Voile Telepack Mini Avalanche Shovel

Voile Telepack Mini Avalanche Shovel
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For times when a snow professional is less concerned with moving snow for routine chores or not specifically recruited for a rescue operation, the Voilé Telepack Mini Avalanche Shovel is an even smaller alternative to our Telepack shovel.

The Telepack Mini features a more compact scoop and a slightly-shorter, T-handle (rather than a D-grip) for easy stowage inside a pack. Otherwise, the shovel performs equally well as the Telepack, and also features the same pair of deadman holes for rigging an emergency sled or snow fluke.

Once again, the 6061-T6 aluminum used in the Telepack Mini scoop really shines in challenging snow and debris. T6 is the level of hardness reached in the aluminum heat-treating process, resulting in a metal that rivals steel for strength and rigidity, at a fraction of the weight.

The Voilé Telepack Mini Avalanch Shovel: A great choice for pros on the move or any backcountry enthusiast who wants peace of mind.



Part Number: 407-M
Handle only13in/33cm
Scoop only (LxW)13.5x10in/34x25cm
Scoop Material6061-T6 Tempered
Benefits/UsesProfessional Compact T Handle Strongest

Product Reviews

15 years strong
I've used the same voile mini avalanche shovel for 15 years. It is the same one I bought when I first started backcountry skiing. I've seen gear rooms with multiple avalanche shovels, all sporting a different gimmick. I've never needed anything different. It has always delivered. I recently bought a new one because my ski partner was carrying a plastic avalanche shovel. If I ever end up under the snow (knock on wood) I want a voile shovel on top.
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Part No: 407-M UPC: 759948911465