Voile TTS Transit Binding

Voile TTS Transit Binding
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Voile TTS Transit Binding

To the backcountry and beyond.

This time of year, your waking moments are filled with thoughts of snow laden landscapes and the rhythmic *slick* of skis carving a fresh groove in untouched terrain. It’s not a daydream... It’s a recent memory. It’s your morning agenda. It’s your daily reality when you’re on the new TTS Transit binding.

The focus here—ever on simplicity—translates to a functionally straightforward binding that adapts easily to your desires. No fuss or fiddling: three activity positions from neutral to active can be changed in the field without a bench or tools. Those familiar with Voile's bomb-proof spring cartridges know the ease of their micro-adjustment.

Half of the binding's already-minimal weight can be removed and stowed away for effortless ascents. Remarkably light at 548g each and paired with Voile's reputation of durability, the TTS Transit is a sure bet for go-far skiers who are keen to push past the envelope.

Sold as a pair.

Crampon and Attachment sold separately.
Crampon attachment must be mounted to tech toe before toe is mounted to the ski.
For video instructions for installing the crampon hooks click here.


  • Option to feel like a traditional 75mm binding.
  • Three activity positions can be entirely changed on the fly.
  • Heel assembly can be removed and stowed. This sheds 264 grams per heel assembly (half the binding's weight) on approach, and prevents snow/ice buildup.
  • Heel lever is more secure than ever. It cams further, and has curves that hug the boot’s contours.
  • 2.43lbs / 1.1kg per pair (total weight with heel assembly, risers, and all hardware included).



    Part Number : Small 608-151-S
    Color Black
    Weight per pair (lbs/kg)2 lbs 7oz / 1.1kg
    Riser Height17mm
    Dual Height Elevators55mm/75mm
    Part Number : Large 608-151-L
    Color Black
    Weight per pair (lbs/kg)2 lbs 7oz / 1.1kg
    Riser Height17mm
    Dual Height Elevators55mm/75mm

    Product Reviews

    Great simple fun binding
    The toe is confidence inspiring and the cable skis great! I have found myself removing and stowing the cable in my pack for long approaches this spring more often that I thought I would. I avoid STFU skin tracks like the plague and so have removed the taller heel riser. For civilized skin tracks, the first riser and the flex of the bellows are plenty for good strides. They're now lighter and have less snow accumulation and boot jack when the snow is sticky and tacky. For someone looking for a low smoker deep knee tele turn, the sensation change in pivot position is very noticeable. Positions #1 and #2 provide a very toey, 75 mil feel. On position #3, they charge!!
    Christopher Older
    Verified Buyer
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    New gold standard
    Absolute game changer of a binding. After 15 years of telemark skiing in the back country I’ve never had a binding with absolutely zero problems. I’ve skied meidjos, lynx, outlaws, switchback, vices, hammerheads, bd 01 and the tts is more active than any of them, while also being lighter. And with no small moving parts there’s nothing to get frozen or ice up, transitions are comically simple. Every other binding on the market kind of feels like a waste of time. Paired with the v6 BC I feel unstoppable, smooth transitions both direction let the scales thrive and I can get anywhere on the mountain
    Verified Buyer
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    This is the binding for which we have all been waiting. Simple, solid, and field adjustable when needed. No more dealing with sub-par tech toes or committing to a single pivot point. No more shopping around to three different vendors to source parts for a frankenbinding that meets one's needs. No more struggling with fiddly and failure prone claws, plates, or spacers. It's the best value for money and best performance for any telemark binding on the market at the moment for anyone who spends any time in the backcountry.
    Aaron London
    Verified Buyer
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    The best telemark touring binding
    Perfect for touring, easy to use, it's light as At binding, i use it with scarpa defender . A little more active than 75 but after few days the feeling is very good. The only problem ,they sold the binding before the crampon claw and you have to remove the binding , not very clever when you have news skis.
    Chevalier Denis
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    The Voile Transit is my favorite binding. I primarily ski in the BC and love the binding. No icing issues like my NTN bindings, noticeably lighter when removing the heels for the skin track. The Plum toe works great and super easy to get into. Adjustable pivot locations is nice and the binding is plenty active for my 200lbs frame. Big improvement over my old Voile TTS. Compared to my switchbacks the Transit is more active, adjustable, lightweight and does everything better. However only plus I like on the switchbacks I can go from ski to tour mode with the flick of a switch. I’m sure Voile could have made a TTS similar like the Switchback but it would come at the expense of weight. If you’re tired of NTN icing issues, and need an adjustable, simple, and lightweight binding get the Transit!
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    Thanks for making this binding available! The idea of TTS seemed good to me for it's simplicity, touring capability and the potential to get closer to a 75mm feel. I've been thinking of making my own but, this is a really good creation by Voile that is worth my time and money. It's replacing my BD01 and T1(resort) or Voodoo(touring) combo so I don't have to worry about parts availability anymore. I liked the feeling of the 01, the way it toured and the fact that I could just toss a spare half binding in my pack and swap quickly if anything happens. I feel the Transit, on neutral activity, is somewhere between my 01 w/midstiff and the Rotte Freedoms w/green springs. Instant engagement and progressive flex that won't bottom out. Best of both world actually. I'll keep my Freedoms for patroling with brakes but that's all. I use the binding with a Tx Pro with Maestrale cuffs (aka 2024 Scarpa boot) and it is just like skiing the T1 with the range of motion of the Voodoo. I got the long travel springs on a smaller boot (25.5 I think). It won't bottom out or feel restrictive like other bindings. I can put the ball of foot to the ski, can ski upright or drop low. I get rid of the pivot slop from the 01 and the lateral control with pins is nice on icy terrain. I really like that you can change the pivot and tension to adapt the binding to bigger skis or different preferences on various terrain. I haven't toured the binding but I don't see how it could go wrong compared to other options. I'm really happy to know that these bindings and the future Scarpa boots will be made for some time. Great platforms to keep our sport going!
    Verified Buyer
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    So nice to be able to buy a turn-key TTS system finally. Nice that Voile thought about and implemented user-friendly features like the ability to use ski crampons, or the ability to change activity level without unmounting the spring assembly.
    Mike Curiak
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    Small: Part No: 608-151-S UPC: 759948919744
    Large: Part No: 608-151-L UPC: 759948919737