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Q&A with an Avalanche Forecaster

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Q: What are your earliest memories of backcountry travel? It really started because of my Dad’s love for skiing. He started me at a young age of two, and before then would ski with me in a backpack. I switched over to snowboarding when I was twelve and never looked back. They were the cool kids back then – remember; …

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Getting Your Head Back in the Avalanche Safety Game

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Even as a professional powder junkie I am usually a little rusty getting out of the gates. I am fortunate in the fact that I get to ski in the backcountry more than most people every year, but before things get started I like to sit down and organize my thoughts and gear for the upcoming season. The following is …

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Backcountry Skiing – Mentorship is Essential to Thriving

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Being in the backcountry, surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see is a truly magical feeling. Learning to access and move safely in the backcountry is a continual and ever evolving experience. Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to learn from amazing mentors in both formal and informal settings. These people are friends, family, and …

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Mountaineering in Chamonix: The Human Element

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In the past month spent mountaineering in Chamonix, I have watched skiers tumble off cliffs, tomahawk out of icy couloirs, and whip into crevasses. I’ve been told that if I decided to rappel over a group that they would “cut me”, and I’ve been tangled up with impatient guides trying do the same on alpine climbing pitches and glaciers. I’ve …

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A Die-Hard Skier’s Ode to Slowing Down

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There’s an embarrassingly daunting four hundred vert left to the summit. We slog through a foot of dense, sun-saturated, week-old, mercifully stable powder. I’m out of breath and my calves are yelling at me beneath a massive swath of oppressively blue, hot sky. I cringe when my hip flexer seizes up as a crashing realization washes over me; this is …