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Type 2 Fun: Circumnavigating Crater Lake

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Thinking of words to describe the experience of circumnavigating Crater Lake by alpine touring skis in two days is difficult. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough time since having the experience to fully process it. Perhaps there just aren’t words to describe the ups and downs – both figurative and literal – of such a venture. Let’s just start from the …

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Pinch Me: An Ode to Tight Places

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As the season for charging powder filled bowls and popping pillow lines comes to a close, my mind wanders to narrower corners of the backcountry. The big boards have been hung up for the winter, but smaller rides like the Vector, Objective and WSP are back in the regular rotation. A consolidating snowpack and peaking snow depth mean it’s high …

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Mentorship is Essential to Thriving in the Backcountry

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Being in the backcountry, surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see is a truly magical feeling. Learning to access and move safely in the backcountry is a continual and ever evolving experience. Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to learn from amazing mentors in both formal and informal settings. These people are friends, family, and …

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Backcountry Ski Guiding with Aaron Diamond

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Dynamic. That’s the word I would use to describe my job as a ski and splitboard guide. No two days are exactly the same. Everything from the snow conditions, routes, weather, and client goals change from day to day. The only constant in the whole thing is that everyone there, including myself, is there for one reason; we’re there to …

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Ultralight Winter Traverse of the Tahoe Rim Trail

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Last week my buddy (Shawn Forry) and I completed a “thru-ski” of the Tahoe Rim Trail……well, the route of the Tahoe Rim Trail, since technically it was under a lot of snow (20+ feet). The trail runs roughly 170 miles through the high country around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe and is mainly used in the summer, except for some …

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Caution is Key in Chamonix: The Human Element

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In the past month in France I have watched skiers tumble off cliffs, tomahawk out of icy couloirs, and whip into crevasses. I’ve been told that if I decided to rappel over a group that they would “cut me”, and I’ve been tangled up with impatient guides trying do the same on alpine climbing pitches and glaciers. I’ve been shouldered …

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Weekend Warriors: The Commando Run

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The Commando Run. It’s a ski tour from Vail Pass to Vail which is named for the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division soldiers who used the route for training in high altitude skiing combat and commando raids during World War II. From a base in nearby Camp Hale, over 10,000 men traveled the mountains in west-central Colorado from 1942 to …

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Spooky Face: A Tough Trip Through Paradise

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It was the spring of 2012, my senior year of College at Montana State University. I was just starting to cut my teeth as a serious ski mountaineer, and I was becoming eager for something more meaningful than continually pounding out ridge laps at Bridger Bowl. My Friend had a copy of Turiano’s ageing guidebook to skiing in the Tetons, …