Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit

Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit
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Just in case something goes very wrong, carry one complete side of a Hardwire heel assembly for your Voilé Switchback binding. Choose size that matches your current Voilé Switchback binding.



Binding Size: Short Rod
Boot Size (Mondo Point)24-26.5
Boot Size (US)5-8.5
Boot Sole Length (mm)273-322
Binding Size: Standard Rod
Boot Size (Mondo Point)27-31
Boot Size (US)9-13
Boot Sole Length (mm)305-350
Binding Size: Long
Boot Size (Mondo Point)31+
Boot Size (US)13+
Boot Sole Length (mm)323-368

Product Reviews

Switchback kit
USPS lost one side of a binding kit. Refund and purchased a kit I have been using Voile bindings since 1976. Good stuff, not great, but reliable.
Roger Englund
Verified Buyer
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Works but little chagrined
I had to get new wires to fit new smaller boots, and was rather chagrined to find they seem to loosen on their own as I skin. I seem to keep tightening them and they keep loosening! Rather disconcerting when dealing with rugged terrain and such.
Dorothy Wallace-Senft
Verified Buyer
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Buy two so you can share skis with others
My husband wanted to try my skis but he has bigger feet then me. An extra set of rods let him try my Voile Ultra Vector BCs, which are also awesome, and it worked great. Simple swap
Marina Larson
Verified Buyer
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Replacement parts order
Voile made this purchase smooth. There weren’t any surprises . I found the parts I was looking for and following through on the order and shipping was good.
Phil Overeynder
Verified Buyer
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Spare binding bales
I needed the longer rod to allow friends to try/ borrow my voile skis. Was very easy to switch out parts.
Verified Buyer
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Short Rod: Part No: 608-25-10-GR UPC: 759948910147
Standard Rod: Part No: 608-25-20-GR UPC: 759948910154
Long Rod: Part No: 608-25-30-GR UPC: 759948910161