Acclaimations for the Voile SuperCharger

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We tip our hats and raise a glass in gratitude to the gear testers and industry professionals who have shone their spotlight on the newest addition to our family of skis. A ski dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate backcountry experience. The ski that swept the field in gear reviews across the USA…

*Que the fanfare*

May we proudly present, the Voile SuperCharger.

Outside Magazine

Gear of the Year

“A lot of brands are making great stuff, but there was one clear winner: the crazily adept Supercharger.”

“Salt Lake City–based Voilé makes boards for perfectionists, running each design through a bunch of iterations in its U.S. factory before taking it to market. We were aware of this DNA from first chair. With dimensions based on the old V8, with just a bit more tip rocker and a profile like the original Charger, this plank is a “near perfect mélange of float, dampness, versatility, and tourability,” said one tester. It’s surprisingly light given its girth (106 millimeters underfoot), but a new aspen core with carbon stringers adds confidence on steeps. We found that we could float through powder, then flat-out charge over hardpack back to the lift. Mount it with a binding from the All Mountain page and you have your quiver—for about $100 less than most of its competitors.”

Powder Magazine

Skier’s Choice

“Voilé. The name may be weird, but the company is definitely not French. Situated in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Voilé has designed and manufactured tools for the backcountry winter enthusiast for 36 years. From telemark bindings to splitboards to accessories, and now to skis, Voilé has always been a company willing to try anything. And then perfect the hell out of it! Such is the case with our latest award winner below. Voilé skis habitually demonstrate what backcountry skiers demand in their skis: Performance, reliability and durability, wrapped in a lightweight package.”

Freeskier Magazine

Editor’s Pick

“Supercharge the mountain with this versatile pair of shred sticks from Voilé. A playful, midweight aspen wood core allows for plenty of fun, while carbon and fiberglass bring some stiffness into the picture—great for ripping at high speeds and sending everything in sight. Versatility receives a boost thanks to an early rise profile that makes all conditions equally fun to ski. “Great power off the back end of this ski while going fast,” oozed one tester. “But they’re light and nimble as hell, producing a very smooth and mellow ride overall.”

Off-Piste Magazine

Editor’s Choice

“Voile’s sole focus on backcountry skiing and riding sets them apart from other ski manufacturers, as everything they do comes from a backcountry perspective. The latest ski born of Voile’s backcountry know-how is the SuperCharger. Following in the tracks of the Charger, the SuperCharger may appear on paper to look similar to the popular Voile V8. But, on snow, it’s distinct personality is lively and confident as it rolls between turn shapes while offering a little more tail and a little less slarve than the V8. The difference comes in part from the ski’s more subtle rocker profile and even flex. Voile’s aspen wood core keeps it light and bright in feel, yet it can still handle speed and ski hill action. The SuperCharger earns our Editors’ Choice as a backcountry ski capable of resort time and fully at home on the skin track in search of fresh lines. It’s a ski for those who prefer a little more traditional finish in their turns but still appreciate the feel of well-executed modern rocker.”

Backcountry Magazine

Editor’s Choice

“Near perfect mélange of float, dampness, versatility and tourability.”

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