Dynafit Speed Radical Binding

Dynafit Speed Radical Binding
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User friendly Speed Touring binding offering a full DIN setting.
Designed for hardcore fast-and-light ski tourists who demand simplicity and bomber durability, the Dynafit TLT Speed Radical Ski Bindings improve on the legendary Speed/Classic binding in several ways. The forged 7075 Aluminum baseplate simplifies the mounting pattern with 4 screws rather than 5, and it adds Side Towers under the toe pins for increased resistance to lateral shock and ease of stepping in. The heel accesses all skinning modes with the housing in a single position, and climbing height adjustments are easily made on the fly with a ski pole by flipping the Speed Step Climbing Bar up or down.


Product Reviews

If you only tour, all you need
I've used several versions of the Dynafit binding, and this is the Goldilocks model. It has the flip style risers, which are much easier to use and more durable than the volacno heels. It's almost rando light but still has release tension and fore-aft adjustment. It's (relatively) inexpensive. The biggest deal to me though is that since this version of the Radical doesn't have brakes, it has a lot less moving parts, which means it's more reliable. The basic tech design was never intended to have brakes, and all of the brake systems add a bunch of moving parts, Parts that ice up, or jam up, or brakes that deploy when you're touring. These don't do any of those things. My only wish is that there was a RV 12 version. at 160 pounds, RV 10 is juuuuust enough for me to jump off stuff without an unexpected release. Bigger skiers end up having to get heavier bindings to get the release value they need if they get after it.
Maciej Pike-Biegunski
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