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A Field Guide To Repairing Your Gear

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Photo Courtesy of Aidan Goldie-Ahumada We’ve all been there; one minute you’re excitedly pulling your favorite puffy jacket on, ready to run out the door for a day of skiing, the next you’re staring in shock and frustration at the zipper, split wide open as cold air billows through the jacket. Outdoor gear, like everything, has a lifespan and suffers …

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Everything You Need To Know About Climbing Skins

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Having a good set of climbing skins and knowing how to use them can be the difference between an epic day of riding and a complete suffer-fest. We’ll be running you through their history, installation, maintenance, and everything in-between. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Climbing Skins. The History of Climbing Skins Climbing skins have been around for a …

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Hardboots or Softboots… which is right for you?

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Photos Courtesy of Aaron Diamond Like many splitboarders… …I started out in a traditional (soft) snowboard boot. These were the same boots I wore at the resort. They were comfortable, warm, rode well, and required no break-in. By many standards, they were an exceptional boot for touring. A few years splitboarding and a handful of avalanche classes later, my ambitions …

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Creating Group Synergy in the Backcountry

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There is no replacement for good group synergy when traveling in and around avalanche terrain. Good synergy within a group can help create an epic day of powder euphoria. The lack of it can also be the difference in returning home safely. Although finding good backcountry partners can be challenging, setting some basic ground rules and strategies before heading out …

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5 Tips for Motherhood in the Mountains

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Motherhood in the Mountains photos courtesy of Ben Girardi. This winter, I found myself consistently waking up at 4 a.m. Instead of alpine starts answering the call of the mountains, I was responding to the cries of my infant son. As I approached motherhood, part of me worried that I would lose my drive for splitboarding instead of adventures in …

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Ski Mountaineering Need-To-Knows

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Feature photo from the Inspired Summit Adventures Ski Mountaineering Clinic. Ah springtime! A fabulous time in the mountains when snowpacks have stabilized and trailheads are quieting down as many folks flock to the desert. Spring can be a great time for exploring new zones or getting up close and personal with those lines you’ve been eyeing from afar.  We tagged …

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Voile Splitboard & Ski Crampons

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Spring touring has arrived!  If you’re like us, you’re itching to go for bigger objectives after what felt like a long season of avoiding nasty PWLs. With the change of the seasons comes a change in your backcountry kit. Enter ski crampons and splitboard crampons. What are splitboard & ski crampons:  Essentially the same idea as boot crampons, but they …

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Spring Touring: gear, hazards, timing, CORN!

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Lexie Anderson on a spring touring mission in the Tetons on the Voile Spartan Splitboard. Photo courtesy of Arron Diamond. The days are getting longer, temps are getting warmer, and if your anything like me your eyes have been gazing upwards, towards the alpine, all winter waiting for the peaks to become more friendly. The deep snows of winter are …

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The Telemark Ski Mountaineer: tips, tricks, and discussion points

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In the year 2021, it would seem that telemark and mountaineering are now mutually exclusive concepts.  With far superior technology and weight saving advantages within the alpine touring sector of backcountry skiing, there is almost no reason to be a ski mountaineer on telemark equipment. Yet alas, the years go by, and I myself am still here: a “modern dinosaur” …

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Avalanche Advice for Backcountry Beginners

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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting a lot of things, including ski season.  Back in May 2020, Powder Magazine wrote an article predicting an impending wave of new backcountry users as a result of increased restrictions at ski resorts. While recreation is more important than ever for mental and emotional well-being, there exists the concern that those new to venturing beyond …