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Voile Ski Construction Shootout

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With the introduction of the Charger ACE to the Voile lineup, there are now three distinct ski construction options that we offer: Standard, Hyper, and ACE. Each of these options features unique characteristics that cater to different backcountry skier preferences. When it comes to determining which ski is right for you, it’s important to take a look at what skis are made of so you can determine which pair will best match your style. Today, we’re going to do a Voile Ski Construction shootout between the three different ski construction options that we offer and find out which is right for you!

*Since the Charger ACE is currently the only ski in our lineup with ‘ACE Construction’, we’ll be using the Charger series for reference. While the shape and dimensions remain the same from SuperCharger to HyperCharger to Charger ACE, you’ll find that the performance and weight of these skis are quite different.

Standard Construction

Voile standard ski construction is the baseline for all of our skis and offers a blend of solid uphill and downhill performance.

ex. SuperCharger 171cm – 3,090g

As you can see, our Standard Voile Ski Construction consists of a damp poplar wood core, a layer of our carbon-weave for added stiffness, a layer of triaxial fiberglass for damping, a reinforced mounting patch, and cap sidewalls. While this formula is the heaviest of our options, you’ll find that it’s still firmly in the ‘lightweight touring’ weight bracket when compared to our competition. Additionally, the extra grams you pick up with our standard series skis afford you a damp downhill ride that doesn’t shy away from any snow conditions or terrain.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced touring ski that does the up and downhill well, the tried and true standard construction might be right for you.

Hyper Construction

Voile hyper ski construction is geared specifically for uphill-oriented skiers who want their skis as light as possible but stable enough to ride any terrain.

ex. HyperCharger 171cm – 2,590g

What makes Voile Hyper skis different from the Standard series is the lightweight paulownia wood core and the substitution of the triaxle fiberglass layer for an additional layer of our carbon weave. Ultimately, this makes our Hyper series incredibly lightweight with some added stiffness for days when conditions are less than ideal. What these skis lack in weight and damping, they make up for in efficiency and uphill capability.

If you’re looking to go as lightweight as possible then the Hyper series is for you. This line of skis is perfect for the skier who still enjoys their turns but is more concerned with uphill efficiency and having a skin-track-friendly setup below their feet.

*Voile Hyper construction skis are NOT compatible with telemark bindings.

ACE Construction

Voile ACE ski construction is our premium offering which pairs our hyper construction with a maple mounting patch and hybrid sidewall. This allows the ski to fall in between hyper and standard construction while offering the best downhill performance out of all Voile options.

ex. Charger ACE 171cm – 2,976g

ACE construction is framed around that of our Hyper skis but with some big updates that impact binding compatibility and downhill strength. Both the ACE and Hyper skis share a paulownia wood core and two layers of carbon weave making the ACEs similarly lightweight and stiff. The big differentiators between the two are the addition of a maple mounting patch (making it telemark binding compatible), a continuous TPU sidewall, and a tail protector that’s notched for skin clips.

The ACE is unique in the Voile lineup as it’s our only option featuring a TPU sidewall rather than cap construction. The benefits of the sidewall are the added damping and strength for the descent. The paulownia wood core + hybrid sidewall combo put the weight of this construction in between the Hyper and Standard build. Ultimately, the ACE platform gives you superior downhill performance in an impressively lightweight package. This ski construction platform will work for both the weight-conscious and the downhill-focused backcountry skiers.

What Voile Ski Construction is Right for You?

While there are plenty of factors that go into deciding on your next ski, we think you can learn a lot about the personality of a ski based on construction. If you’re someone who’s looking for a “do-it-all” touring ski that does everything well and can hang inbounds, you’ll want to look into our skis with standard construction. If you’re into keeping it as light as possible and looking for a setup strictly for touring, you’ll want to check out the Hyper series. Last, if you’re looking for a ski that tours close to a Hyper and descends as well (if not better) than the Standard, you’ll want to consider the ACE construction.

Thanks for tuning in. If you have any questions or would like to chat about our ski offerings, feel free to call (801-973-8622), email, or hit us up on social media (@voilemfg)!

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