WSP Skis - Used

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WSP Skis - Used
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Product Description

The 2 remaining pair of demo WSPs, some of the drill holes have brass inserts. They can re-used or plugged like a normal drill hole. The WSP demos were mounted with Dynafit Speed Radicals at various boot sole lengths. You will most likely have to remount and drill new holes.

It’s two days after a huge storm, and across the canyon, there are a bizillion bozos slogging up a cat track at the resort. Go figure.

For those skiers who relish the pain of SkiMo racing, or their newfound association with Eurotrash, Voilé now offers a terribly-reliable ski to further inflict anguish upon themselves: The Voilé WSP.

Yes, “further” is accurate all right. Especially since the WSP, and its sister, The WSG, are built to finish races without breaking beforehand.

Thanks to its Paulownia wood core, carbon-fiberglass construction and rockered tip, the Men’s WSP is light enough to climb uphill with speed, yet stable enough to ski downhill without embarassment. And most importantly, stay in one piece.

Short for Wasatch Speed Project and born in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, the WSP is the world’s first American-made SkiMo ski.

Voilé: It sounds French and has always meant “lightweight skis.” As such, the advent of The WSP was probably inevitable.


Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core
2 Carbon Fiberglass Layers
Durable Polyamide Topsheet
1.8mm Steel Side Edges
Notched Tip (for skin attachment)
Rockered Tip

This is a used product

Our demo fleet is being refreshed for the upcoming season's products.

While we generally have a weekend Factory Sale to offload our used demo gear, we thought it time that we gave our users outside of the state a chance to get in on the action.

Shown above is one of many skis that we will be selling at a drastically reduced price. This item has been confirmed to be in full working condition by Voile's Service Technicians. Some cosmetic blemishes are present, but do not impact the functionality of this product.


$150 Replacement. Warranty terms expire 1 Year after purchase date, meaning that you can ride all next season without any fear that you'll blow it up.


Length (cm) 160
Tip Width (mm) 84
Waist (mm) 63
Tail Width (mm) 72
Radius (m) 25
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg) 3lbs.8oz/1.58g
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 110-210