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Exploring the Wind Rivers via Splitboard

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Exploring the Wind Rivers via Splitboard photos by Zach and Cindi Grant. It was like we were on a different planet- we didn’t see another soul. Well, other than the local Chickadees, Roberts Nutcrackers, and some Grey Squirrels. It was refreshing to get away from it all. Away from all the comforts and distractions of modern-day life. The time consumers; …

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5 Tips for Motherhood in the Mountains

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Motherhood in the Mountains photos courtesy of Ben Girardi. This winter, I found myself consistently waking up at 4 a.m. Instead of alpine starts answering the call of the mountains, I was responding to the cries of my infant son. As I approached motherhood, part of me worried that I would lose my drive for splitboarding instead of adventures in …

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Weathering the Storm – Splitboarding the Tordrillos, AK: part 2

In Trip Reports by Cindi Grant

“Weathering the Storm” is a continuation of “Splitboarding the Tordrillos: part 1“Feature photo by Zach Clanton. That evening we got a weather report. Partly cloudy – scattered storms. The weather moves in off the Cook, 60 miles away and the closest place that had a forecast. We decided to start building a snow cave to move our camp kitchen into …

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Splitboarding the Tordrillos, AK: part 1

In Trip Reports by Cindi Grant

Splitboarding the Tordrillos, AK cover photo by Zach Clanton. The jagged granite peaks of the Tordrillo Mountains dwarf any sense of society or security and leave only rawness. A sub-range of the massive Alaska Range, the un-maned wildness is abrupt and relentless. To put the scope of this glaciated frozen place into perspective, the range could cover the entire state …

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Ski Mountaineering Need-To-Knows

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Feature photo from the Inspired Summit Adventures Ski Mountaineering Clinic. Ah springtime! A fabulous time in the mountains when snowpacks have stabilized and trailheads are quieting down as many folks flock to the desert. Spring can be a great time for exploring new zones or getting up close and personal with those lines you’ve been eyeing from afar.  We tagged …

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Voile Splitboard & Ski Crampons

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Spring touring has arrived!  If you’re like us, you’re itching to go for bigger objectives after what felt like a long season of avoiding nasty PWLs. With the change of the seasons comes a change in your backcountry kit. Enter ski crampons and splitboard crampons. What are splitboard & ski crampons:  Essentially the same idea as boot crampons, but they …

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Last Skier Standing (thanks to Voile Straps)

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Last Skier Standing feature photo courtesy of Brent Doscher. You may have heard of the trendy term “Everesting” – where folks pick any hill and attempt to run, climb, ski, bike, etc., laps on said hill until they have reached the same vertical gain as climbing Everest-  8,848m or 29,032 feet. Sounds pretty tough, right?  Now imagine “Everesting” twice- back …

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Spring Touring: gear, hazards, timing, CORN!

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Lexie Anderson on a spring touring mission in the Tetons on the Voile Spartan Splitboard. Photo courtesy of Arron Diamond. The days are getting longer, temps are getting warmer, and if your anything like me your eyes have been gazing upwards, towards the alpine, all winter waiting for the peaks to become more friendly. The deep snows of winter are …

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Voile TTS Binding FAQ

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We introduced the Voile TTS Binding (Telemark Tech System) to our telemark binding lineup this 20-21 season. The TTS Binding evolved out of our relentless and disciplined pursuit of simple, lightweight and reliable designs. SPECS Sticking true to the Voile motto, the TTS sheds some serious g’s, weighing in at ~1130g (2.5 lbs) per pair. This makes the up more …

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20/21 Womxn’s Backcountry Scholarship Recipients

In Giveaways by Voile Mfg.

We are excited to announce the 20/21 Womxn’s Backcountry Scholarship Recipients! This is the second season offering the Voile & Brooke Jackson Scholarship for Womxn in the Backcountry and we received over 120 applications from all over North America. Thank you to all who took the time to share your stories and aspirations with us. Many of you are making strides to give back …