Voile Objective Skis

Voile Objective Skis
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Achieve Your Alpine Ambitions.

Inspired by skimo racing, the latest members of our ski family place an emphasis on fast ascents and long-distance travel. They reside somewhere between our WSP and UltraVector skis.

Witness the new Voilé Objective.

Equally at home atop The Haute Route or on a long jaunt in The Catskills, these skis are light enough to go the distance and stiff enough to hold an edge on boilerplate. They won’t exactly shine in deep powder, but many an East Coast skier will likely press them into service at their local ski resort.

Perfomance Focus:

Turn Personality:
Directional / Carving

• Ultralight touring
• Quick edge to edge


Shape / Profile

Early-Rise Camber

Tip: Early-rise tip and wide shovel provide excellent float in powder.
Tail: Minimal taper, with a wide and flat hard-working tail for control in debris and harder conditions.
Waist: Long running length. Engineered for strong edging ability when fast and steep. Cambered underfoot for stability.

Voile Objective Skis Camber Profile



Paulownia / Double Carbon

Ultralight "Hyper Series" construction shaves nearly a pound per pair for easier ascents, with an additional layer of carbon for added stiffness.

Voile Paulownia Double-Carbon Skis layup recipe:



* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. ** Weights may vary slightly from one pair to another due to environmental factors and by nature of the fact that they are made by hand. Length (cm): 164
Tip Width (mm) 112
Waist (mm) 80
Tail Width (mm) 97
Radius (m) 18.0
Pair Weight 1900g
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. ** Weights may vary slightly from one pair to another due to environmental factors and by nature of the fact that they are made by hand. Length (cm): 171
Tip Width (mm) 115
Waist (mm) 82
Tail Width (mm) 99
Radius (m) 18.5
Pair Weight 2100g
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. ** Weights may vary slightly from one pair to another due to environmental factors and by nature of the fact that they are made by hand. Length (cm): 178
Tip Width (mm) 117
Waist (mm) 84
Tail Width (mm) 102
Radius (m) 19.5
Pair Weight 2270g

