Voile 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding

Voile 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding
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Before the advent of compression spring cartridges, telemark binding designs relied on expandable springs to compensate for the rise in the heel when turning. Such springs were typically used in conjunction with some sort of flexible cable.

Enter the Voilé 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding. Introduced in 1989, the name is a bit of a misnomer. As with all Voilé tele bindings, there really is no cable in the conventional sense. Instead, a pair of long, rigid, coiled springs with hooks and a locking heel piece complete the necessary toe-to-heel loop. The springs expand ever so slightly with each telemark turn and can be easily adjusted on the heel end. It’s a design that has stood the test of time, and still is very popular with skiers who prefer the comfort and flex of leather and softer-plastic telemark boots.

The so-called “cable” assembly hooks to a bomber toe piece akin to that of the Voilé Hardwire 3-Pin. Similarly, it can be removed to facilitate climbing and reattached for making turns.

At 1 lb, 13 oz. per pair, the Voilé 3-Pin Cable binding weighs in like a featherweight and performs like a middleweight. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sold as a pair.


  • Ability to ascend without cables / descend with cables
  • 3-pins as backup
  • Compatible with light boots (leather or 2 buckle plastic boots)
  • Ideal for Light Touring



    Part Number: 601
    Color Grey
    Weight (lbs/kg)1 lb. 13 oz./0.81kg./pr.
    Material6061-T6 Tempered Alum

    Product Reviews

    Great simple and very functional and bombproof tele binding.
    I use the three pin spring cable (or traverse) binding on both pairs of my UltraVector skis and for all three of my pairs of boots.. They work great, --- (a lot like Voile's new Transit TTS binding that allows you to attach or reattach the cable for more comfortable touring); only these are for 75 mm instead of the newer NTN boots. I use an old pair of Merrill leather double boots for which I use an old T3 liner. I also use and old pair of T3's with a Garment Excursion liner, and I just bought a new pair of T4's last year in which I also use the Garment Excursion liner. And like Mark Christopherson (talking about the Transit TTS binding) on the YouTube video with Free Heel Life, I also attach the heel clamp of the cable behind the heel pads for easy access when I need it for the downhill. I even have three separate pairs of the spring cables and heel clamps for each of my boots because they are all a little different in size. (They're not that expensive and the convenience of having them all pre-adjusted to my boots is worth it.) So I adjust them in the basement and then tape them with color coded tape so I can tell which ones fit which boots.....Great system...simple and bombproof. And like the new Transit binding, if I did happen to break a cable or heel clamp, I can still ski on the pins alone.---GREAT. I chose the 20/25 mm or Hardware three pin riser for greater leverage to put the skis on edge, especially effective for my leather boot, as they can take a little more effort to get the fat skis on edge on harder snow. They work great. I only use the 65mm climbing wires on all boots and skis. The only problem that one must accept if you use this binding is that, as with any three pin 75mm binding, you have the pins to contend with and getting them properly into the three holes in the 75mm toe lip of your boots. If you don't, the pins can ruin your pin holes. If you buy the smiley plates that FreeHeel Life carries and have them mounted by a cobbler, that will make this way easier and will extend the life of your boots. This is a great SIMPLE, BOMBPROOF BINDING that works well for all kinds of three pin 75mm boots.
    Scott Balsai
    Verified Buyer
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    Seems sturdy
    This binding seems to be stronger and more durable than another brand that did not have a cable and the toe piece broke. I use this for cross county and light telemark skiing.
    Dan J
    Verified Buyer
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    Great Binding
    My wife and I use our equipment until it is worn out. Few cable bindings left on the market. Trimming the cables to fit my wife's boot was a challenge (don't own bolt cutters). Hard steel, thus expect this binding to last forever. She could do without the three pins; perhaps Voile can offer this binding without pins. We are not pinheads. Cable bindings have worked for me for over 50 years. Keep making 'em. (Still have a pair of Black Diamond cables that work just fine.)
    Stefan and Marietta
    Verified Buyer
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    Love em
    I have huge boots that blow up other brands of bindings. I've used these and the 3-pin Mountaineer for decades. When I get new skis, I come back for more. They work perfectly. Read the instructions on how to adjust them. If you have big boots, order the longer cables. The long ones work for my size 15 and 16 boots with cable to spare . Flexing your boot (lifting the heel) to give cable slack makes locking the cam lever easy.
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    Time tested classic
    These bindings may not be your first choice for resort skiing with 4 buckle boots, but they shine for multi day back country touring combined with two buckle boots. Very light weight yet reasonable controllability. Time tested master piece!!
    Noriko Okamoto
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    a little bit of everything
    Tour across Yellowstone? Check! Tele turn you way back from a fire tower? Check! The Birkie? Check! Leathers to synthetics, there really isn't a better choice for 3-pin skiing. I like to keep the heel strap on me for that extra control when you top out and need to drop onto a frozen lake in the BWCA or when you decide to hit some powder off the backside of groomed nordic trails.
    dan nolfi
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    I’ve been skiing with this binding for 30 yrs. Combined with a releasable, Ive done everything from groomers on the east coast to fourteeners in Colorado. No other bindings system gives me the torque control in my heel the way these do. Thank you Voile 🙏
    Verified Buyer
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    Pin head for life!!!
    Simple, solid, classic. I absolutely love this binding. I use it on a Rossi BS 90 with a rossi BC12 synthetic boot. For exploring rolling terrain there is nothing better. It tours like a champ and there is nothing better for meadow skipping. Nothing that can break on this binding, it is absolutely reliable and bomb proof. I keep this ski/binding combo in the truck all winter long. I put in in with my winter shovel. When the shovel cant get you unstuck you go for a ski, and hope it melts a little, if it stays stuck just ski home.
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    Part No: 601-BK UPC: 759948913674