Voile Mtn Plate ADS (Ascent and Descent)

Voile Mtn Plate ADS (Ascent and Descent)
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Hardboot splitboarding is back, and it’s here to stay.

The new series of Mtn Plate bindings feature the familiar simplicity and durability of our legacy offerings, with the inclusion of all-new micro-adjustable heel and toe pads. The rotation-locked t-nuts will also be a welcomed upgrade, alongside a moulded urethane lanyard that will never kink or fray.

Available in three options to meet various needs, the new Mtn Plate is a system worthy of renewed praise.

This Ascent/Descent model includes both the Touring Bracket and Dual Climbing Heel, as well as a stainless steel slider pin for both uphill touring and downhill riding.


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Part No: 1138-ADS UPC: 759948917184