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Q&A with an Avalanche Forecaster

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Q: What are your earliest memories of backcountry travel? It really started because of my Dads love for skiing. He started me at a young age of two, and before then would ski with me in a backpack. I switched over to snowboarding when I was twelve and never looked back. They were the cool kids back then – remember; …

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Legs Tired, Soul Awakened

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There is something magical about the first hut trip of the season. The glistening tranquil forests with boughs laden, the fragrance of pine, and pixie dust floating down and sparkling in beams of light. It’s the hiss of skis gliding through snow, the tinkle of shattered hoar frost, and the cold nip to the hands and feet that spills forth …

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Getting Your Head Back in the Game

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Even as a professional powder junkie I am usually a little rusty getting out of the gates. I am fortunate in the fact that I get to ski in the backcountry more than most people every year, but before things get started I like to sit down and organize my thoughts and gear for the upcoming season. The following is …

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Low Tide Aventures in Argentina

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Skiers and snowboarders are part of a nomadic tribe that can be found dreaming about the next turn, sometimes traveling to great lengths in search of pow. This summer, as the days were getting longer and temperatures higher, I found myself longing to get away from the scorching heat in Whistler, BC. Traveling to the other side of the world …

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Photo Gallery: A Remarkable Season in Alaska

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I spent the 2017/18 season in Alaska, guiding folks from all over the world across its incredible landscape. One of my best days was ironically the worst day of the season for conditions; with rain crust to treeline, sun crust on solar and wind hammered high alpine. Good to have these reminders that it doesn’t have to be great conditions …