Voile XLM Avalanche Shovel

Voile XLM Avalanche Shovel
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The Voilé XLM Avalanche Shovel is the ultimate rescue shovel for hardcore minimalists. If you’re an “ounce counter” or cover great distances in your backcountry forays, it’s a shovel well worth considering.

Its mini-size scoop, made of thinner-gauge aluminum, and non-telescoping handle lend a hand in making it the lightest shovel we offer. But we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t cold forge the XLM’s scoop from 6061 aluminum and then heat-treat it to a T6 temper. Here at Voilé, lightweight never equates to wimpy.


Part Number: 418
Weight(lbs/kg)1lb 2oz./0.50kg
Handle only14in/36cm
Scoop only (LxW)13.5x10in/34x25cm
Scoop Material6061-T6 Tempered Alum
Benefits/UsesLightestCompactDurable T6 Scoop

Product Reviews

Verified Buyer
This shovel is small and makes my pack lighter and leaves more space in it as well. So Awesome!
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best little friend
Daniel Hill
I keep mine in my car for self-rescue during the ski season. This guy also works great for snow caving, quick backcountry laps, and as a loaner when your buddy forgot his shovel in the mad rush to get out the door and get skiing.
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Light is Right
Cory Snow
Ski pack weight; it can make the difference between face shots and face plants. The simple, lightweight design of the Voile XLM shovel has come through for me time and again. From building a hasty quinzee at dusk, to digging a quick avy pit for compression tests, light equals fast. It tucks into my pack easily, so I can ignore it until I need it. Now, I just need to keep my son from "borrowing" it to sled down our icy driveway . . .
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Part No: 418 UPC: 759948911496