Voilé V6 Skis

Voilé V6 Skis
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    • Voilé V6 Construction

    Product Description

    The Voilé V6 represents the epitome of versatility in a backcountry ski. It’s the go-to ski for backcountry tours in places where the snow conditions and terrain to be skied might be somewhat unknown beforehand.

    Inspired by the Voilé V8, the V6 retains the wide shovel, round flex and taper of the V8, yet bundles everything up in a slimmer, lighter package. The V6 is also available in slightly-shorter lengths than the V8.

    Incorporating the same layers of carbon and triaxial fiberglass into a more-narrow ski lends a snappier feel and quicker-edging trait to the V8. This feature, coupled with our beloved Voilé Hybrid Rocker, makes the V6 even more stable in a wide variety of conditions and terrain.

    Backcountry skiers who put in long days will definitely appreciate the lighter weight and all-around performance of the V6 and may also regard it as their “everyday powder ski.”

    The Build

    Lightweight Aspen Wood Core
    Carbon Fiberglass Layer
    Triaxial Fiberglass Layer
    Durable Polyamide Topsheet
    2mm, Full-Perimeter Steel Edges
    Voilé Hybrid Rocker


    Length (cm)

    163 173 178 183 188
    Tip Width (mm) 126 129 131 133 135
    Waist (mm) 96 98 99 100 102
    Tail Width (mm) 108 110 111 113 115
    Radius (m) 17.0 18.0 17.0 19.0 20.0
    Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 5lbs 15oz./2.69kg 6lbs 9oz./2.98kg 6lbs 12oz./3.06kg 7lbs 6oz./3.35kg 7lbs 14oz/3.57kg
    Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 110-150


    163cm: part# 5800-163-1415, UPC 759948909493
    173cm: part# 5800-173-1415, UPC 759948909509
    178cm: part# 5800-178-1617, UPC 759948911335
    183cm: part# 5800-183-1415, UPC 759948909516
    188cm: part# 5800-188-1415, UPC 759948909523