Hyper Glide Ski Skins with Tail Clips 140mm

Hyper Glide Ski Skins with Tail Clips 140mm
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Made with the perfect blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, Hyper Glide Ski Skins are light, grippy, and glide so well you’ll think you left your skins in your pack. An indestructible stainless steel tip clip and new elastic, universal POMOCA tail clip ensures your skins stay snug and secure, while the 100% waterproof membrane between the fibers and the adhesive drastically improves durability and glue performance while reducing weight and making them more pliable for easy stowing. And the Ever Dry hydrophobic treatment makes sure they keep gripping, whatever the weather—no need for sprays or waxes to stop the glop.

Each set of Hyper Glide skins comes with a trim tool, nylon stuff sack, and promise to be the best skins you’ve ever slapped on your skis.


  • 70% Mohair – 30% Nylon
  • Hardened and Anodized Aluminum Tip Plate
  • Stainless Steel Rivets
  • Stainless Steel Full-Wrap Tip Loop
  • Elastic Tail Strap with Universal Tail Clip
These skins harness POMOCA’s research and development of materials, weaving techniques, and fiber attachment systems to provide a combination of gripping power and durability in a light weight package:

  • Safer Skin: A 100% waterproof membrane that prevents the transfer of moisture between the skin’s plush and adhesive layers. This drastically improves the glue performance from edge to edge while also increasing the skin’s tear resistance. This (2nd) generation of their lining is made with finer layers, which effectively reduce weight and make the skin more pliable (easier to trim, handle, and stow).
  • Ever Dry: This hydrophobic treatment is applied to the entire length of the skin’s fibres, guaranteeing life-long protection without the need for antiglopping sprays.


Size : Small
Ski Length (cm)154 - 170
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Medium
Ski Length (cm)165 - 180
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Large
Ski Length (cm)175 - 190
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Extra Large
Ski Length (cm)185 - 200
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A

Product Reviews

Excellent Skins
Tony Sams
I am a recent convert to B/C skiing from splitboarding. I purchased these skins for my Elan RipStick 106 skis. The cutting tool was amazing! The perfect cut with very little trim work on tips. Toured with them a few times, in wet, dry, and hardpack/crust, and they have provided pain-free touring, plus the glue does not leave any residue. I could not ask for a better product.
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The Best Skins
Mark Parlett
Verified Buyer
These skins are great! They are light weight work well in all the conditions I have tried them warm, cold, powder and hard pack. The adhesive goes on and off the ski very well and with no stickiness left on the ski. When stuck together for travel they come apart easily. Love them!!
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Small: Part No: 3093-140-TC-S UPC: 759948914886
Medium: Part No: 3093-140-TC-M UPC: 759948914893
Large: Part No: 3093-140-TC-L UPC: 759948914909
X-Large: Part No: 3093-140-TC-XL UPC: 759948914916