Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit Grey(military)

Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit Grey(military)

Product Description

Just in case something goes very wrong, carry one complete side of a Hardwire heel assembly for your Voilé Switchback binding. Choose size that matches your current Voilé Switchback binding.


Binding Size: Short Rod
Boot Size (Mondo Point)24-26.5
Boot Size (US)5-8.5
Binding Size: Standard Rod
Boot Size (Mondo Point)27-31
Boot Size (US)9-13
Binding Size: Women's
Boot Size (Mondo Point)23-25.5
Boot Size (US)4-7.5


Short Rod: Part No: 608-25-10-GR UPC: 759948910123
Standard Rod: Part No: 608-25-20-GR UPC: 759948910130
Long Rod: Part No: 608-25-30-GR UPC: 759948910161