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Getting Your Head Back in the Game

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Even as a professional powder junkie I am usually a little rusty getting out of the gates. I am fortunate in the fact that I get to ski in the backcountry more than most people every year, but before things get started I like to sit down and organize my thoughts and gear for the upcoming season. The following is …

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Pinch Me: An Ode to Tight Places

In Photo Gallery, Pro Tips by Nate RowlandLeave a Comment

As the season for charging powder filled bowls and popping pillow lines comes to a close, my mind wanders to narrower corners of the backcountry. The big boards have been hung up for the winter, but smaller rides like the Vector, Objective and WSP are back in the regular rotation. A consolidating snowpack and peaking snow depth mean it’s high …

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Mentorship is Essential to Thriving in the Backcountry

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Being in the backcountry, surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see is a truly magical feeling. Learning to access and move safely in the backcountry is a continual and ever evolving experience. Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to learn from amazing mentors in both formal and informal settings. These people are friends, family, and …

A Die-Hard Skier’s Ode to Slowing Down

In Pro Tips by Rachel PohlLeave a Comment

There’s an embarrassingly daunting four hundred vert left to the summit. We slog through a foot of dense, sun-saturated, week-old, mercifully stable powder. I’m out of breath and my calves are yelling at me beneath a massive swath of oppressively blue, hot sky. I cringe when my hip flexer seizes up as a crashing realization washes over me; this is …