Voile Hyper V-Tail Splitboard

Voile Hyper V-Tail Splitboard
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ATTENTION: mounting quiver killers on your Voile Hyper V-Tail Splitboard will void the Voile factory warranty.


From the wild ranges of North America to the mythic Japanese islands — snow surfers the world over have a new reason to celebrate. Introducing the Voile Hyper V-Tail, a powder surfing machine built for the deepest days. Its wide rockered nose and V shaped tail mean serious business, coacting to keep you afloat in otherwise chokable powder. It has a medium flex and long running length, with enough camber underfoot to provide purchase on steeper slopes and firm snow. These all combine to make surprisingly easy work of long uphill treks in search of the best lines.

When massive storm cycles unload their goods, the Hyper V-Tail’s wake is an arcing wave of heavenly powder. Your most sedate friends would become aroused at the display, but alas: there are no friends on powder days. An ultra-lightweight paulownia core and Voile carbon weave construction mean that you abandoned them on the approach miles ago. But hey, at least you broke trail for them, right?



Paulownia / Double Carbon

Full-Perimeter Steel Edge    — more info


Camber Profile

Voile Hyper V-Tail Splitboard Camber Profile


Length (cm): 160
Nose Width (cm) 30.4
Waist (cm) 25.4
Tail Width (cm) 28.8
Radius (m) 8.0
Taper (mm) 16
Nose Rocker (cm) 32
Tail Length (cm) 14
Running Length (cm) 114
Insert Setback(cm)0
Stance Width range(in)17-23
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 7lbs 2oz /​ 3.23kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)90-130 41-59
Length (cm): 170
Nose Width (cm) 30.7
Waist (cm) 25.7
Tail Width (cm) 29
Radius (m) 9.0
Taper (mm) 17
Nose Rocker (cm) 32.5
Tail Length (cm) 15
Running Length (cm) 122.5
Insert Setback(cm)0
Stance Width range(in)18-25
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 7lbs 7oz /​ 3.37kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)120-170 54-77
Length (cm): 180
Nose Width (cm) 31
Waist (cm) 25.9
Tail Width (cm) 29.3
Radius (m) 10.0
Taper (mm) 17
Nose Rocker (cm) 35
Tail Length (cm) 17
Running Length (cm) 128
Insert Setback(cm)0
Stance Width range(in)18-26
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 8lbs 1oz /​ 3.65kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)140-200 64-91
Length (cm): 190
Nose Width (cm) 31.3
Waist (cm) 26.2
Tail Width (cm) 29.6
Radius (m) 11.0
Taper (mm) 17
Nose Rocker (cm) 36
Tail Length (cm) 19
Running Length (cm) 135
Insert Setback(cm)0
Stance Width range(in)18-26
Board Weight (kg/lbs) 8lbs 8oz /​ 3.84kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg)160-220+ 73-100+

Product Reviews

Go loooong!
Verified Buyer
I've been snowboarding since the 90's and have lusted after a big gun swallowtail for just about as long. Last winter with COVID lockdowns swirling, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a V-tail 180 for the deep days. I live in Vermont and figured I'd take this bad boy out a handful of times a year, relying on my other splits (Spartan 166 and Revelator BC 165) for more "normal" tours. The first time I stepped onto the V-tail, however, that all changed. Not surprisingly, this board floats incredibly in deep powder. You know that just by looking at it. What surprised me was how light it feels on my feet in tour mode, how well the balance and extra length helps skinning through tight 'schwack, and perhaps most of all, how well it holds an edge and rips turns on hard snow. My main solid board is a Jones Hovercraft 164, and the V-tail 180 has the same sidecut radius, making it feel instantly familiar. If you like hauling ass and dragging a hand on every carved turn, definitely consider adding a V-tail to your quiver. It will spray huge pow plumes out the back when it's deep, and it will make a surprise fresh 4" feel like a foot. It doesn't feel huge at all, even in tight trees (at least not compared to my usual 164-166 boards) and it tours better than any other split I've had the pleasure to click into. Two quibbles: first, the size chart suggest 200lbs as the top for the 180 size. I weigh 200 and with pack and gear am pushing 220 at least, more on overnight tours. I do wonder just a little what the 190 feels like, but don't feel that I'm overpowering the 180 at all. There's clearly a psychological barrier with any board over 170, but if you're in my weight range, I can recommend the 180 highly. Second, the graphics are not my favorite, although they do look better in person than online. Voile has kept the same (more or less) graphic style for years now, and I personally feel like a few nice solid colors (like my old Mojo 171!) would be a better fit, but hey, whatever. Most of the time I'm riding the V-tail all I'm seeing is face shots anyway.
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Soft snow killer!
Verified Buyer
It's all been said before, but I'll let you in on the real secret of the Hyper-V : this board crushes weak layered continental snowpack with ease. That means in shit conditions you can still float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Go big with the sizing - you will not be disappointed.
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Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee
Eric Scott
As others have said, this board is amazing in pow, but it can also handle hard pack no problem. It is surprisingly versatile. Don't be afraid to size up from a traditionally shaped snowboard either. I own the 180 cm and it is perfect for deep days. You will be thanking yourself for the extra length when you have to stick to low angle terrain on high avy danger days.
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My dream board
Jonas Sjøveian Halvorsen
The coolest looking splitboard ever made! And it rides like a dream! 10/10
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More than just a pow shape
Doug Mackay
I've owned four Voile boards over the last decade, three of which were swallowtails. Swallowtails are the only shape I've ridden for the past many years, no need for anything else and nothing else provides the same feel. Of course YMMV Currently on a V-Tail BC 170 as my daily driver and a vintage 'One Ninety Five' for snorkel days or just wanting to fly fast. When considering weight + performance + durability + price, there is no better value in a split swallowtail. Weight - Good Performance - Excellent Durability - Bomber Price - Stellar Usability - stupid simple Whats old is new... Not to mention, Voile has been making swallys for a long time, not just following the current pow board revival. For that I'm eternally grateful to them that I've been able to get reasonably priced boards that work well and are built where I live.
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The best pow board Ive ever ridden
Aaron Diamond
Verified Buyer
The title says it all. This is the most fun powder board I've ever ridden. Shorter lengths for tree and 190 for big AK faces this board can do it all. The nose is practically unsinkable. Needless to say this isnt a board for hardpack but whos out there hoping for icy anyways?!
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160cm: Part No: 1661-160-1920 UPC: 759948915135
170cm: Part No: 1661-170-1920 UPC: 759948915142
180cm: Part No: 1661-180-1920 UPC: 759948915159
190cm: Part No: 1661-190-1920 UPC: 759948915166