Voile Straps Aluminum Buckle Variety Pack

Voile Straps Aluminum Buckle Variety Pack
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These Voile Straps® are made of tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.

Their heat-treated aluminum buckle features a slim profile for packing efficiency and extra durability.

On the job, in the outdoors, and everywhere in between: they are the reliable way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go. Over the last 30 years they have become the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords. When an expedition goes awry, the Voile Strap becomes much more than simply useful: it becomes the most essential tool in your kit.

Who matter where you're going, no matter how ambitious the journey, and no matter your method of travel, there is an ever-growing arsenal of time tested, weather immune, and damn-near indestructible Voile Straps ready to keep your kit dialed... and perhaps even save the day when other tech fails.

• Won't Slip: Textured "rubber" strap provides grip to avoid slipping.
• Holds Tight: Strap is semi-elastic, creating tension that tightly secures items.
• Super Strong: Sustains heavy loads under dynamic force.
• UV Resistant: Endures extended periods of use in direct sunlight.
• Works in Extreme Weather: Immune to atmospheric heat and freezing temperatures.
• Daisy Chain Together: Can be linked to other straps to create longer operating lengths.
• Time-Tested: The original polyurethane tension strap, designed in Utah, USA in 1984.


Product Reviews

A most essential pies of any backpack
Voile straps are in my pack, gear bag, car trunk, and motorcycle saddle bag. Been a voile customer since the early 90s. Voile always comes thru
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Excellent company and service
I use the straps for my bicycle trips, never had a problem. Excellent product!
Francesco - https://vivereviaggiando.ca
Verified Buyer
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Great service and shipping. The straps are awesome and so useful! I’m happy with the 3 pack since I got different sizes and lengths.
Jeanette Chalhoub
Verified Buyer
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Voile products
Everything voile makes is reliable and thoughtfully built. Well done on maintaining quality
Dan Reardon
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These WILL bail you out of a bad situation
I can't tell the number of times I've had these bad boys bail me out of situation where I would have otherwise been stranded- from a broken ski binding, seat post, pack compartment, you name it! Buy more than you'll need and they'll never be enough, seriously the best tool in the toolkit.
Dave Reed
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6 Straps in my pack
I keep 6 Voile straps in by repair kit. Why? They have saved me more times that I can count. Here are some of the ways that Voile straps of all different lengths have gotten me out jams: - When the buckle of my ski boot broke at the top of a run, a voile strap held my boot together. - When the heel turret of my G3 Ions broke open like a clamshell, two strategically placed voile staps held it together long enough to get to ski through an icy couloir and back to the car. - When my windshield wiper broke during a whiteout snowstorm and voile strap held the wiperblade to my wiper arm and let me see until I could replace it. - When we couldn't get a lid to our fuel canister off we used a voile strap as a strap-wrench to open it. - When our tent pole broke at camp 2 of a remote peak we used a pair of voile straps to keep our tent standing in a storm. - When a partner lost a pair of skis while skiing we used 4 voile straps to attack pine boughs to the base of skis to skin out - I broke a pole basked in the middle of a long tour. I was able to use a well-placed voile strap to keep affixed to my pole and save the tour. These are just a few situation where a Voile strap has saved my hide in the backcountry. Never leave without them in my repair kit.
Aidan Goldie
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Three Pack
Excellent straps. Work exactly as intended.
Verified Buyer
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Great Straps
Worked great for attaching things to my bike on a recent bikepacking trip. I bought two variety packs and wish I had gotten more! I also wish I had purchased the strap keepers as the loose ends of the straps were a bit annoying. I suppose some rubber bands would do the trick though.
Verified Buyer
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What can I say, voile straps of any size are amazingly versatile.
Verified Buyer
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Backcountry essentials
These straps are durable, reliable in all temps, and an absolute must-have in the backcountry. I have used these many times for various purposes including broken bindings, loose skins, strapping skis, and troublesome snowshoes. Get them you won't regret it
Verified Buyer
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Life savers
Hey do you have another voile strap?! I need to fix something! I use them for everything!!! So convenient.
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Good Product
Good Product. These straps are a little thinner than I thought but, have held up so far.
Russ D
Verified Buyer
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Great product, almost essential for bike packing, sadly hard to acquire in Europe. Whole kit will travel to Cyprus to be used as means to carry extra stuff on the bike or mitigation in gear failure.
Tomas Razvanovicius
Verified Buyer
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Length: 15"/38.1cm — 20"/50.8cm — 25"/63.5cm
Material: UV-Resistant Polyurethane
Buckle: Hardened Aluminum

part# 800-3PACK, UPC# 759948912035