Rachel Pohl

Location |  Bozeman, MT
Skis |  V6 183cm and X9 180cm

Website |  www.RachelPohlArt.com
Instagram |  @rachel.pohl

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Nate Rowland

Location |  Aspen, CO
Skis |  Vector BC 180cm and V8 193cm

Instagram |  @aspenate

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Justin Lichter

Location |  Truckee, CA
Skis |  Vector BC

Website |  www.JustinLichter.com
Facebook |  Justin Lichter Adventures

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Ty Guarino

Location |  Bozeman, MT
Skis |  V6 188cm and Vector 180cm

Website |  www.TelemarkTy.com
Instagram |  @ty.guarino

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Weston Deutschlander

Location |  Park City, UT
Skis |  V8 193cm and SuperCharger 185cm

Website |  www.TheLifeUnbound.com
Instagram |  @thewestond
Facebook |  The Life Unbound
Twitter |  @wmdski

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Jen Girardi

Location |  Whistler, BC
Splitboards |  Women's Revelator 149cm

Instagram |  @jenmcgoldrick
Twitter |  @jenmcgoldrick

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Aaron Diamond

Location |  Jackson, WY
Splitboards |  Revelator 162cm

Website |  www.AaronDiamondBackcountry.com
Instagram |  @aarondiamond13

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Ann Driggers

Location |  Corbondale, CO
Skis |  Vector 170cm and X9 180cm

Instagram |  @anndriggers
Twitter |  @anndriggers

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Nick D'Alessio

Location |  Girdwood, AK
Skis |  V8 193cm

Website |  www.RemarkableAdv.com
Instagram |  @nick.dalessio
Facebook |  Remarkable Adventures

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Brooke Jackson

Location |  Battle Ground, WA
Skis |  Vector 170cm and V8 176cm

Instagram |  @wandering_trails
Twitter |  @wandering_trail

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Max Deabler

Location |  Salt Lake City, UT
Skis |  X9 180cm and X7 170cm

Instagram |  @the.business.hippy
Website |  the-business-hippy.com

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Ben Zavora

Location |  Cooke City, MT
Skis |  SuperCharger 185cm and Vector 180cm

Website |  www.BeartoothPowder.com
Instagram |  @beartoothpowder
Facebook |  Beartooth Powder Guides

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Rich Palatino

Location |  Gorham, NH
Skis |  V6 BC 173cm

Website |  www.harvardmountaineering.org/cabin
Instagram |  @richpalatino

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Trent Meisenheimer

Location |  Salt Lake City, UT
Splitboard |  Revelator 163cm

Instagram |  @trent_Meisenheimer

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Blake Votilla

Location |  Hamilton, MT
Skis |  V8 186cm and Vector 180cm

Website |  www.montana-skiing.blogspot.com
Instagram |  @blakeskii

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Bob Athey

Location |  Somewhere deep in the Wasatch Mountains, UT
Skis |  Pretty much one of everything.

Website |  www.wowasatch.com
Instagram |  @wowasatch

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