Voile Rack Strap with 10mm Hooks - 25in

Voile Rack Strap with 10mm Hooks - 25in
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Like an adjustable bungee cord, but infinitely better.

Snap-fits to 10mm tubing: compatible with most bikepacking racks, baskets, and cargo systems. Voile Strap Keeper included!

Voile Straps are incredibly durable, compact, and versatile. They are virtually oblivious to heat, cold, moisture, and UV light. In short: Voile Straps thrive in adversity.

These Voile Straps® are made of tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.

Their Super Tough nylon buckle is non-marring, non-conductive, and non-reflective.

Few things in life are as reliable as the original Voile Strap®. Over the last 30 years they have become the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords.

On the job, in the outdoors, and everywhere in between: Voile Straps® are the definitive way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go.

• Non-Marring: Avoids scratching to preserve sensitive surfaces.
• Non-Reflective: More discrete than the standard aluminum buckle.
• Non-Conductive: The preferred choice for electrical contractors.
• Won't Slip: Textured "rubber" strap provides grip to avoid slipping.
• Holds Tight: Strap is semi-elastic, creating tension that tightly secures items.
• Super Strong: Sustains heavy loads under dynamic force.
• UV Resistant: Endures extended periods of use in direct sunlight.
• Works in Extreme Weather: Immune to atmospheric heat and freezing temperatures.
• Daisy Chain Together: Can be linked to other straps to create longer operating lengths.
• Time-Tested: An iteration of the original polyurethane tension strap, designed in Utah, USA in 1984.


Product Reviews

Great strap...but
First time user and worked so much better than clip straps, however lost one of the clips with the tongue on the very first use ! Beware you need to fold over to keep secure and stop falling off when not in use. Cant buy these as accessories, so strap is now useless. Such a shame.
Verified Buyer
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Rack Strap Fever
The clips fit perfectly on my Tubus rack. I can tell that “this strap really ties the load together” (apologies to The Big Lebowski). The normal excellent quality from Voile on this specific use strap.
Bob van Schaik
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Very well-suited to the task
These are worth the extra spend compared with alternatives. I have found them very useful in many strapping situations for my bike carrying needs. One example: I use them to strap a tennis ball carrier to my bike -- they work really well for this and many situations.
Tom G
Verified Buyer
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Bike Strap
Excellent product; clips work perfectly on my bike rack. Much better than bungees. A bit pricey, but worth it. In hind site, I could have gone with shorter ones, but no big deal; I just wrap the strap around the rack twice for small items.
Verified Buyer
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basket strap
I literally never leave home (on my bike) without the 25" rack strap. I use it to quickly secure random stuff (bags, beer, spare clothes, beer, chips) in my wald 137 basket. It's especially useful for things that don't fit in panniers (stacks of toiler paper?). Great product.
Verified Buyer
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Pickup Bike
The 25" seems to be a great size for these, hitting the sweet spot of being able to handle almost any size cargo and still staying out of the way when not in use. The strap attached perfectly to my planet bike eco rack. In the past I have tried using a bungee cord or just a plain old voile strap, but of the bunch this bike specific version has proved to be the most useful and versatile device for transporting things on the bike.
Evan Green
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