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Voile BIPOC Backcountry Scholarship

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UPDATE 10/16/2020 *This scholarship has closed. Check back next year for a similar opportunity.* The Voile BIPOC Backcountry Scholarship will provide a backcountry set up to help an individual overcome financial constraints that may be hindering their backcountry goals. We venture into the mountains for the unique tranquility and personal growth they provide. As a long time member of the …

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The Gaslight – Gannett Peak Ski Guiding

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Like most mountain guides in mid-March of 2020, I lost all my employment prospects for the foreseeable future due to the fallout of our worldwide pandemic.  Ski patrol work at Big Sky: terminated early.  Ski guiding season: terminated early. Denali guiding season: canceled. Summer guiding season: hard to say; maybe?  Mountain Guiding to COVID Screening With limited options available, I …

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Doing our part to end racial discrimination.

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In 1980, Voile was started with a mission to create tools that would take us further into the outdoors, and tools that would help to keep us safe until our journey had brought us home. We, alongside many others, have devoted ourselves to cultivating access, stewardship, and connection to nature because of the unique peace of mind and profound healing …

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Skiing the Grand Teton: An Exercise in Patience

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Patience. A word we have heard a lot about lately, especially in regards to spring ski mountaineering. As ski mountaineers, we exercise patience often as we wait for acceptable conditions to line up with our specific objectives. Sometimes that means waiting until spring. This spring, Zach and I had our sights set, once again, on skiing the Grand Teton together. …

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Risk Tolerance in the Mountains

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Risk: possibility of loss or injury. Tolerance: the act of allowing something. From: Merriam Webster Dictionary As I was descending from the summit of Mount Matier to the saddle of the NW Face for our ski descent, I was awestruck by the beauty of the glowing, rimed snow pillars on the ridge. Distracted for a brief second during the exposed …

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Sea and Ski Alaska

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It’s no secret that Alaska is famous for its skiing. When you visit, it is mind blowing how big this place is and how many different mountain ranges and diverse climates it offers. For me, living here for 13 years now I am committed to life in the last frontier. A common question I get from guests I guide is …

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Meditations to Enhance Your Mountaineering Experience

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Meditation and mountaineering are more connected than you may think. When I am climbing mountains on my splitboard, I’ve realized that my attitude and thoughts influence how far and how fast I can go. I also notice how much better I feel after taking the time to meditate before and/or after a day of peak bagging. Exploring the validity of …

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25 Tips for Your First Ski Expedition

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After nine years and several hundred combined expedition days, V-Team Ambassadors Aaron Diamond and Ty Guarino wanted to put together a body of information that was tailored to anyone looking to go on their first ski expedition; specifically, Alaska-style basecamp expeditions that maximize fun and minimize discomfort.  Most of this information is universal for a ski expedition, but a few …

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Sharing Our Story of Climate Change

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In the dark early morning hours, I am lost in shifting hues as the sun nears the horizon. Color starts to emerge in the world as the day starts and the mountains around me become visible. The rhythm of my skis sliding uphill provides me a space for meditation. I am pondering my story of climate change and its relationship …