Product Reviews

Fun and featherweight
The Objective blows all my pre-conceived notions of a lightweight mountaineering ski out of the water. Super light on the way up, enough camber and running length to hold an edge on steep and icy terrain, generous tip rocker for soft snow, and a strong tail for stability. And a total blast to ski. My biggest critique of most ski mountaineering skis is there's too much emphasis on the mountaineering and not enough on the skiing. Not with the Objective. Voile nailed it. I don't think I've ever had so much fun on such a lightweight ski that still holds its own in challenging conditions. In typical Voile fashion, light doesn't mean flimsy. I've accidentally skied into a hidden talus field at speed and come away with just scratches on the base, despite my touring parter having the "HOLY SH*****!!!" reaction at how hard I crashed. I can't recommend hitting talus fields as a ski strategy, but good to know my skis survived! I'm 5'11", 160lbs without a pack, and I've been really enjoying the 171cm. I ski them with a ~1000g boot and sub 200g binding and it's a great combo.
Matt Z
Verified Buyer
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Light as a feather
Paired these with Dynafit boots & ATK 10 Haute bindings and I as a 50 yo woman blow by 20-30 yo in the heavy skis, boots & bindings and it makes a 5000 foot accent very doable in varying conditions. I just still get nervous ascending ice with the rocker ends, but will try ski crampons.
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Best ski I have ever purchased!
Super light but super reliable. I got these ski's and immediately put a few big days in the mountains with them and a long ski traverse. They were amazing! For the width of the ski they ski really well and are still pretty fun.
Verified Buyer
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First Purpose Built Backcountry Ski
Great skis. I really like that they are light weight for the uphill which allows me to cover more distance faster. I've skied powder, corn ,and ice in them and they ski great in all conditions.
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Fast, Light, and FUN
I love my Objectives. For big days in big terrain, they really can't be beat. Light on the up and fun on the down, I ski them in corn, on hard pack, and have even used them to ski 7,500' of deep powder wearing a 45-lbs pack. They are impressively good at skiing soft snow for a narrow ski. If you are thinking about getting the Objectives, stop thinking and just get 'em. I'm a 5'6" woman and ski the 164.
Emily Sullivan
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The One Ski
Without a doubt my favorite ski I’ve ever owned. It’s as light as all of the other skis in its category while delivering far beyond the competition in several areas: float, pop, ease in shitty conditions, and durability. Float: There’s more tip rocker on this ski than any other in its category, which allows it to float far beyond what its waist width would suggest, even in the low density snow in Utah. *Note: Tip and tail rocker might be what contributes to the fact that this isn’t my absolute favorite ski on steep, firm snow. Steep corn is great, but steep ice? Not the best ski for that. I try to avoid those conditions anyways though so that’s not a factor. Pop: there’s a lot of camber in this ski and it makes it very lively. The tail is stiff enough to push off off when you’re deep in a turn under most circumstances. Soft snow performance is stellar for a ski this narrow but where it really comes alive is in corn. You’ll need a change of undies if you are on this ski and time a corn cycle just right. So. Damn. Fun. Ease-in-shitty-conditions: This is relative. Huge, fat skis with tons of tip rocker are the easiest skis in crust and chunk, whereas 80mm skis are rarely a good time in conditions like that, but here’s the catch: fat skis are also heavy and heavy skis suck worse than skiing crust on a narrow ski. You only ski breakable crust some of the time, but heavy skis are heavy all of the time. Why not have a light ski that allows you to take advantage of the fact that conditions are good? Lighter skis mean more laps, people! The Objective will definitely delay the shittiness longer than your buddies skis will. Meaning, you’ll be doing less survival skiing on this than any other ski in the same weight/waist width arena. If you ski in the backcountry, survival skiing happens. It’s just a thing. Why not have a ski that’s light so you can lap your friends when the conditions are good and also behave better when conditions aren’t as good? Durability: It’s a Voile. Speaks for itself. They’re made for skiers that ski a lot in all conditions. And it’s priced right! Only flaw I’ve found is that if you are on very firm snow around 45 degrees or higher or you are taking groomer back to the bottom and you REALLY lay into a turn on firm snow, the tail isn’t flat enough or stiff enough to support you, but up until those limits, which you rarely encounter, this ski will redefine what you think an 80mm ski can do.
Trace Leches
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The Objective is the go further...
I bought these skis with the goal of using them for bigger days. Well it turns out I use them for most days now! I mounted them with Plum Race 150's and they absolutely crush everything. I am honestly surprised at how well they ski deep pow, crud, sastrugi, you name it. Go further!
Greg Gavin
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Underrated beast !
My absolute favorite skis up to date ! I feel like they are flying a bit under the radar usually people looking for or skinny racing skis or “ too fat skis “ and 80 under foot seems sorta forgotten or old school... guys from Voilé made Objectives exactly as they name predicted if you have any objectives in the mountains take them and you won’t be disappointed! Actually More and more Iam leaving another skis behind and taking objectives with me very often! They can handle anything from hard crust to deeper pow with ease! I was very impressed how fun fast and fantastic they handled big open terrain in Rogers Pass , I summit many peaks with them also and skied hard icy crust with no problem! Did big 50k traversing etc. 5 stars honestly you can’t go wrong with them, you will be impressed guaranteed!
