Voile TTS Binding - Tour LT

Voile TTS Binding - Tour LT
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Simple. Solid. Backcountry. These words are no mere tagline, they are a list of requirements. No matter your chosen target, be it an excursion into deep and unknown wilds or a pleasant jaunt down a familiar country road:you rely on your gear to get you there and back again. (And again. And again.)

Introducing the Voile TTS Binding, with a stainless steel construction and six-hole mounting pattern that is equal to the demands of our 40 year history. Packaged with our time-proven steel rods and spring-loaded cartridges, the TTS is a new spin on a proven winner. And “light is right!” Each pair clocks in at an impressive 1.13kg, making it the obvious choice for go-far telemark pioneers.

Not only does the Telemark Tech System shed serious weight for your uphill excursions, it also makes the most of your prowess on descent. Active or Neutral wire positions... Stiff or Tour cartridges... the immediate spring engagement of its underfoot wire makes for a powerful and responsive ride in anything you and old ma' nature decide to throw at it.

Sold as a pair.

Includes dual height heel elevators.



Part Number : Medium 608-147-T-M-LT
Color Grey
BSL (mm) Neutral Position 305-335
BSL (mm) Active Position 320-350
Weight (lbs/kg)2 lbs 8oz/1.13kg/pr.
Riser Height20mm
Dual Height Elevators65mm/100mm
MaterialHeat treated stainless steel

Product Reviews

One stop shopping is nice.
I assembled a few TTS frankenbinding setups this fall. Ordered toes from Skimo.co, cables/cartridges from Kreuszpitze, and heel risers from Freeheelife.com. They work great and they're light, although you have to be pretty committed not just to source everything, but also to mount it. On the flip side, these TTS Tour LT bindings can be ordered complete with one click, they cost more than $100 less than the above described frankensetup, and they're pretty dang easy to mount. The downside? 40 grams. That's how much more they weigh than the frankensetup. No one can notice 40 grams, but everyone can appreciate an easier shopping, mounting, and in-use experience. My only niggle is that to me the springs on these TTS Tour LT's are WAAAAAAY too firm. Give me a softer option, please.
Mike Curiak
Verified Buyer
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Turn key TTS.
Nice to have a turn-key and effective TTS option. Not a huge fan of the big/bulky/klunky heel riser, but the rest of the binding is well thought out and pretty streamlined. I'm 5'/10" and 185#, and I like low activity. But even with the wire in the forward position the combo of spring rate and activity is too high for me. Called Voile looking for lighter springs but they no longer offer them. Still 4 stars from me, even if I have to source those lighter springs elsewhere.
Mike Curiak
Verified Buyer
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There you have it. Voila.
Near perfection. Look no further; this is it. The ideal backcountry ski binding is the Voile TTS Tour LT. I am the stereotype:150 lbs/ 5'10"- ish, white-dude, gearhead, bigfoot (333mm boot). Easy to clip-in, easy to use heel risers, easy transition to ski-mode. Not sure how long the plastic side-lever on the toeclip will last, though. I just broke the plastic lever on my other TTS bindings from a different manufacturer last Friday; five miles from the truck. I made it out alive to write this review. Also to say that I heard a rumor that Scarpa is developing a (fingers crossed) three-buckle Tech boot soon, too. Mmmm, more gear.
Dave Mather
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Medium: Part No: 608-147-T-M-LT UPC: 759948916224