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The M Equipment Meidjo 3 Telemark Binding improves upon itself, doubling down on what was already the lightest, highest-performing tele-tech binding on the market. The Meidjo has an updated NTN spring system to provide 40%* more power than the Meidjo 2. But the Meidjo 3 has also shaved 20g, weighing in at a total of 440 grams per binding. The Meidjo is the first tele-tech binding to have a safe lateral releasability in ski mode, still guaranteed by The M Equipment for the Meidjo 3.

If you are looking for the ultimate level of backcountry telemark performance, the Meidjo 3 is what you should have on your mind/feet. The binding uses a hybrid NTN / tech toe design that allows you to drop the weight for the uphill with a free heel and efficient pivot toe. But lock down for the ski down and keep the sensitivity and finesse you have come to love with NTN-powered tele-turns. Keep the dream alive and stay out for more free-heeled hops with the Meidjo 3.

"And so that you can continue to ski on the wonderful snowy slopes of our beautiful planet in a sustainable way, we have eco-designed MEIDJO 3, with a selection of recyclable materials, including the use of agro-sourced plastics from fair trade agriculture, and reinforced precision mechanics on the sensitive parts. MEIDJO 3 is a condensed version of technologies that integrates less environmental impact while extending the lifetime of the binding,making it the first eco-designed Telemark binding in the world!"

Made in France.


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Small: Part No: FTMS-BLACK-3-SR
Large: Part No: FTML-BLACK-3-SR