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Type 2 Fun: Circumnavigating Crater Lake Ski Tour

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Thinking of words to describe the experience of circumnavigating Crater Lake ski tour in two days is difficult. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough time since having the experience to fully process it. Perhaps there just aren’t words to describe the ups and downs – both figurative and literal – of such a venture. Let’s just start from the beginning. Planning …

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Weekend Warriors: The Commando Run

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The Commando Run. It’s a ski tour from Vail Pass to Vail which is named for the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division soldiers who used the route for training in high altitude skiing combat and commando raids during World War II. From a base in nearby Camp Hale, over 10,000 men traveled the mountains in west-central Colorado from 1942 to …

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Spooky Face: A Tough Trip Through Paradise

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It was the spring of 2012, my senior year of College at Montana State University. I was just starting to cut my teeth as a serious ski mountaineer, and I was becoming eager for something more meaningful than continually pounding out ridge laps at Bridger Bowl. My Friend had a copy of Turiano’s ageing guidebook to skiing in the Tetons, …

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A Die-Hard Skier’s Ode to Slowing Down

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There’s an embarrassingly daunting four hundred vert left to the summit. We slog through a foot of dense, sun-saturated, week-old, mercifully stable powder. I’m out of breath and my calves are yelling at me beneath a massive swath of oppressively blue, hot sky. I cringe when my hip flexer seizes up as a crashing realization washes over me; this is …

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Setting Tracks in Nepal: A Quest for Untouched Lines

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From its original roots as a means of winter hunting, skiing has evolved into various societal facets and developed a culture of its own. From racing to resorts, a ski option for every outdoor winter lover is available—at least in the western hemisphere. Traveling east of central Europe, the world of skiing becomes less and less developed. Only in recent …

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Winter Solstice Pole-Pedal-Paddle

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Gliding along the ridge beneath wind wizened trees, the western sky was now completely dark, the sun having set well over an hour before. Our breath swirled in frozen clouds in the chill night air as we stopped at our drop-in point, looking down, searching for our line with the beams of our headlamps. I went first, plunging into the …

Splitboarding Gannett Peak

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Story by Jeramie Prine Photos: Steve Romeo/Jeramie Prine With the upcoming ski season closely approaching, my thoughts flash back to stellar days spent in the backcountry with friends and family. A trip I daydream about often was a week-long journey spent in the Wind River mountain range to ski Wyoming’s highest summit, Gannett Peak, this last June with skiers Steve …

Deepest Day, High Avy Danger, All Before Work?

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Last year was a pretty thin year, by Wasatch backcountry skier/rider standards.(Yeah, we’re spoiled.) But we got some big storms end of February and beginning of March 2007. Of course the avy danger was consistently high, but the great thing about the Wasatch, there are so many amazing and safe places to backcountry ski/ride on those high danger days. On …