Voile Ski Skins with Tail Clips 110mm

Retail Price: $175.00
Discount: 40%
Voile Ski Skins with Tail Clips 110mm


If you’ve ever had an awkward day in the backcountry because of your climbing skins, you’ll love our new Voilé Ski Skins with Tail Clips.

They are a high-quality, well-engineered product that will perform well in challenging conditions for many seasons. Their plush, hydrophobic nylon provides superior grip on steep slopes, while providing good glide for your forward stride and when cruising gentle, rolling terrain.

Reliable adhesion to the ski base is made possible by stainless-steel, riveted tip loops and Gold Label Adhesive. And new for this season is a nifty tail attachment that uses a modified Voilé Strap, paired with a curved, dual-point, stainless-steel fastener that wraps around the tails of today’s wider skis.

The skin, tip loop and tail kit combinations are readymade and available in three different widths and four varying lengths for precise customization to any given ski. And of course, a trim tool and nylon stuff sack are included.


Size : X-Small
Ski Size (cm)149cm-159cm
Weight (lbs/g)/Pair1lb 8oz/672g
Size : Small
Ski Size (cm)158cm-168cm
Weight (lbs/g)/Pair1 lb 8oz/676g
Size : Medium
Ski Size (cm)167cm-177cm
Weight (lbs/g)/Pair1 lb 9oz/708g
Size : Large
Ski Size (cm)176cm-186cm
Weight (lbs/g)/Pair1 lb 10oz/744g
Size : Extra Large
Ski Size (cm)185cm-195cm
Weight (lbs/g)/Pair1 lb 11oz/776g


X-Small:Part No: 3091-110-TC-XS UPC: 759948912264
Small: Part No: 3091-110-TC-S UPC: 759948910994
Medium: Part No: 3091-110-TC-M UPC: 759948910987
Large: Part No: 3091-110-TC-L UPC: 759948910970
Extra Large: Part No: 3091-110-TC-XL UPC: 759948911007