Nylon Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips 130mm

Nylon Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips 130mm
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Tried and true, our 100% Nylon Splitboard Skins grip, glide, and shed water like an otter. Indestructible asymmetric heat-treated aluminum clips and Voile Strap style tail straps ensures your skins stay snug and secure, while a 100% waterproof membrane between the fibers and the adhesive drastically improves durability and glue performance while reducing weight and making them more pliable for easy stowing. And the Ever Dry hydrophobic treatment makes sure they keep gripping, whatever the weather—no need for sprays or waxes to stop the glop.

Each set of skins comes with a trim tool, nylon stuff sack, and promise to be the best skins you’ve ever slapped on your board.


  • Hardened and Anodized Aluminum Tip & Tail Plates
  • Stainless Steel Rivets
  • Stainless Steel Full-Wrap Tip Loop
  • Indestructible Urethane Tail Strap
  • Hardened and Anodized Aluminum Tail Clip
These skins harness POMOCA’s research and development of materials, weaving techniques, and fiber attachment systems to provide a combination of gripping power and durability in a light weight package:

  • Safer Skin: A 100% waterproof membrane that prevents the transfer of moisture between the skin’s plush and adhesive layers. This drastically improves the glue performance from edge to edge while also increasing the skin’s tear resistance. This (2nd) generation of their lining is made with finer layers, which effectively reduce weight and make the skin more pliable (easier to trim, handle, and stow).
  • Ever Dry: This hydrophobic treatment is applied to the entire length of the skin’s fibres, guaranteeing life-long protection without the need for antiglopping sprays.


Size : Small
Ski Length (cm)148 - 154
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Medium
Ski Length (cm)155 - 162
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Large
Ski Length (cm)163 - 169
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A

Product Reviews

Best skins ever made.
I got these skins 2009 for my split descision mojo board. 12 years later and avid use, they still work perfect. Never reglued or anything. Many of my touring buddies have had 2-3 pairs during this time.. started to get a lot of tiny pine stuff on the glue now so figured id look if i can get a New pair, Only to discover they dont make them anymore. Guess my old Ones Will stay on for Another 12 years then eh.
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Backcountry trip??...Get Voile
I have owned my same pair of Voile skins for 5 years. Never disappointed by the quality of them. I hike the in the Colorado backcountry 30+ days a year and they crush it! Thanks for crushing the backcountry skin market! Most of my friends skins need re-glued after 2 years but Voile lasted me 5+ years.
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Almost best skins I've ever slapped on my board
Max S
Works great, provide solid grip. Included trim tool makes cutting the skins easy. Love the tail clip design. However, tip loop prevents skins to get attached to the surface. Skins get kind of wrinkled near the tip plate. Other than that great skins.
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Best climbing and split-skiing
Jon W
You'll be giggling to yourself as you stand tall in the skin track while your buddies are sliding backwards because they aren't using these skins. They are the perfect balance of glide and grip.
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Work great!
Mike Kerkmann
I’ve owned a few of these over the last 20 years, they work exactly as expected. The skins with the loop at the tip tend to stay put better than the skins with a pair of opposing hooks. They are a pain to roll up in the wind (which is typical for storms in the Pacific Northwest), marking the centerline makes it a bit easier. A local shop recommended storing them in the freezer during warmer months so the adhesive remains manageable.
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Small: Part No: 1208-S UPC: 759948914770
Medium: Part No: 1208-M UPC: 759948914787
Large: Part No: 1208-L UPC: 759948914794