Voile Split Kit - DIY

Voile Split Kit - DIY
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Attention! Please Read! This hardware kit is for Sawing Your Old Board. Does NOT mount onto factory-built splitboards that have inserts!


The Voile Split Kit is the do it yourself saw your old board kit.

The Voile Split Kit includes all the DIY Voile splitboard hardware and step-by-step instructions to split your old board.

Included Slider Track is compatible with regular snowboard bindings.

Improvements include completely new Voile Split Kit Puck with 2-hole secure t-nut mounting, lighter Voile touring brackets, more durable rear tabs on the Voile Slider Track, new binding support riser for easier uphill skinning and side-hilling, and new dual height climbing wires.


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Product Reviews

A Game Changing Purchase
Living in NJ you don't come across a plethora of split board opportunities. We don't have access to huge backcountry powder fields above tree line, or off piste bliss access from our resorts. What we do have is ice, and a mountain collection that is not all too ready to accept someone going up their mountain not under their control. I bought this kit last year made my own splitboard and reopened my eyes to what I love about snowboarding. The process was easy enough, and not only did I feel proud of my scrappy piece of work, but it actually worked! Highly suggest this product to anyone who wants to do some DIY, and has the itch to beat the lines and actually earn some turns.
Verified Buyer
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Great Way to Shred the Knar
First off: a DIY splitboard is a ton of work upfront. I've made two of these - plan for about two solid days. If you enjoy craftsmanship and being handy, you won't mind. Second: this kit works 100%. I've taken my DIY split on all kinds of conditions, and it's been there for me every time. It was my way to get into the backcountry, as a budget-constrained student, and though I've upgraded my kit since, I will likely keep my DIY board as a buddy board until it splits in half the other way.
Josh Martineau
Verified Buyer
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Great Value, Great Fun
As others have mentioned this is an awesome affordable way to get into splitboarding. Not only is the DIY kit the most affordable option out there, but you can also hand pick what board style and shape you want to turn into a splitty. I had a really great time working on this project and it is very rewarding riding your DIY board. Just make sure you have all the tools needed and follow instructions closely! Have fun with it!
James Tarras
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Amazing product for the price
For someone who is good with power tools, and tight on budget... this kit is awesome! As a carpenter of 8+years I was able to get this kit together within 2 days taking my time and not really rushing it. I have about 8 tours in so far on this setup and 0 issues. Even after doing some small/ medium size jumps I have no issues or blowouts at all. Take your time. Lay out everything. Triple check your measurements and layout before drilling. Be careful not to over drill for the receiver nuts with the little claws in them, I almost went too far with those.
Michael McFarland
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Great product for value
Great product, the instructions are very easy, you only need some time and a little bit of patience! ;) It's the best way to beggin with splitboards, as you won't pay what a splitboard costs. Highly recommended!
Adrià Alberich
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Best way to get into Splitboarding
This kit is a great way to turn any board into a solid split. Instructions are straight forward, hardware is high quality, and it's without a doubt the most budget friendly splitboard option on the market. I used this for many tours this season and never had any issues. Would highly recommend, pending you have a good circular saw you can use.
Mitchell Brown
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Great product
I found the kit and instructions to be easy to use. Love having a split board for $160 instead of $1500 for board, bindings, and skins. Extremely happy and have now put two more kits together for friends. One night assembly is easy to accomplish.
Mike K
Verified Buyer
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I found the kit and instructions easy to follow and use. It got me on a split for $160 instead of dropping money on a new split board and bindings.
This is what we're all about!! ❤️
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The best money you can soend
You'll always like buying gear, that's obvious. But imagine your satisfaction knowing you're outdoor adventure powered by your own two legs is on something you took the time to make. That's what this kit does. It's suoer easy to do..if I, an idiot, can do it, you can do it better. The crappy board I used was on its 3rd wind, ready for a garbage dump, so I chopped it in half, used this kit, and now it's my favorite board once again, because of where it takes me. Get this kit, and make a splitboard now
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The only way I could afford a splitboard
With a lot of misgivings, but psyched up by repeatedly watching the videos above, I cut my board last season and used this kit to get my split going in just a few days. The sticker templates ensure the fit is tight. I ended up not using the included Ptex discs, instead just using epoxy, because I wasn't too worried about the drag and was in a hurry to get going. Be sure to plan the cut so you don't hit any inserts and remember not to use your circular saw to cut through any edging at the tip or tail! Downloading the instructions ahead of time helped to get some of the necessary tools together before the kit arrived.
Jeff Hankens
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Such a great Product!
Over five years I’ve built two split boards using this kit, both boards turned out great and have opened up an entire new realm of backcountry for me. Since my first board I got my entire family into some kind of AT gear. This split kit is a great project and I highly recommend it!
Ollie Dietter
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It takes a couple of days, don’t rush
I have built 3 split boards over the last 20 years using these kits and the kits work really well. What I like is that the end result is a direct reflection of the time and care I put into the project. A straight cut from tip to tail looks good and fits together nicely. Remember to seal the inside edges and let it dry before you get carried away drilling holes, you only get one shot at placing the hardware. What I don’t like is that there is no adjustability in the board hooks and tip clips. If a hook on each end had an eccentric insert, you would be able to tune the placement and lock-up/rigidity of the board. That’s less critical in pow-pow and more reassuring when you get on something gnarly hard. I learn something new each time. I tried a Burton with the three hole pattern; it destroyed the saw blade and the exposed inserts had to be filled with epoxy (not very smart on my part).
Thanks for the review! Unfortunately once the hooks and clips are installed they are not adjustable.
Mike Kerkmann
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