Voile Hoback D Avalanche Shovel

Voile Hoback D Avalanche Shovel
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Press the pin, twist the handle. Deploying the hoe function on the new Voilé Hoback Series avalanche shovels is that simple — and by “simple” we mean fast. You don’t have time to fuss over your equipment, least of all during an avalanche rescue. The Hoback Series avalanche shovels are uniquely built to handle ice and debris, with features that will be appreciated on even your most whimsical outings.

It always pays to be prepared, and there can be no substitute for reliable avalanche safety equipment. “Know Before You Go,” and carry your Voile shovel when you do.

Rapidly deployed hoe function for rescue situations. Telescoping handle adjusts from 30° to 100° without removing the scoop: simply press the pop-pin and twist.

• New ergonomic D-grip increases leverage and accomodates mittens.

Cold forged and T6-tempered aluminum scoop sustains the impact of every shovel strike, negating the possibility of broken pins when working through ice or debris.

• Flat shovel blade is ideal for conducting snow science.



Part Number: 423-D
Weight(lbs/kg)1lb 14oz / 858g
Length30.2in / 76.8cm
Extended39.2in / 99.6cm
Handle only22in / 56cm
Scoop only (LxW)11.7 x 10in / 29.8 x 25.4cm
Scoop Material6061-T6 Tempered
Benefits/UsesRapidly-deployed Hoe Function Professional's Choice Strongest

Product Reviews

The best avalanche shovel. Period.
When looking for an avalanche shovel, the only question you should have is do I want the regular size or the mini size. I prefer the mini for ski touring and I prefer the regular size for camping trips and to keep in the back of the truck through the winter. There is no question that Voile's Hoback shovel is the best avalanche shovel on the market. Period.
Nick D'Alessio
Verified Buyer
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Great Avy Shovel for the Recreationalist or Avy Professional
Avy shovels need to tick a few boxes and this one does it all. It has a full sized shovel blade, ergonomic for efficient digging, and a flat blade for digging snow pits. Great tool to use as an avalanche professional.
Aidan Goldie
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Very close to perfect
The offset handle is both ergonomic and ingenious in supporting both shovel and hoe mode with a simple 180 degree rotation of the handle in the blade socket. A load balances well in the shovel and the hoe chops, scrapes, and pulls aggressively. Though the back of the shovel blade is flat, the socket protrudes about 1/4" beyond the plane of the blade. When trying to cut a pit wall smooth with the back of the blade, you get a little gouge from the handle socket. Not a huge deal, but something to tighten up in future iterations.
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The best just got better: ergonomic gold.
It's pretty widely recognized that Voile avalanche shovels are the best out there. My first was a gift, and more than 7 years later it's still one of my prized possessions. I've avoided the whole "hoe" mode craze, everybody wails about their shovel icing up and the transition being clunky. That is, until now! This beautt is easily the most impressive advance in backcountry safety gear in the last three years. I don't know that I'll use the hoe mode frequently, but damn if I haven't already used it to dig out my car! The ergonomics of this design are incredible. Five stars, and a hearty "bravo!" to Voile for making a superb product even better.
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Part No: 423-D UPC: 759948919805