Voile V6 Skis

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Voile V6 Skis
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ATTENTION: Voile V6 Skis mounted with quiver killers are not covered under Voile factory warranty.


All Mountain
Intuitive / Surf-like

The Voilé V6 represents the epitome of versatility in a backcountry ski. It’s the go-to ski for backcountry tours in places where the snow conditions and terrain to be skied might be somewhat unknown beforehand.

Inspired by the Voilé V8, the V6 retains the wide shovel, round flex and taper of the V8, yet bundles everything up in a slimmer, lighter package. The V6 is also available in slightly-shorter lengths than the V8.

Incorporating the same layers of carbon and triaxial fiberglass into a more-narrow ski lends a snappier feel and quicker-edging trait to the V8. This feature, coupled with our beloved Voilé Hybrid Rocker, makes the V6 even more stable in a wide variety of conditions and terrain.

Backcountry skiers who put in long days will definitely appreciate the lighter weight and all-around performance of the V6 and may also regard it as their “everyday powder ski.”


Shape / Profile

Voile Hybrid Rocker

Tip: Hybrid rocker tip and wide shovel provide unmatched float in powder.
Tail: Tapered hybrid rocker tail for smooth maneuverability in variable conditions.
Waist: Shorter running length. Engineered for agility. Cambered underfoot for stability.

Voile V6 Skis Camber Profile



Poplar / Single Carbon

Durable and damp poplar construction with triaxial fiberglass for uncompromising performance inbounds or off-piste.

Voile Poplar Single Carbon Layup Recipe



* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 163
Tip Width (mm) 126
Waist (mm) 96
Tail Width (mm) 108
Radius (m) 17.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 5lbs 15oz / 2.69kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)110-150 50-68
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 173
Tip Width (mm) 129
Waist (mm) 98
Tail Width (mm) 110
Radius (m) 18.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 9oz / 2.98kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-190 54-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 178
Tip Width (mm) 131
Waist (mm) 99
Tail Width (mm) 111
Radius (m) 18.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 12oz / 3.06kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-190 59-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 183
Tip Width (mm) 133
Waist (mm) 100
Tail Width (mm) 113
Radius (m) 19.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 6oz / 3.35kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)140+ 64+
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm): 188
Tip Width (mm) 135
Waist (mm) 102
Tail Width (mm) 115
Radius (m) 20.0
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 14oz / 3.57kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+

