Brooke Jackson

 Location |  Battle Ground, WA
Skis |  Vector 170cm and V8 176cm

Instagram |  @wandering_trails
Twitter |  @wandering_trail

The stoke is strong with this one. As a freelance writer and photographer, avid climber, kayaker, mountaineer and adventure seeker; Brooke is on a nonstop trip called life! As a result of a childhood accident, Brooke didn’t ski or have any interest in snow sports for nearly ten years. Fortunately, her recent discovery of alpine touring and backcountry skiing have ignited a passion for the winter wonderland sport. Truthfully, the epiphany that shredding down a mountain sure beats glissading (or more importantly slush slogging) was the only motivation she really needed to hone in her ski skills.

Outside of crushing on snow and rock, Brooke aims to share experiences and skills with others who are wanting to become a part of the outdoor world in a smart and sustainable way. She translates her athletic pursuits from sea to summit into her writing and photography which covers topics such as adventure, lifestyle, gear and landscape.