Voile Women's SuperCharger Skis

Voile Women's SuperCharger Skis
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ATTENTION: Voile Women's SuperCharger Skis mounted with quiver killers are not covered under Voile factory warranty.


In a world where women’s skis are often just tweaked men’s skis, the Supercharger was an exception—the women’s version came first.

The idea came from discussions and feedback from our female customers, who wanted a more playful, faster turning ski that could still handle the big mountain terrain they loved. And so the Women's Supercharger began to take shape.

A flat tail, tightened turning radius, and a rounder flex mean more responsive, intuitive turns. Meaning it’s fast in tight, technical terrain, but still holds its own when carving big bowl turns or carving hardpack. And with a detuned version of our hybrid rocker, it blows through crud and floats like a powder god (or powder goddess, as it were).

Also see our lightweight "Hyper" version of this ski: Voile Women's HyperCharger

Voile Women's SuperCharger Skis


Aspen / Single Carbon

Voile Aspen Single Carbon Layup Recipe


Camber Profile

Early-Rise Camber
Voile Women's SuperCharger Skis Camber Profile


Length (cm): 154
Tip Width (mm) 125
Waist (mm) 99
Tail Width (mm) 112
Radius (m) 17.6
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 5lbs 7oz / 2.46kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs/kg)90-140 41-64
Length (cm): 164
Tip Width (mm) 133
Waist (mm) 102
Tail Width (mm) 118
Radius (m) 18
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 8oz / 2.94kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs/kg)110-150 50-68

Product Reviews

The Ultimate Quiver Killer
I've been rocking these bad girls in the 154 for the last three seasons. It was time to upgrade and I couldn't find anything that suited my needs quite like the Super Chargers do so I went ahead and got a second pair. Why are they great? Well let me tell you! At 5'0 and 110lbs, it's hard to find a shorter, lightweight ski without sacrificing performance. These do not. I feel at ease busting crust at high speeds inbounds with zero chatter. I really feel like these shine for their backcountry versatility though. They climb like a dream and the 99 underfoot is perfect for most of the Colorado conditions I ski. Wide enough to float but not too wide for those icier couloir missions. The bases have been subjected to late season boulder field crossings without the mercy of removal and have held up with surprising durability. With topsheets that look like a throwback to the early 90's and enough play to handle any style of skiing, what's not to love?
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From Wasatch fluff to PNW variability, these skis are just perfect. With their light weight, they are the perfect uphill companion and I have never felt a chatter on icy descents. I LOVE these skis and recommend them to everyone I know.
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Awesome ski!
Bought these as a winter backcountry ski but so far I have only done 4 runs on them in the resort (conditions have been sad and dry in the PNW this year). Here's the thing- if a dedicated backcountry ski (or one light enough to be a dedicated backcountry ski) can shred this hard on crappy dust-on-bulletproof-crust, then that is one amazing ski. I have spent my life on stiff, cambered, frontside carvers and the transition to wider, more all-mountain (and especially backcountry) skis has been rough; I hate skiing noodles that can't handle a carve or hold an edge. At 102 underfoot, I was thinking of the superchargers as a soft snow set up. But to my surprise, when I took them out on 3 inches of fresh snow over a horrible blue ice crust, they were stiff (enough), carvable, predictable, and experienced no tip deflection on ice or in chop. They turned when I wanted them to and were just so intuitive yet chargeable. One caveat is that I ride them more centered because my AT boot isn't stiff enough to load the tips, so with a stiffer boot, you can probably rip them even harder but maybe find the speed limit I did not find. Anyway, I can say that I am so pleased with these skis. They will clearly be able to crush everything the backcountry throws at them when I finally get to take them out for a tour. I am 5'5, 120lbs and got the 164 (though had much debate about the 164s vs 172s and landed on the 164s only because a good deal came along). The 164 felt good, and I'm sure will appreciate them in tight trees, but I can't rule out that the 172 would have been just as good if not better.
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Light and fun
Nicole Monroe
These skis are a lot of fun. I use them in the Utah Backcountry and love that they are lightweight, float well in powder and are easy to turn through those tight trees or on those days when the snow conditions are not great. Being on the lighter side on terms of weight, I appreciate how easily I can make my skis flex when needed, yet they never feel chattery or unstable. About me: I'm 5'5" 115 lbs and have the 154 cm length - I like my skis on the shorter end. Intermediate skier but not afraid of heading down black runs. My favorite thing skiing is to do long days with lots of laps in the backcountry.
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Richard A. Hesslein Jr.
I have a pair of older Charger 154 cm skis and have enjoyed their light and responsive performance in "deep" powder conditions. I am wowed by their float and quick turn initiation for the greatest imaginable fun in moderate to steep powder conditions where tight turns would be more of a challenge on longer skies. So happy to see Voile` has expanded the options for this shorter length in some of the new models, including especially, BC models!
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154cm: Part No: 5210-154-1819 UPC: 759948914534
164cm: Part No: 5210-164-1819 UPC: 759948914541