Voile Ski Skins Tail Clip Kit

Voile Ski Skins Tail Clip Kit

Product Description

A Voilé Ski Skins Tail Kit is a great way to upgrade and modify any existing climbing skins.

A riveted skin attachment anchors the end of a modified, but inimitable, Voilé Strap. Then, an interesting stainless-steel fastener with a prong for the strap cleverly clings to the tail of a wide ski in two places for better contact. Cinch the Voilé Strap to a reasonable torque, and you’ve got a ski-and-skin combination that’s indifferent to whatever the elements shell out.

(WARNING: If the distance between your skin tail and ski tail exceeds 12 1/4”/31cm this kit will not fit. See photo above.)


Narrow Clip 100mm & Under: Part No: 3092-TC-KIT-N UPC: 759948913810
Wide Clip 101mm+: Part No: 3092-TC-KIT-W UPC: 759948913827