Voile TTS Transit Binding

Voile TTS Transit Binding
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Coming Fall 2023

The new TTS Transit transports skiers to the backcountry and beyond.

If your waking moments are filled with thoughts of far-away snow laden landscapes and the rhythmic *slick* of skis carving a fresh groove in untouched terrain, then the TTS Transit binding may be for you. And if that sounds more like reality than a daydream, then they are DEFINITELY for you.

The focus—ever on simplicity—translates here to a functionally straightforward binding that adapts easily to your desires. No fuss or undue fiddling: three activity positions from neutral to active can be changed on the fly without a bench or tools. Those familiar with Voile's bomb-proof spring cartridges already know the ease of micro-adjustment, so no explanation needed there.

Half the binding's weight can be removed and stowed away for fast and light ascents. Already incredibly light at 548g each, and paired with Voile's reputation of durability, the TTS Transit is a sure bet for the go-far ski tourer.

Sold as a pair.
Crampon sold seperately.


  • Option to feel like a traditional 75mm binding.
  • Three activity positions can be entirely changed on the fly.
  • Heel assembly can be removed and stowed. This sheds 264 grams per heel assembly (half the binding's weight) on approach, and prevents snow/ice buildup.
  • Heel lever is more secure than ever. It cams further, and has curves that hug the boot’s contours.
  • 2.43lbs / 1.1kg per pair (total weight with heel assembly, risers, and all hardware included).



    Part Number : Small 608-151-L
    Color Black
    Weight per pair (lbs/kg)2 lbs 7oz / 1.1kg
    Riser Height17mm
    Dual Height Elevators55mm/75mm
    Part Number : Large 608-151-S
    Color Black
    Weight per pair (lbs/kg)2 lbs 7oz / 1.1kg
    Riser Height17mm
    Dual Height Elevators55mm/75mm

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    Small: Part No: 608-151-S UPC: 759948919744
    Medium: Part No: 608-151-L UPC: 759948919737