Voile Manti Skis - Discontinued Graphic

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Voile Manti Skis - Discontinued Graphic
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All Mountain & Powder
Versatile / Slarving

"A ski that can handle it all." Sounds to us like a vision worth striving for... and as it turns out, the fabled "Quiver Killer" may have been hiding right under our noses. Introducing the Voile Manti: a ski that spans both of our legendary ski construction platforms.

Its early-rise tip and gradual tail rocker—a further exaltation of the V8's camber profile—equate to playful performance when the snow is soft and deliciously deep. The Manti also has a hard-working tail—an evolution of the renowned SuperCharger—with a radius that executes quick and controlled turns in harder conditions.

With its durable and damp poplar core, the Manti truly embodies our commitment to simple and solid backcountry equipment. But of course, you've come to expect that much by now.


Shape / Profile

Voile Hybrid 2.0

Tip: Early-rise tip and wide shovel provide excellent float in powder.
Tail: Minimal taper and gradual tail rocker for quick response and versatility in variable conditions.
Waist: Shorter running length. Engineered for agility. Cambered underfoot for stability.

Voile Manti Skis - Discontinued Graphic Camber Profile



* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 171
Tip Width (mm) 134
Waist (mm) 102
Tail Width (mm) 121
Radius (m) 17
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 6lbs 14oz /​​ 3.13kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-190 54-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 176
Tip Width (mm) 136
Waist (mm) 103
Tail Width (mm) 123
Radius (m) 18
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 9oz /​​ 3.42kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-190 59-86
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 181
Tip Width (mm) 138
Waist (mm) 104
Tail Width (mm) 124
Radius (m) 18
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 7lbs 11oz /​​ 3.48kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)140+ 64+
* Please note that the width and radius of Voile skis differ from length to length so as to deliver uniform performance across the entire size range. Length (cm) : 186
Tip Width (mm) 140
Waist (mm) 105
Tail Width (mm) 127
Radius (m) 19
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 8lbs /​​ 3.64kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+

Product Reviews

After 15 days in NE Oregon on good mix of backcountry, side country, touring, and groomers where conditions ranged from icy hardpack, hardpack, lumpy semi-hard tracked snow, to powder these skis have held firm regardless conditions. Just the right amount of stiffness and float which allows me to ski trees as I like and charge open areas. Weight does not hinder touring and the ski’s versatility is appreciated in the backcountry. At least in my mind, this truly is ‘the ski that can handle it all’. Should have gotten these a long time ago!!!!!
john zakrajsek
Verified Buyer
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Great New England Backcountry Ski
East coast review. I've taken these out a good 8 to 10 times in the Vermont backcountry and on Mount Washington in NH. I've skied pretty much everything from 6-10" blower pow to ice to mashed potatoes and so far so good. These are plenty responsive and maneuverable for the tight trees, but if you want to open it up it is stable enough to do that as well. I definitely appreciate how light the ski is - definitely been taking an extra lap compared to my usual total. They also look pretty sweet, but that's just an added bonus.
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A wonderfully designed backcountry ski. Perfect for the average pow day, and still a ripper ski for the less optimal days in the backcountry. This ski rocks! Fast ascents, great floatation, very high speed limit, and about as versatile as they come.
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A must have for any skiers collection
Wow. Today was my first experience skiing the Manti and to say it skied awesome is a understatement. First run out this ski was fast, stable, easy to turn, fast to release. We were able to ski it on a snowy fresh 4" new day and every turn I wanted another. This ski is perfect for that one ski quiver in that you can ski it anywhere. The turning control i experienced skiing the trees was out of this world. I feel its one of the most responsive skis i have had the privilage of skiing. I have been selling this ski at the ski shop i work at and I finally can speak from experience when it comes to selling. I noticed that i feel it skis a little short in general so i enjoyed the 181 length. That allows you to just be in such control from top to bottom on these. After the first run i already would have given this ski a Editors choice award. Bravo Voile you truly crafted a do everything powerhouse ski. Im already looking forward to the next demo .
Ryan Kempfer
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Quiver Killer is right!
I've had the 181 Manti's for about a month now. I picked these up to be my daily drivers. These are my 4th pair of Voile skis I've owned over the years and hands down the most fun and "all-around" model I've been on. I'm 5'9" and 170#'s and I've been telemarking exclusively for 20 years. During a typical ski season, I spend 80% at the resort and 20% in the backcountry. I've got about 15 days on them so far and I've mostly skied them in hardpack and variable conditions as the snow in Central Oregon has been nonexistent for the past few weeks. I must say the Manti is a very fun ski. It's very stable in firm conditions. Like no chatter that I experienced with my old Chargers. I love the surfy feeling and I feel like Voile really nailed the shape for a tele stance with the nice early rise and flat-ish tail. The dimensions seem perfect for me for all the conditions I'm usually skiing in. We've finally received some low density powder these past few days and these skis are really shining. They have great float and just blast through the chop. My previous resort specific skis from a different brand were about 2 pounds heavier per pair and I really notice how much easier the Manti is to get into the turn and I find myself still being able to drop easy tele turns at the end of the day. I've got these mounted with the 22 Designs Outlaw X and using Scarpa TX Pro boots. I feel like this setup will serve me well for any day of the week in any conditions. Well, except for those meter fresh days in Japan ;) The awards this ski is getting seem well deserved. I appreciated that they're made in the USA and at a reasonable price point!
Adam Drummer
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Craig Christopherson
I ski the Manti in the 181cm length. The turn shape is what I’ve been looking for. Easy into the turn, easy out of the turn, and light on the up. I’m not a speed demon. It’s all about those nice medium sized turns, and lots of them.
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171cm: Part No: 5706-171-2021 UPC: 759948916101
176cm: Part No: 5706-176-2021 UPC: 759948916118
181cm: Part No: 5706-181-2021 UPC: 759948916125
186cm: Part No: 5706-186-2021 UPC: 759948916132