Tech Alert: Updated Splitboard Hardware

Tech Alert

December 18, 2017 by: Voile Manufacturing


This season we spent some time focusing on the foundational elements of our splitboard program. The result is one recall, and one update that will completely transform the gear you already own (and for less than $10)...

•   Re-moulded Puck Gaskets Provide an Easier Installation.

Newley moulded Puck Gasket. Upon discovering that some of our Puck Gaskets took a force of will to install, we realized that it was past time to forge new moulds. We took this as an opportunity to narrow and taper the gasket's insertion points, allowing more tolerance on installation.

This small-yet-crucial piece of your binding setup should be a breeze to install, not an extreme test in patience. Contact us for free replacement of difficult-to-install puck gaskets.

*Includes puck gaskets purchased as part of Voile Hardware Puck Set and Voile Hardware Puck Set Canted

•   Re-Imagined T-Nuts for Voile Splitboard Channel Puck System Offer More Compatibility.

The new t-nut for Voile Splitboard Channel Puck System. The new T-Nuts for Voile Splitboard Channel Puck System allow you to make stance adjustments faster and easier, create a more secure mount for Voile splitboard bindings, and extend the system's compatibility with third-party bindings such as Phantom and Karakoram.

Unflinching stability, effortless adjustment, and versatility that reigns supreme. You'd expect nothing less from the veritable Edisons of splitboarding. Voile Splitboard Channel Puck System

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