Voile Revelator Splitboard

Voile Revelator Splitboard
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ATTENTION: mounting quiver killers on your Voile Revelator Splitboard will void the Voile factory warranty.


For the demanding rider, the Voilé Revelator is indeed backcountry’s ultimate riding machine.

The combination of board’s light weight, shape, profile, flex and camber helps make long uptracks a done deal and downhill rides a dream come true. And when it’s time for the latter, nothing beats our patented system of “Voilé Hooks & Clips” for easy assembly of Revelator’s halves into a single downhill plank.

Thanks to our signature “Voilé Channel Puck System,” adjusting stance width and toe angles is a snap. Using the Voilé Alignment Guide, the screws are loosened and the pucks can then be relocated in virtually any position quickly and without fuss. Many riders will also appreciate how easy the Revelator’s 2.5-degree canted pucks are on their knees.

The Revelator’s Paulownia wood core reduces the overall weight of the board without compromising strength and performance. Carbon fiberglass layers and a longish camber area make for very efficient skinning on the way up and increased stability on the way down. And of course, the board’s large, early-rise nose and tapered tail make deep powder riding seem virtually effortless.

The Revelator. It’s all business in the backcountry, except for huge intervals of fun.



Paulownia / Double Carbon

Full-Perimeter Steel Edge    — more info


Camber Profile

Early-Rise Camber
Voile Revelator Splitboard Camber Profile


Length (cm): 154
Effective Edge98.7
Sidecut (meter)8.4
Waist width24.8
Nose Width29.2
Tail Width28
Nose Height 6.1
Tail Height4.3
Nose Length 31.2
Tail Length28.2
Stance Width (max in)23.5
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 5lbs 14oz / 2.68kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)100-180 45-82
Length (cm): 159
Effective Edge103.7
Sidecut (meter)8.8
Waist width25.7
Nose Width29.8
Tail Width28.6
Nose Height 6.3
Tail Height4.5
Nose Length 31.8
Tail Length28.8
Stance Width (max in)25.5
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 6lbs 6oz / 2.89kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-200 59-91
Length (cm): 162
Effective Edge106.7
Sidecut (meter)9
Waist width26.1
Nose Width30.2
Tail Width29
Nose Height 6.4
Tail Height4.5
Nose Length 31.8
Tail Length28.8
Stance Width (max in)25.75
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 6lbs 8oz / 2.95kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)130-210 59-95
Length (cm): 165
Effective Edge109.7
Sidecut (meter)9.2
Waist width26.3
Nose Width30.5
Tail Width29.2
Nose Height 6.5
Tail Height4.5
Nose Length 32.1
Tail Length29
Stance Width (max in)26
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 6lbs 11oz / 3.03kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+
Length (cm): 169
Effective Edge112.7
Sidecut (meter)9.4
Waist width26.5
Nose Width30.8
Tail Width29.4
Nose Height 6.8
Tail Height4.5
Nose Length 32.1
Tail Length29
Stance Width (max in)26
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 6lbs 14oz / 3.13kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)150+ 68+

