Voile UltraVector BC Skis (White)

Voile UltraVector BC Skis (White)
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ATTENTION: mounting quiver killers on your Voile UltraVector BC Skis (White) will void the Voile factory warranty.


All Mountain & Mountaineering
Directional / Carving

The Voilé UltraVector BC adds a Voilé Traction Pattern Base to the reliably-efficient UltraVector and helps the adventurous backcountry skier get even further into the hinterland—especially when a long approach is required.

The UltraVector BC does not eliminate the need to carry skins into the backcountry, but once at the apex, skiers can expect downhill turning akin to the original UltraVector on steeper slopes and get a buzz (hear a hum) on lesser slopes.


Shape / Profile

Early-Rise Camber

Tip: Early-rise tip and wide shovel provide excellent float in powder.
Tail: Minimal taper, with a wide and flat hard-working tail for control in debris and harder conditions.
Waist: Long running length. Engineered for strong edging ability when fast and steep. Cambered underfoot for stability.

Voile UltraVector BC Skis (White) Camber Profile



Poplar / Single Carbon / BC

Durable and damp poplar construction with triaxial fiberglass for uncompromising performance inbounds or off-piste. Traction Pattern "BC" scalebase has been included underfoot to allow for fewer transitions when traversing rolling terrain.

Voile Aspen Single Carbon BC Layup Recipe



* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 154
Tip Width (mm) 119
Waist (mm) 90
Tail Width (mm) 105
Radius (m) 16.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 5lbs 2oz/2.33kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)90-140 41-64
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 164
Tip Width (mm) 123
Waist (mm) 92
Tail Width (mm) 108
Radius (m) 18.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 5lbs 13oz/2.59kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)110-150 50-68
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 171
Tip Width (mm) 127
Waist (mm) 94
Tail Width (mm) 111
Radius (m) 18.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 3oz/2.81kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)110-150 50-68
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 177
Tip Width (mm) 130
Waist (mm) 96
Tail Width (mm) 117
Radius (m) 19.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 15oz / 3.14kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-190 54-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 184
Tip Width (mm) 133
Waist (mm) 98
Tail Width (mm) 116
Radius (m) 20
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 6oz./3.36kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)140+ 64+