Product Reviews

I challenged NTN system with these for the very first time. Any terrains,any snow conditions ,almost nothing to afraid. Very light weight but stiff enough to high speed, and runs so good. I’m doing nothing,just V6 brings me the point I suppose to.It is a V6’s magic that makes me to be a much much better skier. Not less float in powder,but let me want to try V8 too for heavy deep snow in Niigata area .
Verified Buyer
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I LOVE these skis!
I’m no gearhead and I bought my V6s used with zero research. Boy, am I glad I grabbed them; they are light, lively, and fast as ••••! I’ve since demoed other skis outta curiosity, but they paled in comparison. I plan to ride these “all mountain” skis until they fall apart … and then buy another pair. As far as I’m concerned they are my “forever” skis. Get you some!
Louis Desormeaux
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Amazing ski
Very durable, responsive, performs extremely well in variety of conditions from powder and corn to hard crust. Excellent binding mounting place, easy and secure mounting
Verified Buyer
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The do-it-all telemark slarver
I'm 5'10", 160lbs, and ride a 183cm with 22designs Axls. I ski patrol on these skis and appreciate their durability and playful/maneuverable shape every day on the job. From doing rope line work to running toboggans through moguls, the V6's rocker profile lends itself to effortless control when side-slipping and scooting around on medical scenes. In terms of skiing performance, I can just as easily set the edge and tear down groomers without chatter during trail checks as I can swing this lightweight ski around and grip on steeps like High Boy at Alta. They're an easy ski to keep underneath me and just riiiiiide no matter the conditions. The V6 is the ski I grab when I don't know what conditions I might encounter. It's also the ski I grab when I know exactly what I'll encounter.
Garry Schlag
Verified Buyer
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Great scaled down version of V8
These ski a lot like the V8s but in a more everyday kind of size. Stiff for a rockered ski. Light. Playful. Stable at speed. Floaty. Handle breakable crust. Confident on hardpack. Super fun in powder. A fun, versatile, perfect everyday Colorado backcountry ski. Now, please bring back something like the circa 2011 Drifters for when folks are in the mood for some silly fun!
Verified Buyer
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Does it all
I had the V8’s before the V6’s. Loved the V8’s so much I decided to get the V6’s for resort, bcountry touring, etc. perform great in pretty much everything I’ve put them through - my go-to setup with 22 Designs Lynx, lightweight, great setup.
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V6 with outlaws
I have had v6 skis with 22designs outlaw bindings for 3 seasons and love the set up. They ski all terrain all season. Couldn’t be happier
Andy Gall
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Great for even a not-so-great skier
Turn initiation is super easy even with my sloppy backseat form. The skies help me to look like a better skier than I am, especially in the trees.
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This ski does it all but really shines as powder touring ski. Huge fan.
Dave Meservy
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Love these skis
I love the V6’s versatility and playfulness. I am 5’8” about 165 lbs. I like short skis so ski the 173. I have them mounted with switchback x2 bindings. I live in the North East and find that the V6 has become my daily driver even on icy conditions; nimble and fun to shmear. When we do get powder the V6 floats well and is buttery smooth. So much fun, I added a pair of the V6 BC skis to meadow skip.
Greg Russ
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This Is Your Quiver
The best powder touring ski. It’s light, but not flimsy. Slarving turns AND holds an edge at speed or on windboard. 10K in a day, BBC resort laps, or dad pow. You can float and turn on a dime. Ya won’t think twice about grabbing the right ski with this one.
T Money
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Versatility Defined
I'm 6'4", 220 lbs, I ski the 188 cm length. After many years of great experiences with my Vector BC skis I felt like I needed a non-scaled Voile ski in my quiver. The V6 has stepped up to the challenge and been a trusty partner so far in 2020. I have found them to initiate turns of varying shapes smoothly and intuitively on a variety of snow surfaces. My first day on the skis was a post work resort lap and was impressed with their edge hold and stability while carving down the groomed trails. Subsequent east coast powder days have highlighted their nimble nature in the tress. Voile's lightweight construction really makes for a ski that is quick to pivot and transitions from edge to edge instantly. I find the V6 to be the perfect combination of playful and powerful. "Strong like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a NERF ball."
Patrick Abbott
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My perfect powder ski
I bought this ski to use exclusively in the backcountry, but have also used it for the very occasional ski area day. I use Dynafit TLT Speed Radical bindings and Scarpa Gea (women's version of the Maestrale) boots with it. I find this ski to be floaty and gentle in powder, as in I don't have to fight with it or muscle it to get it to do what I want. I just turn and it follows. It is also nicely stable on hardpack. I chose this ski over the V8 as I am slower on the uphill and thus appreciate the weight savings. It has proven its worth in BC Canada, the Tetons and all over Colorado. I have skied 3 going on 4 seasons on it, and haven't had a bad day on it yet.
Jessica Graves
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Resort and the back country
I have owned the V6 for two seasons. Generally I ski my Rossignol Super 7's when at Bridger Bowl. However, on the few occasions I have skied my V6's at the resort they have performed great. I ski the 188's and they carve well on hard pack, are stiff enough to handle the crud and have great flotation in powder. I have them set up as BC skis (Dynafit Radical ST tech bindings and Scarpa Maestrale boots). The whole setup is light enough for skinning and long tours days. On the downhill I find the ski to be very intuitive when the snow conditions are variable. .You never know what you'll find in the backcountry... whatever the conditions are, the V6 addresses them well. Great ski!
Ken Ryder
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Allmountain favourite
This is my go-to allmountain tool. The perfect ski if you only want to own one pair for everything. It turns easy in the trees, but it is also stabile on big mountain skiing. It might be a bit wobbly on icy bumps, but otherwise a really good choice. The weight makes it comfy on the upphill as well!
Maria Leganger
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Tele mounted V6
This is my third season on the V6. I have them mounted with 22d axl telemark bindings and T2 Eco boots. I’m a 52 year old tele skier. I mostly travel to ski powder but navigate some ice when I’m skiing in the northeast. The ski is very versatile, but really shines in 6 inches plus. Not too heavy for the uphill and the nose rocker helps keep your tips above the snow. I would say it’s a snappy ski that likes to turn, and surf pow. It’s not made for ice, but it skis pretty good on hardpack, as long as it’s not bulletproof. It’s my only ski, and I really love it. My previous ski was a bd aspect 90 underfoot , didn’t give me the float that I wanted.
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Pacific Northwest Power House
The first time out on my V6 skis paired to tech bindings last season I knew I had made the right decision. They are light on the uphill, nimble in the trees and feel solid on the downhill while skiing the Cascade Concrete I often find myself on. During the powder days I'm lucky to blessed with they provide enough float I don't really find myself longing for my "powder skis". I look forward to the weekends (and the occasional powder flu day!) so I can enjoy this ski even more!
Nick G.
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Love my V6s
I've used the V6 for 2 seasons and love the ski. It pops up out of powder like magic, and holds an edge on hard pack that you can trust won't slide out or chatter (unless you release your edge). One thing though - the ski is quite stiff, and so it won't want to side slip if that's how you like to turn on hard pack. It is light enough for all day touring, wide enough for deep powder, and stiff enough for charging the steeps. It will get you through crud if you have to. I use Marker Kingpin bindings and Scarpa Maestrale boots. I've skied high alpine, through trees, back country, side/slack country, east and west, on resort - quiver of one
Mark Peever
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Best ski on earth for the best snow on earth!
Voile’s “Made in Utah” stamp on the V6 skis really rings true to me whenever I tour the Wasatch’s backcountry. I, too, was made in Utah, and I’ve been skiing these mountains my entire life, and I’ve never ridden a more suitable ski for Wasatch terrain than the V6. Whether it’s a powder day on Superior, or an even powderier day where I play it safe my riding through the tighter trees in Tom’s Hill, the V6 will forever be my go-to for everyday powder riding. The waist might be a bit on the smaller side compared to most powder boards these days, but for a lighter guy like me it’s perfect. I think it’s all in that wider, rockered tip that bounces me back up to the surface no matter how hard I dive down. And unlike those wider boards, the V6 handles its own when all the soft snow gets stomped down. The V6 certainly has a penchant for powder, but it’s also remarkably intuitive when the snow is harder and the couloirs get steeper. I’m not saying it’s my first choice for hardpack and chute-shooting, as there is a bit of chatter at higher speeds, but it still rides remarkably well, so well that this ski really deserves a spot in any backcountry skier’s single-quiver collection. It’s ridiculously light, super fun in powder, and holds its own when there’s no soft snow in sight. If I had to pick one ski for the rest of my life, it would be this one. It’s just too good for a full range of conditions, especially compared to any other ski.
Derek Newman
Verified Buyer
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163cm: Part No: 5800-163-1920 UPC: 759948915456
173cm: Part No: 5800-173-1920 UPC: 759948915463
178cm: Part No: 5800-178-1920 UPC: 759948915470
183cm: Part No: 5800-183-1920 UPC: 759948915487
188cm: Part No: 5800-188-1920 UPC: 759948915494