Product Reviews

Casey S
I have been on the Revelator for a couple years now. It got me into the backcountry as a starter splitboard and has kept me going ever since. Love the quality of the product as well as the function. Highly recommend this board. ALSO, Voile straps are top notch as well!
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Revelator 165
JJ on Mt Baker Hwy
Verified Buyer
Revelator 165 had been my favorite split-board--super light weight & responsive ride. My brand new Voile Revelator rides just like the one from 2 or 3 years back & the specs appear identical. The light weight construction apparently comes at a cost. The reason I bought a new Revelator is because my first Revelator broke while I was setting skin track a month back. The ski taco -ed in half directly under the heel riser. I'm almost 50 yrs old, set well over a million vertical feet of skin track thru deep snow, & this would be the first time I've ever seen an actual ski or board break on the way up. Revelator gets 5 stars for downhill performance; 0 stars for durability.
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Dave H
I have a family of splitboarders. I bought a Revelator 154 for my wife and for my daughters to sometimes use. The tracks make the stance angles and width a breeze to readjust. Having grown up in the wasatch and familiar with the early Voiles, I was impressed that this was a very light and firm board with decent high speed stability reported from a 130lb rider who rides like a bat out of hell. For my tastes, I think what many don't realize is that these boards weigh the same as the weights shown for a 2020 Amplid Milligram. Voile appears to use a more simple full paulownia core with mostly fiberglass and some carbon compared to a more complex core with carbon over balsa, paulownia and hardwoods at less than half the price when you consider that the pucks are included.
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Light, but not skimping. Feels solid under foot. Early rise makes for easy skinning, but rides switch fine. This is a true work horse. It’s a quiver of one!!
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Great all-around splitboard
Verified Buyer
The 2019/20 Revelator is a great all-around board. it's really light (weight is practically same as Ascent, while according to spec sheet it weighs 100g or so less; I weighed the boards and couldnt really tell, to within the measurement accuracy of the scale). Let's just say it feels really light. I ride the 159. (Hey there at Voile - why isnt there a 157? But a gap in sizing between the lower range ending at 154 and the higher range starting at 159). Going up is easy, edge hold on ascending traverses is alright. Change-over is easy as well, the equipment now is much more precise and thus easier to operate than years ago (I got my first splitty, a Voile Mojo, about 20 years ago, and things have come a long ways. Also compared to, say, 5 years ago). The board rides really well in all sorts of snow, including crappy spring snow, hardpack and such. The board is stiffer than the Ascent, which in my experience means, it can be controlled more precisely and it's faster. This may be personal preference, but I like to ride technical terrain, tight trees and steeps relatively fast. The board also carries well across exit flats, meadows and such. In all, plenty of reasons to grab the Voile Revelator when out on an exploration (now that I have a small quiver. I used to have just one splitty for a long time). Its really dependable and versatile so you'll always have a good day with it. Not that I'm into sales slogans, but it made me think "simple - solid - backcountry". I have used boards from other companies, both split and solid. Of course a high-end solid board rides best on the descent. However, I'm really positively surprised how well this board rides. Another advantage of Voile gear is - they do not make gender-specific stuff (only the color is different, so be it). Anyone doing a market comparison will notice the price is comparatively low. Enjoy!
Great insight, Uch! The Revelator is the best splitboard for mountaineering objectives for exactly the reasons you describe. The only reason we don't make a 157cm is so that we can keep our unit cost down (more size options, higher unit cost) but we try to tread that line as well as we can. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the 159cm!
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Love this board
Trent Meisenheimer
Verified Buyer
I've ridden this splitboard for many years and it continues to shine. It's build with bomber construction and wether you like making bouncy tight turns or pointing down a couloir it will perform. Keep crushing Voile.
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Best splitboard I have ever owned!
Christian Paul
I have had my Revelator for a few years now. This board is so incredibly fun to tour on! It's light, but solid on the skin track. The weight not being an issue really helps climbing steeps and makes kick turns on the switchbacks a breeze. Surprisingly great on the uphill when it is trench town and you are breaking trail. The ride is superior to anything I have ever ridden. The Revelator in deep snow is so amazing to ride! True surf feel in the turns and the slow rise resists submarining so you don't get stuck. Also a surprise was how well it handles variable and crud snow when you are riding out of your exit. The channel system is awesome and really gives you that foot to board feel. The canted pucks are also very nice on the knees! I hope you never stop making this board!
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Rollin Chalifoux
I'll try and keep it short and sweet. I have incredibly wide feet and can't find ski touring boots that would fit me. I've been snowboarding since the early 90's, made a DIY board with voile parts in the late 90's and fell in love with touring. I've had somewhere between 35-40 boards through the years. Hands down without a doubt the revalator split is super special. Not only is it the lightest spilt I've ever had, it's my favorite board I've ever ridden. 10 out of 10 would recommend. A+ well done.
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True surfing feel when riding
Guy Rawson
I have ridden this board for two seasons. It is amazingly lite and gets me uphill great and I am a bigger guy at 225 lbs.! Super easy to go from having it split to putting it back together and riding or vice versa. I have the newer Voile rail binding with the aluminum hook that makes getting into the uphill mode super secure and easy, AND they are really durable since the hooks are metal. As far as the ride goes I grew up surfing in Hawaii and like to have a surfy feel to my snowboards. I have a few different boards I use in the resort, a few "normal" boards and a little fish type board which I use on powder days and this board rides as well as any of them. I love the carve and floaty feel when you drop something deep I swear if feels like riding a wave and doing long drawn out carves and snaps down the mountain. When I finally wear this board out I will be replacing it with the newest model of the Revalator that Voile is offering!
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The best!
These boards are the best boards I have ever had. The quality is amazing and the staff is great to work with. I highly recommend voile products over any others. That is for making great products!
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Quiver Killer
The Revelator is the by far the best split I’ve ridden. From BC to AK, this thing has handled everything I’ve thrown at it. The more I ride it the more I like it. Light enough for those epic treks, stable enough for ice and crust.
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Knocked it out of the park!
MIke J.
Bought on a whim to replace my aging Lamar homemade split. Props for the kits that made my homemade rig that has 13 seasons on it! The Revelator is fantastic it's solid, stable, well made and thanks for the plain black base!!
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Praise be to Ullr
Verified Buyer
If you're like me, you can only afford a quiver of one. Luckily, the Voile Revelator handles every condition I've thrown at it so far... And with such a low price, I can actually afford to make it a quiver of two this year!
Glad to keep you in the backcountry, Eric!
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154cm: Part No: 1635-154-1920 UPC: 759948914992
159cm: Part No: 1635-159-1920 UPC: 759948915005
162cm: Part No: 1635-162-1920 UPC: 759948915012
165cm: Part No: 1635-165-1920 UPC: 759948915029
169cm: Part No: 1635-169-1920 UPC: 759948915036