Product Reviews

Pinnacle of BC setup
UltraVector BC paired with Fritschi Vipec Evo bindings is downright amazing. I do not have to step off skis during transitions beside only if I need to put skins on! Covering a rolling terrain cannot be any easier! BC traction patterned skis from Voile forever will have spot in my quiver. Also I had DPS Phantom waxless treatment done on skis, including fishscales themselves. Couldn't be any happier!
Ben LaBelle
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UltraVector BC Skis (White)---GREAT !
Just to let you know up front, I have two pairs of UltraVector skis. I have one in the original Blue/Green graphic color and one in plain flat white. They're that good. I originally bought the B/G color skis in 2021, and decided after two full seasons that I loved them so much that I wanted another pair.---On for mostly BC kick and glide touring and turning, and one for Pebble Creek Ski Area and their backside. (Note: Skiing a lot from the lift may wear down the fish scales faster than if you avoided using them too much while doing lift served skiing.) The white ones were the obvious choice. I have had this theory for years that white deck skis do not collect snow on the top sheet as much as colored skis on sunny days because the sun won't heat them up as much to cause snow that tumbles on top to melt and attract more snow. However, any ski will do this at first once you take them out of the warm car and start skiing on them. But after you scrape them off, (maybe while putting on skins) a white deck ski will be less likely to build it backup again. So far, I have found this to be true. Both of my pairs of skis are 164cm. length. I am about 5'6" or so and weigh about 130lbs or less and this size works really well for me. I use an old pair of leather Merrill double boots for which I have co-opted the old liner from an old pair of T3's as the liner. I also use the old T3's with an old Garment Excursion liner in them, and I just bought a new pair of T4's (last year) in which I also use a Garment Excursion liner in them. All three boots work great with the skis. The plastic boots do add a bit more control than the leather boots, but the leathers are more comfortable to do kick and glide tours in and yet can still turn the skis well. I do mostly tele turns in BC snow, and I also do mostly parallel turns on hard groomers, espeically with the plastic boots. Contrary to what some may have said, the fish scales work great for most or all kick and glide touring. I can climb quite well with them, (as good as any cross-country fish scale ski will, or better). I find that when I need to use the climbing wires on the uphills to ease the strain on my calves and achilles tendons, that's usually about when I need to slap on skins. I use the three pin spring cable (or traverse) binding on both pairs. They work great, (a lot like Voile's new binding, the Transit TTS binding that allows you to attach or reattach the cable for more comfortable touring); only for 75 mm instead of the newer NTN boots. And like Mark Christopherson on YouTube with FreeHeel Life, I also attach the heel clamp of the cable behind the heel pads for easy access when I need it for the downhill, rather than taking them off and putting them on my pack. I even have three separate pairs of the spring cables and heel clamps for each of my boots because they are all a little different in size. So I pre-adjust them in the basement and then tape them with color coded tape so I can tell which ones fit which boots.....Great system...simple and bombproof. And like the new Transit binding, if I did happen to break a cable or heel clamp, I can still ski on the pins alone.---GREAT. I chose the 20/25 mm or Hardware three pin riser for greater leverage to put the skis on edge especially effective for my old leather boots, as they can take a little more effort to get the fat skis on edge on harder snow. They work great. I only use the 65mm climbing wires on all boots and skis. If you're thinking about buying a pair of these skis,..... Do IT ! You won't regret it. Scott
Scott Balsai
Verified Buyer
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Fantastic Ski!
I love these skis. I have them setup with the Hardwire 3-pins. I've used them at Mad River Glen in Vermont to help me get deeper into the side country, but my primary use has been to ditch the hardwires and run just the three pins with my leather lace ups in the woods out back. They add the width and flotation to ski deep snow at moderate grades and the traction pattern bases make it fun to ski quick shots that you might not otherwise hit because of the time it takes to mess with skins. I really love these boards and love this company.
Verified Buyer
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Totally awesome
These skis are so dang nice! It's great to not need skins in the rolling terrain! Easy carving, super quick in the trees & icy bumps! Not only that, it was super duper fun ripping past the guy who said "Those skis suck! Slow!" whilst at the resort! I'm going to get the non-BC version so I can go supersonic next time! Thanks for such a wonderful product.
Karsten H
Verified Buyer
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Game changer
These skis have changed how, when and where I ski— for the better. The fish scales are far more efficient than skins, letting me go further with less effort. For exploring low angle terrain in northern New England, these skis are ideal. I paired them with ATK Trafeo bindings and Fischer Carbon Travers boots. I can cruise low angle terrain almost as well as Nordic, while still climbing steeper tracks (with skins). Performance on the downhill is soft (in a forgiving way), and pairs well with the Travers for power transmission. Float is sufficient— these excel in 6-12” , and can still hold their own when it gets deep. My wife was so jealous, she just bought herself a pair! For reference: 5’10”, 190 lbs. 184cm
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For rolling terrain
This are a perfect backcountry ski for rolling terrain. I live in Ontario so I need a ski that could handle this type of terrain, more than just a regular cross country ski because I also have to go down hills that are as steep as an Alpine ski run but below the tree line. Some of our forests can be quite dense. Voile is the only company that makes a ski short enough with the fish scale pattern. These skis turn well, climb well and descend well. I tried the glide lite but the integrated skins are too sticky. The fish scale pattern is the only thing realistic for rolling terrain. Thanks for making these skis!!!
Cheryl Warrington
Verified Buyer
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The Only Ski You'll Ever Need
As soon as I got my Vectors I knew I wanted the Vector BC. Fast-forward a few years and I landed a pair of these beauties. They ski every bit as well as my Vectors, with the added benefit of not having to put on skins for the odd creek traverse or low-angle climb to a better line. With AT bindings on them I feel like there's nothing in the Northeast I can't do on these skis. I love the simple look of most Voilé skis, but these are on another level; and when folks inevitably ask what they are, I just say "vwahlay". :-)
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Backyard Adventure Game Changer
Finally a setup that is so much more than just a cross country ski with edges. This ski has a waist width that is actually substantial enough for deep snow adventures. The fish scales give rolling terrain a run for their money. Add some additional climbing skins and really get to the top of the backyard. Love these and would even consider a pair mounted with Magnum NNN BC bindings, another with tele bindings, and maybe even a pair with some alpine tech bindings. There’s something for every adventure with these skis.
Tahoe Adventure Trex
Verified Buyer
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Stealth Shredder
Light, solid, and simple. This ski is exactly what I expected. I dig the white top sheet as I don't have to look at someone else's 'art', and enjoy simply leaving a beautiful track behind. I was hopeful about the fish scales, and they've turned out to work wonderfully. I can roam around easily on low angle terrain and traverse easily between terrain features to maximize my turns. I throw on skins to I head into steeper terrain and have no performance loss on the down. I'm a happy Voile rider!
Daniel Hill
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154cm: Part No: 5311-154-1718 UPC: 759948913353
164cm: Part No: 5311-164-1718 UPC: 759948913360
171cm: Part No: 5311-171-1718 UPC: 759948913377
177cm: Part No: 5311-177-1718 UPC: 759948913384
184cm: Part No: 5311-184-1718 UPC: 759948913391