was ironically the worst day of the season for conditions; with rain crust to treeline, sun crust on solar and wind hammered high alpine. Good to have these reminders that it doesn’t have to be great conditions …

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Type 2 Fun: Circumnavigating Crater Lake Ski Tour

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Thinking of words to describe the experience of circumnavigating Crater Lake ski tour in two days is difficult. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough time since having the experience to fully process it. Perhaps there just aren’t words to describe the ups and downs – both figurative and literal – of such a venture. Let’s just start from the beginning. Planning …