Voile WSG Skis

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Voile WSG Skis
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ATTENTION: These skis are intended to be used with AT bindings.
Voile WSG Skis mounted with telemark bindings or quiver killers are not covered under Voile factory warranty.


The Voilé WSG (Wasatch Speed Girl) is Voilé’s offering to women SkiMo racers. That said, the ski is, by no means, a frou-frou version of the men’s WSP ski.

SkiMo racing is a very demanding sport, and the female racer is equally demanding of herself and her gear. As such, she won’t find pink hues, floral motifs or, God forbid, a flimsy flex in her Voilé SkiMo skis. And she wouldn’t be happy with a ski that didn’t possess the same Paulownia wood core, carbon-fiberglass construction and rockered tip as the male WSP version.

Most women know (or say) that size doesn’t matter, but few would argue the relative merits of not dragging an extra 10cm of ski up the hill. The Voilé WSG is manufactured in a single length of 150cm, the minimum length allowed for females by the ISMF in SkiMo racing.

Also, we at Voilé wish to formally expunge our previous faux pas of labeling the WSG an “all-out war machine.” Wars are dumb. Women are smart. And many kick ass.

Voile WSG Skis


Paulownia / Double Carbon

Voile Paulownia Objective Skis layup recipe:


Camber Profile

Early-Rise Camber
Voile WSG Skis Camber Profile


Length (cm): 150
Tip Width (mm) 84
Waist (mm) 63
Tail Width (mm) 72
Radius (m) 22.5
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 3lbs 5oz / 1.5kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)90-140 41-64

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150cm: Part No: 5705-150-1718 UPC: 759948913629