Voile Spartan Splitboard

Voile Spartan Splitboard


No frills, add-ons, or special features, the Spartan is a board born for a single purpose—getting your butt in the backcountry.

It’s base is basic black. It’s topsheet looks like it was designed by a monk. It has our new channel puck system, but that’s as fancy as it gets. It’s tough and scrappy, with an easy flex, snappy radius, and enough taper at the tail for quick flicks in the trees, but not so much you can’t ride it switch. It has our legendary lightweight construction, but not a wiff of carbon. Because you don’t need it.

This is the Spartan. True to its name and to our motto—simple, solid, backcountry.


Voile Split Hooks & Clips
Aspen Wood Core
2 Fiberglass Layers
PBT Topsheet
Voilé Channel Puck System, (pucks included)
2mm, Full-Perimeter Steel Edges
Cap Construction
Early-Rise Nose
Early-Rise Tail


Length (cm): 154
Effective Edge114.8
Sidecut (meter)7.5
Waist Width25.2
Nose Width29.2
Tail Width28.9
Tail Height4.5
Cambercamber/early rise
Nose Length 20
Tail Length19.3
Insert Setback(cm)-2
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 3.25kg/7lbs.3oz.
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-200 59-91
Length (cm): 158
Effective Edge117.7
Sidecut (meter)7.7
Waist Width25.6
Nose Width29.7
Tail Width29.4
Tail Height4.75
Cambercamber/early rise
Nose Length 20.5
Tail Length19.8
Insert Setback(cm)-2
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 3.39kg/7lbs.8oz.
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-210 59-95
Length (cm): 162
Effective Edge120.7
Sidecut (meter)7.9
Waist Width26.0
Nose Width30.2
Tail Width29.9
Tail Height5.0
Cambercamber/early rise
Nose Length 21
Tail Length20.3
Insert Setback(cm)-2
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 3.58kg/7lbs.14oz.
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+
Length (cm): 166
Effective Edge123.7
Sidecut (meter)8.1
Waist Width26.4
Nose Width30.7
Tail Width30.4
Tail Height5.25
Cambercamber/early rise
Nose Length 21.5
Tail Length20.8
Insert Setback(cm)-2
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 3.67kg/8lbs.2oz.
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+


154cm: Part No: 1665-154-1617 UPC: 759948912202
158cm: Part No: 1665-158-1617 UPC: 759948912271
162cm: Part No: 1665-162-1617 UPC: 759948911076
164cm: Part No: 1665-164-1617 UPC: 759948911083