Marty Robertson

 Location |  Mammoth Lakes, CA
Skis |  Revelator 169cm

Instagram |  @martyrobertson
Website |

Martin “Marty” Robertson, born and raised on the remote Scottish Island of Skye. He started snowboarding when he was 10 years old. Hiking around the snow covered hills behind his house on old skate decks. It wasn’t long before he was travelling & competing across the world for well over a decade as part of the British snowboard team. Today, Marty lives in California exploring the vast terrain in the Eastern Sierras in search of unlimited backcountry lines and bringing his freestyle background to the natural features in what he says to be true snowboarding. With a huge passion for surfing it definitely shows in his riding style and approach. That with a big bag of tricks, the art of making good turns and painting incredible lines down mountains is what it’s all about.