Voile Trax splitboard binding.

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A lightweight and inexpensive way to upgrade your current Voile splitboard binding system. Bolt the Voile Trax splitboard binding to your existing Voile Slider Track, with included t-nuts and screws. The Trax binding baseplate brings your binding closer to the board and with 4 points of contact on the outer edges of the baseplate it is as stiff as the …

Voile splitboard dual height climbing heels.

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Upgrade your splitboard with the new Voile splitboard dual height climbing heels. The back climbing wire is the standard height of 55mm and the front wire is 75mm. Also new, a durable plastic coating is applied to the top of each wire to prevent wear on your splitboard binding base plate. Available January 2010. Go to Blogcountry to Comment

Switchbacks – for those in the “snow”.

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This post is from a Voile customer that last winter visited the Icefall Lodge in BC, Canada. He expressed his satisfaction in the performance of the Voile Switchback Telemark Touring binding. As you can see from the photo he attached, 7 other customers share his point of view. Those that know, know the Switchback is the lightest weight, durable, high …

Voile Splitboard Touring Bracket Loses Weight.

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Voile’s backcountry product focus has driven us to obsession when it comes to light weight. Yet another example of this obsession is illustrated below. Voile is now including a new lighter weight splitboard touring bracket with the Voile Mojo splitboard. Without any compromise in durability, we have shaved off a scant 14 grams per pair. (Smile) Go to Blogcountry

Voile Slider Track for splitboard improved.

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To increase the durability of the Voile Slider Track, we have added material to the stop tab at the back of the Slider Track. This will prevent any long term wear, as it bears the full weight of the user in each step they take while skinning uphill. The stop tab also performs the function of providing a stop and …

Riders Love the Mojo!

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The 2010 Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide drives home why riders love the all mountain performance of the Voile Mojo splitboard. Voile-USA is the longest running splitboard manufacturer in the market and pioneered today’s reliable splitboard hardware interface. “Sized for Men and Women, the Mojo cast a spell on testers this year. It dominated in powder, earning high marks for ease …

Voile Drifter backcountry skis, Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice!

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Backcountry Magazine recently named the new Voile Drifter hybrid rocker skis an Editor’s Choice. Get ready for an entirely new skiing experience. Combining the progressive powder-ski concept of rockered and tapered tips and tails with traditional side-cut and camber under foot, the Voile Drifter is stable and easy to ski in conditions ranging from the deepest powder to the most …

Voile Switchback toe-plate improved.

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We have improved the Voile Switchback telemark touring binding toe-plate with some minor dimensional changes and a new more durable 410 heat-treated stainless steel. The Switchback toe-plate is so tough, we are backing it up with a new 2 year warranty. After 2 years on our customer’s feet and with many backcountry miles, the Switchback has proven to be the …

Voile’s SX gets Turbo’d – by Craig Dostie

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Had a chance to check out a long desired improvement to Voile bindings yesterday. To be more specific, a more active, turbo-charged version of Voile’s popular Switchback binding. Making the binding more active could be done by 1) moving the pivot point back further, and/or 2) increasing the spring rate of the cartridges used. Voile opted to test a SX …