Rich Palatino

 Location |  Gorham, NH
Skis |  V6 BC 173cm

Website |
Instagram |  @richpalatino

Rich devotes much of his "adult" life chasing powder. He spends the cold season ranging the wild places of the northeast from his base as caretaker at the Harvard Cabin on Mt Washington. He is a dedicated advocate for the ski approach, having converted many a post-holing ice climber. Rich’s close proximity to some of the steepest and most committing descents in the east (or anywhere else for that matter) means that he frequently climbs and skis “full value” lines that keep the most intrepid humble, all without hype.

His enthusiasm for the mountains is unparalleled and is typically expressed through his skiing, affinity for climbing alpine ice (even though he's been trying to quit for years), placing gear, and sharing powder stashes with friends. Van dwelling most of the year, Rich and his wife Marcia lack for nothing as they travel between ranges in their aptly name Sprinter, The Princess Ride. Sometime each summer, Rich gives whatever camber remains in his skis a chance to relax. Dawn patrols turn into alpine starts as they focus on objectives across North America's panoply of climbing. Every Fall the climbing community enthusiastically awaits their return and the re-opening of the Harvard Cabin.

On any given day, Rich can be found fiddling with his ham radio, laying down fresh tracks, finding his jam on legendary climbs, busting out his famed dance moves, dreaming about winter, or planning cabin and van improvements.