Majo Srnik
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Expectations surpassed. I am in Love!
Love! My favorite fast/light ski to date. I spent around 40 days on these during the 2018/19 season and was totally blown away. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with some of the lighter gear in general. Balancing efficiency and 'skiability.' I found with the Voile Objective there is very little compromise to using a lighter/smaller ski. I had many of my most fun days in the Wasatch skiing fresh deep snow on these sticks. Similarly they were my weapon of choice for big spring days in the Sierra. Take home points include: easy and friendly to ski. Confidence inspiring on the steeps. Still really fun in knee deep powder. Less weight on your feet = more energy so you can SKI MORE! I love em so much I just bought a 2nd pair to squirrel away if these should ever get damaged. So far with over 60 days on them, they are hold up very well.
Nat Shultz
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Dream ski for the East coast
Perfect all terrain touring ski. I ski mellow backcountry, the occasional East Coast powder day, on piste skin laps, and weekend family lift laps with this ski. As an East Coaster skiing in the Catskills this is my quiver killer. Phenomenal float, playful geometry, super light on the skin track, and can hold an edge on boiler plate. For reference, I’m 5’10”, 155lbs, and ski the 171 Objective as it’s the perfect fit for what I’m looking to do. Bravo Voile!
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Spring time dream ski
Every time I’m out on these skis I’m surprised at 1) how light they are and 2) how well they ski. I got them for farming corn on volcanos and they rock at that, but one day we had a surprise 8” of freshies and they were a blast! Watch your partner’s shoulders sag as you say you’re going for another lap. No, it’s not super powers, it’s the Objectives!
Rory Macomber
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Zero Weight
Compared to every other ski I own, these feel like they weigh nothing! Going uphill is effortless. Great long distance ski. As mentioned by the other skier though, these are not ideal for skiing late spring variable snow conditions. I got a pair of these very late last season, and tried them out off the top of Porkupine Cirque. I got down witout a fall, but it was not the easy cruising of my other Voile Skis. I would use my Vectors in this situation a second time. I have standard Vectors, Hyper V6, Hyper V6 BC, standandard V6, and Hyper V8's. The Hyper V6 BC is by far the most versitile of the bunch. The Hyper V8 is the most fun, but you need a powder day and a wide up-track.
Calvin Earl
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Great performance to weight ratio!
These skis are great. A super light option when mounted with the right binding / skins. But they ski much better then the rando racing skis. Particularly in powder, these things have a nice sized shovel and enough tip rise to keep you not only afloat but really able to have fun on them. Steep and icy terrain, they have enough camber to really trust the edge. The only complaint I have been able to find with these skis is in certain spring conditions. Corn, hard pack and firm snow... even ice... no problem at all. But when that corn turns to mush for example at the bottom of a couloir towards the apron, or you have a warm spring snow storm... I find myself wishing they were a little stiffer. Often times I choose to pull out the Volie Vector instead if I plan to hit warm powder or mush that day. Amazing ski with one of the best performance to weight ratios out there.
Blake Votilla
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A light charger
When I step into a lightweight ski, I typically expect to lose a little something on the descent. The Objectives just seem to have something special that allows them to ski incredibly well. They’re light enough to make a 10,000’ day feel like a walk in the park, yet as I was going down Cold Fusion Couloir at 45mph making huge GS turns, all I could do was smile. I’ll admit that this ski isn’t made for high speeds, but it handles almost every condition better than you’d ever expect out of a lightweight ski. Chapeau Voile. This one is a work of art.
Mark LeBlanc
Verified Buyer
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In it for the long haul
The Objective is a competent and precise performer in all but bottomless conditions. This ski excels in spring corn, smooth frozen/icy snow and even in moderate powder with a consolidated base. It is nimble in tight spaces like couloirs and fires off consistent mid radius turns in the open bowls. Paired with a lightweight boot (I use an Alien RS), the Objective gobbles up the miles and vertical, leaving the legs ready for extra laps at the end of the day. When the tour plan calls for lots of climbing, or lots of transitions, or long hours, this is my go to ski. It's also a total work horse for long hut trips (I have pulled some heavy pulks on these). One feature I greatly appreciate on these is the tip notch for skin attachment as it allows skins to be easily ripped off when the skis are still on the feet. This Objective makes it easy to love the uphill and skintrack as much as the down.
Nate Rowland
Verified Buyer
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My Go Everywhere Ski
If you are into BC touring there is not a better ski out there than this one. I use skins and scales but I love nothing more than waxing to get that grip just right. It's just a much more versatile and exciting way to tour. This is a very light and ultra high-performance ski. My favorite ski in the BC quiver. If you are into long-distance touring do yourself a favor and get these.
John Van Hook
Verified Buyer
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164cm: Part No: 5215-164-2324 UPC: 759948919355
171cm: Part No: 5215-171-2324 UPC: 759948919362
178cm: Part No: 5215-178-2324 UPC: 759948919379