Matt Primomo

 Location |  Leavenworth, WA
Skis |  Revelator 165cm and SuperCharger 178cm

Instagram |  @mattprimomo

Matt grew up in upstate NY, and knew that moving west was the only option after tasting a couple of classic 16" storms followed by blue bird days in the Sierra during a high school trip with friends. He worked his way up from the bottom, working as a lifty (where he bought his first splitboard, a Voile 159 at a used gear shop in Truckee, CA in 2001), then going to school, then as a ski patroller and some ski guiding, back to school, and eventually got a job mountain guiding in the Northwest. Soon, aspirations to explore bigger mountains of the world with his skis and board were irresistible, and he began flying down to Chile to work as an avalanche forecaster for a small gold mine.

Matt grew to not only love Chile, but he basically became a Chilean (Jaja!...I mean haha!) while spending 5 seasons living there, avalanche forecasting, teaching, and exploring the ski potential. From the first year, friends would visit and he had a blast introducing them to the people, the mountains, and the food. In the process he has logged many first descents in the Central Andes with friends from near and far.

Matt got to know the Voile crew while living in Utah and working with the Utah Department of Transportation as an avalanche forecaster. Matt began working with Exum Mountain Guides since 2015 and is a certified Ski Mountaineering Guide with the AMGA. They say that he was actually the first candidate to pass the Ski Guide Exam using both skis and a splitboard, an attribute to the amount of time he spends in the hills.

Recently he moved to Leavenworth, Washington where he is guiding, teaching avalanche safety, and working with the Washington State Department of Transportation on the avalanche team. Whether soul surfing powder, or steep ski mountaineering, he continually explores new lines in the mountains and really likes it when a striking or intricate ski route line up with the right conditions to make a descent.